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UM’s vice rector chairs AULP’s Board of Administrators meeting

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UM’s vice rector chairs AULP’s Board of Administrators meeting
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The Board of Administrators of the Association of Portuguese Speaking Universities (AULP) held a meeting at its headquarters in Lisbon. The meeting was attended by ten tertiary institutions from Portuguese-speaking countries and Macao, which serve as the president or members of the Board of Administrators, Board of Supervisors, and Secretariat General.

Vice Rector Rui Martins chaired the meeting on behalf of the University of Macau, which is the president of the AULP. Participants discussed the headquarters’ activities in the past six months and summarised the key points of the 26th annual meeting held in East Timor.

Other main items on the meeting’s agenda included: launching the 2017 Fernão Mendes Pinto Award, releasing the minutes of the 26th annual meeting of the AULP (which was focused on academic mobility and globalisation within the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) and Macao), and publishing RILP (Volume 3, Issue 28/29, 2015, and Volume 3, Issue 30, 2016). Participants also discussed matters related to the preparation for the 27th annual meeting of the AULP, which will be held from 10 July to 12 July in Campinas, Brazil. The meeting is now open for registrations.

At the AULP’s 24th annual meeting held in Macao, UM was elected president of the association, for a three-year term (from 2014 to 2017). With members consisting of over 140 universities and other research and educational institutions from CPLP countries and Macao, the AULP takes as its mission to promote the communication between its members as well as the development of education and the Portuguese language worldwide.

Source: Communications Office 

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