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Event Information

Event Name : MLC Talk: "Relationship between Soft Drinks and Metabolic Diseases" by Dr. Ligen Lin
Categories : Seminar / Lecture
Organizer : Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College
Speaker : Dr. Ligen Lin
Date : 27 March 2017 (Monday)
Time : 20:00 ~ 21:30
Venue : W33, Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College Dining hall
Content : Do you know the major ingredients commonly used in soft drinks nowadays?
Do you know what makes the soft drinks taste so sweet that make you keep drinking them?
Have you ever heard of a term called "High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS高果糖玉米糖漿)”? It has become ubiquitous in processed food and soft drink, substantially replacing sucrose (table sugar)!
Do you know the relationship between the consumption of HFCS, obesity (肥胖) and insulin resistance (胰島素阻抗性)? If you have doubts in the above questions, come and join us to learn more from Dr. Lin’s lecture!

You may register to reserve a seat via the below link:
https://umac.au1.qualtrics.com/ SE/ ?SID=SV_dgoRApuUToRC0Qd
Target Audience : All UM students and staff
Language : Mandarin

Contact Person for Details

Name : Cherrie Lei
Tel. No : 88224158
Fax : 882242453
Email : smlei@umac.mo
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