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Event Information

Event Name : MLC Scholar Talk: "What is "Rationality”?
Categories : Seminar / Lecture
Organizer : Ma Ma Kei and Lo Pak Sam College
Speaker : Dr. Chark Chi Hang
Date : 15/03/2017, (Wednesday)
Time : 16:00 ~ 17:30
Venue : W33, MLC Dining Hall
Content : Do you think your decisions are “rational”? We make millions of decisions in our life, from picking an apple in the supermarket to choosing our career, and from ordering a dish to marrying the Mr. or Mrs. Right. If “rationality” is a desirable quality, you may ask if our decisions are rational, or at least the process leading to it is rational. One may suggest that being “rational” is being “right”. Do you know what factors will affect you when you are making your “rational “decisions? Yet, what is interesting and yet paradoxical is that, there are some cases which seemingly irrational decisions have "better" results than which are rational.

In this talk, Dr. Chark will discuss rationality or its negation from a behavioral economics perspective. The purpose is to make us contemplate the concept of rationality especially in decision making. Thus instead of answering the question of what rationality is, we will raise more questions by further blurring the line between rationality and irrationality.
Target Audience : All UM students and staff
Language : English

Contact Person for Details

Name : Ms. Cherrie Lei
Tel. No : 88224158
Fax : 88222453
Email : mlcollege@umac.mo
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