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30/12/2015UM professor Inocência Mata receives FEMINA Prize Press Release
30/12/2015Kwan Fung the Amateur Long-distance Runner Campus News
29/12/2015Physics Nobel laureate Konstantin Novoselov exchanges ideas with UM scholars Press Release
29/12/2015UM students win championship at inter-varsity simulated investment contest Campus News
28/12/2015UM professor’s work on Macaology published by authoritative European press Press Release
28/12/2015UM students sweep all prizes at paper airplane contest Press Release
28/12/2015From UM to the Big Screen Budding Film Directors Emily and Fei Campus News
28/12/2015UM chair professor Hong Gang Jin receives two CLTA awards Press Release
27/12/2015UM seeks collaboration with 2 mainland universities on Portuguese language education and research Press Release
23/12/2015UM hosts seminar on computational and applied mathematics Press Release
23/12/2015Dr Kou Mei appointed UM’s vice rector for administration Press Release
18/12/2015UM wins Bid Convention Award for hosting international conference Press Release
17/12/2015Like a Detective Solving Cases with Footprints — Leading Scholar in Chinese Literature Yang Yi Campus News
17/12/2015UM professor receives Excellent Academic Achievement Award from Chinese Society of Private International Law Press Release
17/12/2015You Have a Say at UM: How to Spend the Christmas Holiday Campus News
16/12/2015UM holds appreciation reception for Vice Rector Alex Lai Campus News
16/12/2015UM postdoctoral scholar gets excellence award at international competition in Chinese poetry Press Release
16/12/2015Director of Global Affairs Prof Da Hsuan Feng: UM needs a new global strategy Campus News
15/12/2015Master Lectures by Nobel Laureates: Aaron Ciechanover & Ada Yonath Can All Diseases Be Cured? Campus News
15/12/2015UM holds exhibition to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Robert Morrison’s A Dictionary of the Chinese Language Press Release
14/12/2015UM members receive 11 awards at Outstanding Achievement Awards for Macao Research in Humanities and Social Sciences Press Release
14/12/2015UM members join Walk for a Million Campus News
11/12/2015(Residential College Series – Part 4) Service Learning: A Required Course for University Students Campus News
11/12/2015(Residential College Series – Part 3) Residential Colleges—Where We Learn and Grow Campus News
11/12/2015(Residential College Series – Part 2) A New Platform for Demonstrating Liberal Arts Education: The Development of a Residential Learning Community Campus News
11/12/2015(Residential College Series – Part 1) Experiential Collegiate Learning Campus News
11/12/2015(Residential College Series) Educating Well-rounded Students through Experiential Learning in Asia’s Largest Residential College System Campus News
10/12/2015Two PhD students receive best paper awards at international conference Press Release
09/12/2015UM professor Ben U Seng Pan becomes the first Macao-educated scholar to be elevated to IEEE fellow Press Release
07/12/2015UM members receive decoration, medals, certificates of merit from SAR government Campus News
07/12/2015UM Service Leader elected top 10 volunteer in Macao Press Release
07/12/2015China’s Minister of Science and Technology visits UM Press Release
07/12/2015UM wins 2 Top Ten Paper Awards at 10th China Health Communication Conference Press Release
03/12/2015UM Holds First Inter-College Round Campus Relay Campus News
02/12/2015Fifth Meeting of Academic Committee of State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine held in Macao Press Release
02/12/2015UM Portuguese Debating Team wins 2nd prize at Portuguese debating competition for students in Asia Press Release
02/12/2015Latest Development, New Demand: Looking For a New Recipe to Produce Chinese-Portuguese Bilingual Students Campus News
01/12/2015You Have a Say at UM: Cool Jobs You Can Try in Your Spare Time Campus News
01/12/2015European Union Short Film Challenge 2015 to be held at UM Campus News
01/12/2015UM Basketball Teams win championships at Macau University Basketball Championship 2015-2016 Campus News
01/12/2015UM students perform Shakespeare’s plays in Black Box Theatre Campus News
01/12/2015UM students win 1st prize at ‘Challenge Cup’ Contest Press Release

30/11/2015The Fifth Meeting of the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese MedicinePress Invitation
30/11/2015UM wins championship at 3rd Macau Model European Union Press Release
30/11/2015UM holds joint conference with United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Press Release
28/11/2015UM honorary degree recipient Lap-Chee Tsui gives talk at UM Press Release
28/11/201557 students receive PhD degrees UM committed to training research professionals in various fields Press Release
28/11/2015UM confers honorary doctorates on three distinguished individuals Tam Chon Weng: UM’s education model will effectively improve the quality of higher education in Macao Press Release
27/11/2015UM honorary degree recipient Ma Iao Lai gives talk at UM Press Release
27/11/20152015 UNCITRAL Emergence Conference: Harmonising Trade Law to Enable Private Sector Regional DevelopmentPress Invitation
27/11/2015UM hosts International Workshop on Functional Materials 2015 Press Release
