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Event Information

Event Name : Luncheon Seminar: "Li-ion Battery: Present and Future" by Prof. Hui Kwun Nam
Categories : Seminar / Lecture
Organizer : Chao Kuang Piu College
Speaker : Prof. Hui Kwun Nam
Date : 08/03/2017 ~ 08/03/2017
Time : 13:00
Venue : W21-G015, Chao Kuang Piu College
Content : The discovery of Li-ion battery by Sony in 1991 has revolutionized the way we used electronic devices. Current Li-ion battery technology has again revolutionized the electric vehicles. Will Li-ion battery technology continue to meet our ever-increasing energy demands?
In this talk, Prof. Hui reviews key technological development and scientific challenges of Li-ion battery technology. Post Li-ion battery technologies will be discussed as well.
Target Audience : All are welcome
Language : English

Contact Person for Details

Name : Priscilla Siu
Tel. No : 88229372
Fax : 88222415
Email : priscillawcs@umac.mo
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