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Rector Wei Zhao not Seeking Renewal of Rectorship in 2018 and University Council Launches Worldwide Search for New Rector

Rector Wei Zhao has recently notified Dr. Peter Lam, Chairman of the University Council, and UM colleagues on March 12 that he does not intend to seek renewal of his rectorship appointment when it expires in 2018. On behalf of the University Council, Dr. Lam affirms the many contributions that Rector Zhao has made during his term of office.  In order to ensure a smooth transition, the University Council will formally launch a worldwide search for a new rector in accordance with the University Charter and Internal Regulations.

Dr. Lam noted that the University has made great progress in recent years in overall performance and in areas such as international reputation, research and publication, and the nurturing of talents. These achievements, which took place in leaps and bounds, are in no small measure due to the policy support of the central government and the Macao SAR government, the help of various sectors of Macao society, and the joint efforts of UM colleagues under Rector Zhao’s leadership.

Serving as Rector of the University of Macau since 2008, Prof. Zhao has ably led UM colleagues to scale new heights. His passion, dedication and hard work have transformed UM from a local higher education institution with rather humble beginnings to a comprehensive university with a definite degree of influence in Asia. Under Rector Zhao’s leadership, long-term achievements have been made and UM’s higher global ranking in recent years reflects the rising international status of the University in the world of higher education. Dr. Lam is very appreciative of Rector Zhao’s contributions during his term of office.

In the next stage, the University Council will form a selection committee for the recruitment of a new rector. The committee will abide by the important principles of fairness, justice and transparency in the worldwide search for the new rector to lead the next stage of UM’s development. Information on the progress of the recruitment process will be reported to all stakeholders in a timely fashion. The University Council also looks forward to the firm commitment and contribution of all UM colleagues in bringing about a new chapter in the history of the University.

Source: Communications Office 

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