26/11/2015UM holds graduation ceremony for students of diploma programmes in casino & gaming management Press Release
26/11/2015University of Macau Doctor honoris causa Lecture: “Right Time, Right Place, Right People: A Scientist Turned Educator”Press Invitation
26/11/2015The Ceremony for the Conferment of Honorary Degrees and Higher Degrees 2015Press Invitation
26/11/2015International Workshop on Functional Materials 2015Press Invitation
26/11/2015New Cohort of UM Reporters Receive Professional Training Campus News
25/11/2015UM holds University Lecture on pattern recognition Press Release
25/11/2015UM’s Service Leaders visit people with disabilities Press Release
25/11/2015University of Macau Doctor honoris causa Lecture: Charting the Socio-economic Course of Macao: Its Past and Opportunities AheadPress Invitation
25/11/2015Make learning fun key to motivating students to live English Campus News
25/11/2015How to achieve B2 level in portuguese in 10 months? Student Brook Tan shares her experience Campus News
25/11/2015Talent Show over Lunch, A Feast for the Eyes and the Stomach Campus News
25/11/2015Those things that are sweeter than the first kiss Campus News
24/11/2015UM’s Mandarin Debating Team wins 3rd prize, Best Debater Awards at the International Chinese Debating Competition 2015 Press Release
24/11/2015UM’s First Hospitality Leadership Programme opens Press Release
23/11/20152015 UNCITRAL Emergence Conference on ‘Harmonising Trade Law to Enable Private Sector Regional Development’ to be held at UM Press Release
20/11/2015The 1st Hospitality Leadership Program: Leading in Challenging TimesPress Invitation
20/11/2015UM holds talks on career prospects of electrical and computer engineers Press Release
19/11/2015UM Choir wins gold and silver at IFCM World Choral EXPO Campus News
19/11/2015Research paper by UM scholars ranked No 1 downloaded in JSSC Press Release
18/11/2015Broadway: Debate Teams Campus News
18/11/2015UM’s Public Speaking Team wins championship and other prizes at Macao-wide English Speech Contest Press Release
18/11/2015UM students win 2 silvers at national inter-varsity fencing competition Press Release
18/11/2015Economic Diversification Campus News
18/11/2015The Different Faces of Our Small Town Campus News
17/11/2015Transport Strategy Is Not Just about Buses Campus News
17/11/2015Policies and Programmes Designed to Enhance Residents’ Wellbeing Campus News
17/11/2015Long-Term Mechanisms Concern Us All Campus News
17/11/2015The Five-Year Plan Campus News
17/11/2015UM receives Best Paper Award at ESSCIRC 2015 Press Release
17/11/2015Symposium on ‘Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2016 of the Macau Special Administrative Region’Press Invitation
16/11/2015UM holds Healthy University Week and signs Occupational Safety and Health Charter Press Release
16/11/2015UM to hold Ceremony for Conferment of Honorary Degrees and Higher Degrees on 28 Nov Press Release
16/11/2015UM to hold lecture on China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ strategy on 19 Nov Press Release
16/11/2015UM to hold University Lecture on pattern recognition on 25 Nov Press Release
13/11/2015What’s New at UM: UM Hosts Circus Performances Campus News
13/11/2015UM holds International Conference on Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment in Asia 2015 Press Release
13/11/2015Dr Allan Zeman to give talk at UM Press Release
13/11/2015Healthy University Week 2015 Launch Ceremony & Occupational Safety and Health Charter Signing CeremonyPress Invitation
13/11/2015UM student receives Distinguished Design Award at IEEE A-SSCC Press Release
12/11/2015Heads from Taiwan medical schools, hospitals visit UM Press Release
11/11/2015UM students participate in volunteer activity Campus News
11/11/2015UM holds the 13th Portuguese Speech Contest Press Release
10/11/2015Hong Kong teachers, principals visit UM Campus News
10/11/2015UM students participate in symposium on late Qing calligraphy, painting, and seal cutting Campus News
10/11/2015UM breaks 8 records, wins 11 gold, 1 silver at a national inter-varsity swimming competition Press Release
09/11/2015Hubei delegation visits UM Campus News
09/11/2015Delegation from Hong Kong’s airline and cruise industries visit UM Campus News
09/11/2015UM receives award at national reading promotion competition Press Release
06/11/2015UM holds Theatre of Macao Campus News
06/11/2015UM students participate in city governance case study contest in Shanghai Press Release
05/11/2015An Interview with University of Newcastle Scholar Dr Perry on Residential Colleges Campus News
05/11/2015UM holds seminar on smart grid technology Press Release
04/11/2015UM signs MOU with Rohde & Schwarz Hong Kong Ltd Press Release
04/11/2015Get yourself moving! The Second SPA Fest kicks off! Campus News
03/11/2015UM Holds International Food Festival Campus News
03/11/2015The 13th Portuguese Speech ContestPress Invitation
03/11/2015UM Library to hold talk on e-books Press Release
03/11/2015UM successfully develops power quality compensator Campus News
03/11/2015UM paper wins first prize at national conference on drug abuse prevention and treatment Press Release

30/10/2015What’s New at UM: 7-Eleven Convenience Store Opens at UM Campus News
