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Event Information

Event Name : “The lonely and great time-Sleep” Talk
Categories : Seminar / Lecture
Organizer : Student Affairs Office-Student Counselling Section
Speaker : Mr. Seng Hang, Lei (Psychological Counsellor)
Date : 12/4/2017~12/04/2017
Time : 3:00pm~4:30pm
Venue : E31-1002, Student Activity Centre
Content : Do you know that if you can live up to 90 years old, you would spend 30 years on sleeping? The key to success in life starts from having a good sleep. Do you sleep well? What actually happen during our 8 hours of sleep? Welcome to explore such lonely and great time with me.

Application Procedures:
Fill in the online application form:
https://umac.au1.qualtrics.com/ SE/ ?SID=SV_bE1JAtf8x8zXf2R
All successful participants will receive a confirmation email on or before 11 April 2017.
Application Deadline:7 April 2017
Target Audience : UM student

Contact Person for Details

Name : Sam, Lei
Tel. No : 8822 9916
Fax : 8822 2369
Email : senghangl@umac.mo