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Parking space abuse in UM’s car parks decreases significantly

1:binary?id=bTOQIp0ciJlReUp9sV_2BALWutCiGhJgek0dhg7NvCgcAfAf0r96MK8Jef_2Fa129_2Fhv:Parking space abuse in UM’s car parks has decreased significantly
Parking space abuse in UM’s car parks has decreased significantly
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Since the implementation of the ‘University of Macau Parking Management Rules’ last year, parking space abuse in the University of Macau (UM) car parks has decreased significantly. The number of vehicles involved in parking space abuse dropped from 183 during the peak period to two now. With the assistance of the police force, UM’s Security and Transport Section successfully persuaded the owners of more than 100 such vehicles to vacate the parking spaces.

UM opened its campus and part of its facilities to the public after it completed the relocation in 2014. Before July 2016, when the ‘University of Macau Parking Management Rules’ were implemented, the car parks on the campus were open, free of charge, to the university’s faculty, student, staff, alumni, and visitors. After implementation of the rules, the university started charging parking fees following the ‘user-pays’ principle.

To ensure proper use of campus facilities, UM will continue to strengthen the management of its car parks and monitor the use of the facilities. It will also continue to step up night patrol and deal with parking space abuse. The university will consider taking legal actions against the violators when necessary.

In addition, this year the university will continue to improve its parking facilities and parking system.

Source: Communications Office 

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