30/10/2015UM students experience lives of the underprivileged in Hong Kong Campus News
30/10/2015UM holds Principals’ Recommended Admission Talk to attract top local students Press Release
29/10/2015UM unveils plaque to acknowledge donation from Wu Yee Sun Charitable Foundation Ltd Press Release
29/10/2015Improving English while Having Fun at English Festival Campus News
29/10/2015UM students win 5 prizes at China Daily Campus Newspaper Award 2015 Press Release
28/10/2015UM holds University Lecture on higher education Press Release
28/10/2015 UM to confer honorary doctorates on 5 distinguished individuals Press Release
28/10/2015UM Librarian Paul Poon recognised by top information science institution Press Release
27/10/2015The 8th International Conference on The Legal Reforms of Macau in Global Context – Law and SexualityPress Invitation
27/10/2015The 7th Cross Straits Pension System Forum: Reform Trend and Innovation MechanismPress Invitation
27/10/2015UM’s English Debating Team wins 7th straight championship at inter-varsity debate contest Press Release
27/10/2015China’s vice minister of education visits UM Press Release
23/10/2015Mainland directors, film producers visit UM Campus News
23/10/2015Portuguese musician Tozé Santos performs at UM Press Release
23/10/2015Symposium on ‘Chinese Language Education and Culture Inheritance’Press Invitation
23/10/2015UM to hold University Lecture on higher education Campus News
22/10/2015PhD graduate Kuok Sin Chi shares secret to winning at monopoly Campus News
21/10/2015UM wins 9 prizes at Macau Teachers Running Race Competition Campus News
20/10/2015UM student wins 1 silver, 1 bronze at inter-varsity canoe competition in mainland China Press Release
20/10/2015The Eighth International Conference on the Legal Reforms of Macau in Global Context – Law and Sexuality to open at UM Press Release
20/10/2015Free Screening Event to Promote a Culture of Film-Watching on Campus Campus News
19/10/2015The Best Student of Portuguese Victória Fong Lai I Campus News
19/10/2015Facebook & Wechat— Most Popular Social Media among UM Students Campus News
16/10/2015UM signs collaboration framework agreement with Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park of Cooperation between Guangdong and Macao Press Release
16/10/2015UM holds seminar on chair professor Yang Yi’s works Press Release
14/10/2015UM promotes works by disabled artist Press Release
14/10/2015UM professor publishes 2nd edition of Contemporary Linguistic Theory Series Campus News
14/10/2015 UM publishes Chronicle of Macao Press Release
12/10/2015Opening Ceremony for ‘Sketch Together-Engaging with the World of Artist 0.38’ Exhibition Press Invitation
12/10/2015Book Launch for Chronicle of Macao (2010-2014)Press Invitation
12/10/2015Zhejiang government presents 1,000 books to UM library Press Release
12/10/20151st annual conference of International Union for Difficult-to-treat-Diseases held at UM Press Release
12/10/2015Terry Sio to give talk ‘Never Limit Your Dream - Success Begins with Confidence’ at UM Press Release
09/10/2015What’s New at UM: Student-made Micro Film Viewed Over 10K Times Campus News
09/10/2015Book Presentation Ceremony (Zhejiang Government Presents Books to UM)Press Invitation
09/10/20151st annual meeting of International Union for Difficult-to-treat-Diseases to open at UM tomorrow Campus News
09/10/2015UM student receives Best Student of Portuguese Award from Casa de Portugal Press Release
07/10/2015Portuguese Musician Tozé Santos Live ConcertPress Invitation
07/10/2015Vice rector Lionel Ni gives lecture on big data Press Release
07/10/2015University Lecture Series: ‘The Coming of the Age of Big Data’, by Prof. Lionel NiPress Invitation
06/10/2015Broadway: Learn How to Make Cocktails and Coffee with UM Students Campus News
05/10/2015Jones Chong to give talk on ‘Create 1% Possibility’ at UM Press Release

24/09/2015Why Is Academic Honesty Important? Campus News
23/09/2015UM delegation visits Macao Chamber of Commerce Press Release
23/09/2015Building a Bio-Toilet Kathine’s Memorable Experiences in Vietnam Campus News
22/09/2015UM Students Participate in Book Treasure Hunt Campus News
22/09/2015World War II in East Asia: What Does It Mean to Me?Press Invitation
21/09/2015UM initiates study on the expansion of local businesses to Henqin Campus News
21/09/20151 month into new semester, how’s your life on campus so far? Campus News
21/09/2015UM launches book on historical relations between Macao and Siam Press Release
18/09/2015Renowned US scholar gives lectures on international relations at UM Press Release
18/09/2015PR Student Ambassadors visit Hong Kong universities Press Release
18/09/2015Responsible Gambling 2015 Kick-off CeremonyPress Invitation
17/09/2015UM student wins best paper award at 3rd International Symposium on Engineering and Natural Science Press Release
15/09/2015What’s New about UM: Student-run Shops Campus News
14/09/2015What’s New about UM: Stilt Walkers Campus News
14/09/2015Access to campus tours made easy by online registration Press Release
14/09/2015UM places 2nd in university category at Renju tournament in Guangdong Campus News
11/09/2015UM holds activities to commemorate 70th anniversary of China’s victory against Japanese aggression Press Release
11/09/2015UM attracts outstanding local students with various admission schemes Press Release
