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UM signs MOU with Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

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UM Rector Wei Zhao and IITG Rector Gautam Biswas sign the MOU
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The University of Macau (UM) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG), in order to advance and enrich the academic programmes and promote exchange of students. This is the first top institution in India to sign such a document with UM.  

According to the MOU, UM and IITG will encourage contact and cooperation between their faculty members, departments, and research institutions, and will pursue various forms of cooperation, including visits of academic staff to deliver lectures, hold seminars and discussions, teach courses, conduct research and supervise student studies; visits of students to attend courses and carry out studies; and joint development of teaching programmes and collaboration of faculty and students in research projects.

The MOU was signed by UM Rector Wei Zhao and IITG Rector Gautam Biswas. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Prashant Agarwal, consul general of India to Hong Kong and Macau; Ravi Sinha, consul of India to Hong Kong and Macau; Prof Chuxia Deng, dean of UM’s Faculty of Health Sciences; Prof Tam Kam Weng, associate dean of UM’s Faculty of Science and Technology; Prof Da-Hsuan Feng, director of UM’s Global Affairs Office and special advisor to Rector.

 ‘Ever since the world-renowned TV programme, 60 Minutes, produced by CBS of the United States, showed the intellectual prowess of the early seven Indian Institutes of Technology, one of which being Guwahati, the world became aware of the importance of these institutions,’ says UM Rector Wei Zhao. “As UM launches a new global strategy, it is natural that we want to establish close links with IIT Guwahati. Both Rector Biswas and I anticipate significant collaboration between our two institutions which will benefit our two regions!”

Established in 1994, IITG is equipped with world-class infrastructure for carrying out advanced research. The signing of the MOU will help to promote mutual friendship between the two universities and facilitate the cooperation in teaching and research in areas of mutual interest. 

Source: Global Affairs Office

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