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Which Teaching Method is Most Popular among Students?

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Interesting teaching methods are popular with the students
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Li Chi On
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Chan Ka Chon
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Prof Hao Zhidong
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Source: My UM

If you hate studying, you can always find an excuse not to do it. A good teacher or an interesting teaching method, on the other hand, will motivate you to learn as much as possible. Which method do you think is most popular among the students?

Li Chi On, a third-year student majoring in English education, likes interactive teaching methods the most. He finds them helpful for understanding the learning material. ‘The professors at the university like to raise a lot of questions, and they encourage us to find the answers to the questions,’ says Li. ‘Asking questions can improve your learning, because you must collect data and acquire some basic knowledge about a subject before you can ask meaningful questions.’

Chan Ka Chon, a fourth year student from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, says that he prefers the teaching methods at UM to the spoon-feeding methods in secondary school. ‘I prefer the teaching methods at UM because they allow teachers and students to interact on an equal footing,’ says Chan. He cites the lectures of Prof Tang Keng Pan as an example: ‘Prof Tang’s classes are fun and lively, and he makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in class.

He always draws examples from current affairs. He likes to exchange ideas with students and requires us to think independently when looking for answers to his questions. ’In Chan’s opinion, it is very important for university students to develop independent thinking skills.

What about faculty members? What are their favourite teaching methods? Prof Hao Zhi dong from the Faculty of Social Sciences used to be an English teacher. He thinks that interactive classroom activities can help to engage students in learning. Prof Hao likes to do an in-class survey in the beginning of each semester to learn about the needs of the students. ‘I want to find out more about my students, such as their level of knowledge, life experiences, and backgrounds, so I can gauge if they will be able to absorb what I am going to teach them throughout the semester.’

When asked whether his students have ever raised a challenging question, Prof Hao laughs and says, ‘A teacher cannot improve his teaching methods without being challenged by his students.’ He hopes that his students will learn to care for others and society. ‘Students might forget the technical knowledge and theories after graduation, but they should remain caring and compassionate individuals and continue to think critically,’ he says.