09/09/2015UM launches co-curricular activities to facilitate holistic education Press Release
09/09/2015UM Honours College admits 50 new members Press Release
08/09/2015UM, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited sign cooperative framework agreement Campus News
08/09/2015UM professor and National Clinical Research Centre of Mental Disorders achieve new findings in treatment of major depression Press Release
08/09/2015Presentation of Admission Certificates to Class 2018 of Honours College and Gifting of Calligraphy by Dr. Ambrose SO Press Invitation
07/09/2015UM wins championship at national inter-varsity rock climbing contest Press Release
02/09/2015New student-run shops open on UM’s campus Press Release
02/09/2015UM professors win 2 prizes at national conference on practical writing Press Release
01/09/2015You Have a Say at UM: My Favorite Student Organisation Campus News

31/08/2015How have you been doing in the first week of new semester? Campus News
28/08/2015Addition of new scholars expected to enhance UM’s teaching and research Campus News
27/08/2015UM Reporters take field trip to Heilongjiang Press Release
27/08/2015You Have a Say at UM: Which Student Organisation Have You Joined? Campus News
26/08/2015UM hosts conference on Chinese medical sciences Press Release
25/08/2015UM’s 10 research projects receive NSFC grants Press Release
24/08/2015New semester gets off to a good start on UM’s campus Press Release
24/08/2015Welcome to a new semester Campus News
20/08/2015UM holds convocation to welcome nearly 2,000 new students, Rector stresses the importance of living a moral life Press Release
20/08/2015New Semester! How to Get the Most Out of Your College Years Campus News
19/08/2015UM holds first kin-ball match in Macao Press Release
19/08/2015UM’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science programme recognised by Seoul Accord signatories Press Release
19/08/2015UM students participate in summer exchange programmes Press Release
18/08/2015WHO delegation visits UM, praises UM’s clear plan for Chinese medicine development Press Release
18/08/2015UM’s bachelor’s degree programmes in accounting accredited by CPA Australia Press Release
14/08/2015UM students assist local community in hot weather Press Release
13/08/2015UM hosts 4th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering Press Release
12/08/2015UM hosts 10th congress of the International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation Press Release
11/08/2015UM’s Service Leaders do volunteer teaching in Taiwan Campus News
07/08/2015UM Reporters visit Inner Mongolia Press Release

31/07/2015UM’s Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Course helps train bilingual professionals Press Release
30/07/2015UM launches new continuing education courses for working people Press Release
30/07/2015Closing Ceremony of the 29th Portuguese Language and Culture Summer CoursePress Invitation
29/07/2015UM members made Chartered Building Engineers and Fellows of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers Press Release
27/07/2015UM’s new WeChat account officially launched, trial account discontinued Campus News
27/07/2015UM holds Cross Strait University President Forum 2015 Press Release
24/07/2015UM student wins gold for his design ‘TongueMove’ Press Release
23/07/2015UM professor elected executive member of Chinese Judicial Studies Association Press Release
22/07/2015RC delegation visits Beijing Press Release
20/07/2015UM Receives a Steady Stream of Visitors This Summer Campus News
20/07/2015UM professor appointed researcher of ‘One Belt One Road’ judicial institute Press Release
17/07/2015UM rector gives speech in Portuguese at AULP stressing UM’s role in AULP Press Release
17/07/2015UM’s 2015/2016 PhD programmes now open for applications Press Release
16/07/2015Building Bridges from UM to the Local and Global Community: The Role of Public Mental Health Research Campus News
16/07/2015Interview with Celebrities: My Key to Success – Nobel Laureate Ada Yonath Campus News
16/07/2015Interview with Celebrities: My Key to Success – Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover Campus News
15/07/2015UM to hold conference on exercise physiology and fitness Press Release
15/07/2015UM professor designated Official Observer at UNCITRAL Campus News
14/07/2015UM students join service learning programme in Vietnam Press Release
13/07/2015UM holds talk on technology’s impact on academic libraries Press Release
11/07/2015Nobel laureate Aaron Ciechanover gives lecture at UM Press Release
10/07/2015UM to hold 29th Summer Course in Portuguese Language and Culture Press Release
10/07/2015Two Nobel laureates give lectures on health sciences at UM Press Release
10/07/2015UM holds symposium on biomedical sciences Press Release
10/07/2015NPCSC’s vice chairman visits UM Press Release
09/07/2015Delegation from Chinese Academy of Sciences visits UM Press Release
09/07/2015New Management Model: Hospitality and Gaming Management Programme Campus News
09/07/2015Translation? Cognition? Campus News
09/07/2015Made-in-UM Power Quality Compensator - Macao’s Power Electronics Expert Lam Chi Seng Campus News
