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UM wins championship at local inter-varsity badminton competition

1:binary?id=IKzplszMGWq_2FXJJaTFpO8xXrloWAXlFycLNbhodA2lO_2BSmVbQIzzcD1gbLNoMFlM:Members of UM’s Badminton Team
Members of UM’s Badminton Team
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2:binary?id=IKzplszMGWq_2FXJJaTFpO8xXrloWAXlFyXfUa1_2F_2FMk0eEbmZJpeyzEbBMmQCwuCqz:UM Badminton Team member Iek U Ieong
UM Badminton Team member Iek U Ieong
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3:binary?id=IKzplszMGWq_2FXJJaTFpO8xXrloWAXlFyyqRe8qF0eSqDC7XQ92HNFYWAzQvlTd6D:UM Badminton Team member Ng Weng Chi
UM Badminton Team member Ng Weng Chi
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The University of Macau (UM) Badminton Team won the championship of a local inter-varsity badminton competition. The event attracted teams from six local higher education institutions, namely UM, Macao Polytechnic Institute, Macau University of Science and Technology, the Institute for Tourism Studies, the University of Saint Joseph, and the City University of Macau. The event was organsied by the Tertiary Education Services Office and hosted by the Badminton Federation of Macau.

For the full version, please refer to the Chinese version.

Source: Office of Sports Affairs

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