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New cohort of UM Reporters and PR Student Ambassadors inaugurated

1:binary?id=6rLcFeGMPPYfLHQS1_2F2vv05CAVlPIe2ehld8Mlh7OMz3zeqI9gAOSIMnH4POMDNw:The fifth cohort of UM Reporters
The fifth cohort of UM Reporters
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Rector Wei Zhao
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3:binary?id=6rLcFeGMPPYfLHQS1_2F2vv05CAVlPIe2evlN4u611wtzWWQGIulv6MK85XLviGhfO:The seventh cohort of PR Student Ambassadors
The seventh cohort of PR Student Ambassadors
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Top 10 UM Reporters
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5:binary?id=6rLcFeGMPPYfLHQS1_2F2vv05CAVlPIe2ehsQ2KeuiMo_2F6KhbKb84L9_2FD0iBkmXjJ5x6tEXhBEiLw_3D:Top 10 UM PR Student Ambassadors
Top 10 UM PR Student Ambassadors
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6:binary?id=6rLcFeGMPPYfLHQS1_2F2vv05CAVlPIe2eFqNxUr8sGdGSQABxHu1TCAcEZfYp228B:A group photo
A group photo
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An inauguration ceremony for the new cohort of 68 UM Reporters and PR Student Ambassadors (PRSA) was held yesterday (8 March). During the event, representatives of UM Reporters and PRSAs shared their experiences in the programmes. Certificates were also presented to PR Student Ambassadors and UM Reporters with outstanding performance in the past year. In his speech at the ceremony, Rector Wei Zhao said that the UM Reporter Programme and the PR Student Ambassador Programme are an important part of UM’s campus culture. He added that the two programmes not only have received praise from UM’s faculty members and students, but also recognition from visitors from Macao and other places. Some students say that the programmes helped them enhance self-learning and problem-solving skills and increased their sense of belonging to UM.

For the full version, please refer to the Chinese version.

Source: Communications Office 

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