08/07/2015Nobel Laureate Lecture - "The Personalized Medicine Revolution: Are We Going to Cure All Diseases and at What Price?" Press Invitation
07/07/2015Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Macau Symposium on Biomedical Sciences 2015 and the Nobel Laureate Lecture - "Resistance to Antibiotics and Preserving the Microbiome" Press Invitation
07/07/2015UM, Cultural Bureau co-organise international seminar on conservation of cultural heritages Campus News
07/07/2015UM students join service learning programme in Yunan Press Release
06/07/2015UM holds workshop on passive smoking’s effect on public health Press Release
03/07/2015UM Reporters and PR Student Ambassadors visit Taiwan universities Press Release
03/07/2015UM: Young Musicians’ Playground Campus News
03/07/2015Filling the Gap in Cancer Research in Macao Campus News
02/07/2015UM’s Cantonese Debating Team wins championship at 24th Hong Kong and Macau Cantonese Debating Contest Campus News
01/07/2015UM’s Dragon Boat Team wins 2nd prizes at races in Guangzhou, Hong Kong Campus News
01/07/2015UM’s sports teams win 2nd prize, 3rd prize at 26th Biennial Intervarsity Games Campus News
01/07/2015UM students join service learning programme in Sichuan Press Release

30/06/2015UM holds UAUC joint meeting
CE pleased to see UM’s good reputation and increasing academic influence in society
Press Release
28/06/2015You Have a Say at UM: Our Impression of UM Campus News
26/06/2015UM publishes Asian Diplomacy and the Peaceful Development on the Korean Peninsula Press Release
25/06/2015UM students participate in outbound programme in New Zealand Press Release
25/06/2015UM Holds Photo Exhibition to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of World War II Campus News
24/06/2015UM launches collection of rare ancient books Press Release
24/06/2015UM wins two championships at Macau International Invitational Standard Dragon Boat Race Campus News
23/06/2015UM experts promote biomedical knowledge in secondary schools Press Release
19/06/2015The 4th International Conference on Macaology Press Invitation
19/06/2015UM students win prizes at advertising competition in Taiwan Press Release
18/06/2015UM, HKUST co-organise joint service camp Press Release
17/06/2015Chemistry Nobel laureates to give talks at UM Press Release
16/06/2015UM’s Dragon Boat Team wins championship, 2nd prize at Macau International Dragon Boat Races 2015 Campus News
16/06/2015UM students do mud sports in Taiwan Press Release
16/06/2015Leading scholars from around the world to attend UM’s academic events Campus News
15/06/20154th International Conference on Macaology to open at UM Press Release
12/06/2015【News Sharing】Macao Daily News:UM ranked No 40 in the Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2015 Campus News
12/06/2015UM students join service learning and leadership programme in Vietnam, Singapore Press Release
11/06/2015UM holds international conference on primary maths education Campus News
10/06/2015UM students win Best Memorial Prize at ICC Moot Court Competition Press Release
10/06/2015UMSU’s History Association visits Cambodia Press Release
09/06/2015FST holds Dean’s Final Year Project List Presentation Ceremony and Project Exhibition 2015 Press Release
08/06/2015UM places 3rd at ‘Return of Kings’ International Varsity Debate Contest Campus News
07/06/2015UM’s Service Leaders share experience in Taiwan Campus News
05/06/2015UM chair professor launches new book Press Release
04/06/2015Interview with Celebrities: Fields Medal Recipient Shigefumi Mori Campus News
04/06/2015HC students go on study trip to Beijing, Inner Mongolia Press Release
04/06/2015UM student receives Young Scholar Award at 6th International Symposium on Sinological Research of East Asia Press Release
03/06/2015UM students attend Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Service-Learning Press Release
03/06/20155th Biennial Conference of the World Accounting Frontiers Series held at UM Press Release
02/06/2015Fields Medal recipient Shigefumi Mori gives talk at UM Press Release
02/06/2015Class of 2015 graduates leave campus to begin new chapter in life Campus News
02/06/2015You Have a Say at UM: My Favourite Programme at UM Campus News
02/06/2015UM holds ‘Return of Kings’ International Varsity Debate Contest Press Release
01/06/2015Speech by the representative of the graduates at the congregation 2015 Campus News
01/06/2015We've finally graduated! Campus News
01/06/2015Touching Moments at UM's Congregation 2015 Campus News

30/05/2015UM graduates plant tree on campus for the first time to show gratitude to alma mater Press Release
30/05/2015UM plays a positive role in promoting Macao’s image internationally, says CE at UM’s Congregation 2015 Press Release
Press Invitation
29/05/2015Symposium on the “10th Anniversary of the Inscription of World Heritage List of the Historic Centre of Macau”Press Invitation
29/05/2015Opening ceremony for ‘Return of Kings’ International Varsity Debate ContestPress Invitation
28/05/2015UM signs collaboration agreement with Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Press Release
28/05/2015A delegation from Siemens visits UM Press Release
28/05/2015UM’s English Debating Team wins first prize, Best Debater Award in national competition preliminaries Campus News
27/05/2015Congregation 2015Press Invitation
27/05/2015UM students receive prizes at Beijing Model United Nations Press Release
27/05/2015UM to hold international seminar on primary maths education Press Release
26/05/2015UM holds Reading Activity 2014 Press Release
26/05/2015Campus Changed, Love Continued Campus News
22/05/2015UM awards outstanding sports teams and athletes Press Release
22/05/2015UM and RGC-AoE hold joint symposium on biomedical and biological research Press Release
21/05/2015UM professor awarded medal of merit by Portuguese government Campus News
20/05/2015Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office’s deputy director visits UM Press Release
20/05/2015Le French May’s event takes place at UM for the first time Press Release
20/05/2015UM to hold Congregation 2015 on 30 May Press Release
19/05/2015UM students win 2nd prize in Mathematical Contest in Modeling 2015 Press Release
18/05/2015Fields Medal recipient Shigefumi Mori to give talk at UM Press Release
18/05/2015My experiences as an exchange student in Taiwan Campus News
18/05/2015What's new about UM-UM Lab Series: Automotive Engineering Laboratory Campus News
15/05/2015UM’s vice rector (administration) to leave post next year Press Release
15/05/2015UM to hold conference on free trade zone in Guangdong Press Release
15/05/2015Symposium on “Development and Integration Macau and Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone”Press Invitation
15/05/2015UM students pay it forward with ‘Suspended Coffee’ Campus News
14/05/2015UM’s Student Activity Centre receives China’s highest-standard Green Building label Press Release
14/05/2015Wildlife photographer Chen Huailin: ‘Photography is like fishing; it’s about enjoying the process.’ Campus News
13/05/2015UM signs collaboration agreements with Shandong University Campus News
13/05/2015UM members embrace their creativity Campus News
12/05/2015UM student beats 46,000 contestants from 80 countries, places second in international paper plane contest Press Release
11/05/2015【News Sharing】Macao Daily News:Chinese national table tennis team visits UM Campus News
10/05/2015What's new about UM: An Adventure into UM’s Underwater Tunnel Campus News
08/05/2015UM students win prizes at national speech contest Campus News
06/05/2015UM holds information session about PhD programmes Press Release
05/05/2015UM English Debating Team wins several awards at Macau AP Debate Open Campus News
03/05/2015UM wins HKUST-UM Sports Challenge Cup Campus News
03/05/2015What's new about UM: Health knowledge competition Campus News

30/04/2015UM ranked No 39 in the Times Higher Education 100 Under 50 Press Release
29/04/20154th training course in Chinese medicine quality assurance ends Press Release
28/04/2015UM comes 2nd at Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Race 2015 Campus News
27/04/2015UM holds international conference on North Korea Press Release
24/04/2015UM holds Portuguese Language Day Press Release
23/04/2015UM wins 1 gold, 2 silvers, 5 bronzes at inter-varsity badminton contest Campus News
23/04/2015UM follows up on fire accident Press Release
23/04/2015Beauty, Musicianship and Artistry – Cambridge’s Girton College Chapel Choir performs at UM Campus News
23/04/20152015 macroeconomic forecast for Macao by UM’s Department of Economics Press Release
22/04/2015Macau Association for the Mentally Handicapped’s service centre visits UM residential college Campus News
22/04/2015UM wins championships at inter-varsity volleyball competition 2 years in a row Campus News
21/04/2015UM’s state key lab holds its 2nd Academic Committee meeting Press Release
21/04/2015HKUST postgraduates visit UM Press Release
21/04/2015Olympic champion in gymnastics gives talk at UM Campus News
21/04/2015UM members go LOHAS Campus News
21/04/2015How do visitors with visual impairments tour the campus Campus News
20/04/2015Wayne Pang: from salesperson to Vitasoy’s regional manager Campus News
20/04/2015Graduating students and hiring companies: what are they looking for Campus News
20/04/2015The 4th training course in Chinese medicine quality assurance held at UM Press Release
17/04/2015The 4th Opening Ceremony for the Training Course in Chinese Medicine Quality AssurancePress Invitation
17/04/2015UM students actively participate in community services Press Release
15/04/2015UM students receive excellence awards at national inter-varsity writing competition for commercial arbitration essays Press Release
15/04/2015【News Sharing】Macao Daily News:UM initiates emergency plan to resume power supply on campus Campus News
15/04/2015UM holds 11st Pan-Pearl River Delta Physics Olympiad Awards Ceremony Press Release
15/04/2015You Have a Say at UM: Things to Do before Graduation Campus News
14/04/2015UM psychology students receive awards at 5th ASEAN Regional Union of Psychological Societies Congress Press Release
14/04/2015UM students organise fundraiser for Oasis Action 2015 Campus News
14/04/2015MIT physicist to give talk at UM Press Release
13/04/2015CommFest 2015 to open Press Release
13/04/2015UM launches new continuing education courses for working people Press Release
13/04/2015UM signs collaborative agreement on establishing research institute in Hengqin’s free trade zone Press Release
13/04/2015What's new about UM- From kitchen waste to detergent Campus News
12/04/2015Graduation Photo-taking Day @ UM Campus News
12/04/2015Over 3,000 students attend UM’s undergraduate admission exam Press Release
10/04/2015UM wins 3 golds, 3 silvers, 8 bronzes at inter-varsity fencing competition Campus News
10/04/2015UM places 2nd at inter-varsity tennis tournament in Zhuhai Campus News
10/04/2015UM holds service fair to encourage students to give back to society Campus News
09/04/2015UM wins championship at 4th Business Knowledge Competition Campus News
08/04/2015The 46th Distinguished Lecture ‘The Convergence of Sciences and Technologies’ to open next Friday Press Release
02/04/2015New cohort of UM Reporters and PR Student Ambassadors inaugurated Press Release
02/04/2015UM develops power quality compensator Press Release
02/04/2015UM holds Psychological Health Week to celebrate 10th anniversary of Psychological Health Ambassador Programme Campus News
02/04/2015UM promotes postgraduate programmes at Ministry of Education Press Release
02/04/2015UM to hold Service Fair next week Press Release
02/04/2015UM wins championship at ‘MPI Cup’ Putonghua Debating Competition Press Release
01/04/2015UC chair makes inaugural official visit to government departments in Beijing Press Release
01/04/2015UM and CAS’ Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences sign MOU on establishment of joint lab on environmental monitoring and evaluation Press Release
01/04/2015UM holds Games Day Press Release
01/04/2015UM wins 7 golds, 3 silvers, 3 bronzes at 13th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship Campus News

31/03/2015UM management meets students from Macao studying in Beijing Press Release
31/03/2015Chen Ning Yang receives honorary doctorate from UM Wei Zhao: Yang is the epitome of ‘4-in-1’ model Press Release
31/03/2015UM holds opening ceremony for Russian Centre Press Release
30/03/2015Opening Ceremony for the Russian CentrePress Invitation
30/03/2015Former Guangdong governor visits UM Press Release
30/03/2015HKU, UM co-organise symposium on biomedical research Press Release
29/03/2015UM Open Day attracts over 8,000 people Parents, teachers praise campus facilities Press Release
27/03/2015Phantom of the Opera performed at MCMC’s High Table Dinner Campus News
26/03/2015UM presents Long Service Award and Outstanding Performance Award to staff Press Release
26/03/2015Opening Ceremony for UM Open Day 2015Press Invitation
26/03/2015UM wins championship at national English speaking competition Press Release
25/03/2015Wang Meng gives talk at UM Press Release
24/03/2015UM welcomes public to attend Open Day on new campus this Sunday Press Release
23/03/2015UM wins 4th straight championships at inter-varsity basketball contest Press Release
23/03/2015Students Benefit Greatly from HC Programmes Campus News
20/03/2015UM’s Service Leader attends HK community engagement symposium Campus News
20/03/2015329 outstanding local students accepted by UM Press Release
19/03/2015 UM expects to see more programmes gain international accreditation Press Release
19/03/2015UM wins 8 golds at inter-varsity track and field championship Campus News
19/03/2015RC holds international student symposium for the first time Press Release
19/03/2015UM publishes book on math education Press Release
18/03/2015AIESEC UM holds AIESEC BRICS Summit 2015 Press Release
18/03/2015‘Our attitude determines how far we can go’ Betty Chang’s Work Philosophy Campus News
18/03/2015What’s cooking in the kitchen? Campus News
18/03/2015How UM’s swimming pool is different in water quality Campus News
18/03/2015UM students ‘create’ future before graduation Campus News
17/03/2015RC students finish HK first-aid certificate course Campus News
17/03/2015UM professors give distinguished lectures at top engineering universities in the US Press Release
16/03/2015UM’s Career & Internship Fair offers over 5,000 jobs Press Release
13/03/2015UM professor gives talk in Zhuhai on Macao’s law and society Press Release
13/03/2015UM Career and Internship Fair 2015Press Invitation
12/03/2015Local secondary school principals, teachers attend seminar at UM Campus News
12/03/2015UM publishes Chinese version of Journey to the East: The Jesuit Mission to China, 1579-1724 Press Release
11/03/2015UM holds 10th UM Mandarin Debate Contest Campus News
11/03/2015Two UM PhD students receive IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Predoctoral Achievement Award Press Release
10/03/2015Book Launching Ceremony of “Journey to the East: The Jesuit Mission to China, 1579-1724” (Chinese Translation)Press Invitation
10/03/2015UM to hold Career and Internship Fair 2015 next week Press Release
09/03/2015UM holds conference on the promotion of Cape Town Convention in China Press Release
06/03/2015UM to launch two new postgraduate certificate in education programmes Press Release
06/03/2015Hong Kong –Chongqing Youth Exchange Promotion Association visits UM Campus News
06/03/2015International Law Conference on“the Promotion of the Cape Town Convention in China”Press Invitation
05/03/2015UM professor’s work favourably reviewed Press Release
04/03/2015UM meets with CPLP on behalf of AULP Press Release
04/03/2015UM chairs AULP Board of Administrators meeting for the first time Press Release
04/03/2015Convenience store on campus Campus News
02/03/2015UM to hold Open Day on 29 March Press Release

27/02/2015UM students enter quarterfinal of Asian English Olympics 2015 Campus News
26/02/2015UM submits report to government in response to Commission of Audit’s report Press Release
25/02/2015About the University Gallery Campus News
23/02/2015Serving Students with Disabilities: My View as a Former Disabled Student and Now Disabled Teacher Campus News
18/02/2015“The Queen of Ice and Snow”Living an Artistic Life at the Three Poles--Exclusive Interview with Distinguished Chinese and UM Alumna Rebecca Lee Lok Sze Campus News
18/02/2015Flowers on campus Campus News
18/02/2015New Research Findings: Google Glass Can Steal Passwords, Breakthrough that Overcomes Technical Bottleneck in Chips Operation, New Discoveries in Anti-Diabetic Drugs Campus News
17/02/2015Tour the New Campus with PR Student Ambassadors Campus News
17/02/2015UM Completes Relocation to the New Campus Campus News
16/02/2015The ELC Promotes Project-based Learning Both inside and outside the Classroom Campus News
16/02/2015President Xi Jinping Visits UM and Discusses Chinese Culture with Students Campus News
16/02/2015Renowned scholars join UM Campus News
16/02/2015umagazine issue 11 out Campus News
16/02/2015UM wins 3 golds, 4 silvers, 6 bronzes at local inter-varsity table tennis championship Campus News
14/02/2015214 Valentine's Day Campus News
13/02/2015You’ve Got Mail Campus News
13/02/2015‘Love is the art of being together without losing a sense of one’s self’ Dr Patricia Anne Thompson & Prof Kevin Thompson Campus News
13/02/2015Challenge Yourself with Rock Climbing Campus News
13/02/2015School Uniform Day Campus News
13/02/2015Young Musicians Flourish at UM Campus News
13/02/2015The February issue (46th issue) of My UM is out! Campus News
12/02/2015Head of Peking University’s Department of Chinese Language and Literature joins UM Campus News
12/02/2015UM breaks records, wins 4 golds, 2 silvers, 1 bronze at local inter-varsity swimming championship Campus News
11/02/2015UM publishes book on Wang Meng’s literature Press Release
11/02/2015UM signs MOU with Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Press Release
11/02/2015RC organises first-aid certificate course Campus News
10/02/2015UM’s postgraduate programmes now open for applications Press Release
09/02/2015UM makes sure public money spent properly Press Release
09/02/2015UM Taekwondo Team wins 3 prizes at Eastern Dragon Taekwondo Poomsae Championships 2015 Campus News
06/02/2015HC students visit Anima Macau Press Release
06/02/2015HFPJC holds farewell party for Australian exchange students Campus News
06/02/2015SPC holds Cantonese course for non-local students Campus News
05/02/2015UM places third at Herbalgy Hong Kong Ultra Marathon 2015 Campus News
05/02/2015Responsible Gambling kiosk 2.0 Kick-off CeremonyPress Invitation
04/02/2015UM wins second prize at local football tournament for male teachers Campus News
02/02/2015UM establishes guidelines on handling sexual harassment cases Press Release
02/02/2015Adventurer Rob Lilwall to give talk at UM Press Release

30/01/2015RCs start trial run of late-night snack service Campus News
30/01/2015CKPC, LCWC students hold mock debate with Tsing Hua University students Campus News
29/01/2015UM student holds personal poetry reading in Zhuhai Press Release
27/01/2015CCE holds experience sharing sessions on how to organise large-scale event Press Release
27/01/2015UM holds seminar on institution of awards and funds for publication of Chinese fiction in Macao Press Release
27/01/2015UM Swimming Pool opens for trial run Campus News
26/01/2015Responsible Gambling 2014 closes Press Release
23/01/2015Veteran photojournalist gives talk at UM Campus News
23/01/2015UM student receives Young Researcher Award Press Release
23/01/2015UM’s Service Leaders do volunteer teaching in Guangxi Campus News
22/01/2015UM student wins silver at National Bouldering Tournament 2014 Campus News
22/01/2015UM students win second prize at national mathematical modelling contest Press Release
21/01/2015Lee Chack Fan gives Doctor honoris causa Lecture ‘From Dunhuang to Macau’ Press Release
20/01/2015UM library launches Outstanding Academic Papers by Students database Press Release
20/01/2015Why Do You Love UM? Campus News
20/01/2015President Xi presents two sets of gift books to UM and also signs on two separate books introducing the gift books Campus News
20/01/2015“Giving back to my hometown with what I’ve learned in my life” - Prof Ming-Chuen Yip, Expert on Mechanics of Materials Campus News
20/01/2015Regular Meetings with the Management Campus News
19/01/2015University of Macau (UM) Doctor honoris causa Lecture:From Dunhuang to Macau- Sino-European Interactions over the Past Four MillenniaPress Invitation
19/01/2015Symposium on "The Relationship between Macau's Economy and China's New Economic Normality"Press Invitation
19/01/2015Applications for UM’s bachelor’s degree programmes now open Campus News
19/01/2015Veteran broadcaster gives talk at UM Campus News
16/01/2015UM members win 6 prizes at economics paper competition Campus News
16/01/2015UM holds Pacific Rim Digital Library Alliance Annual Meeting Press Release
15/01/2015UM professor receives first prize at national writing competition for law essays Press Release
14/01/2015UM wins 2 prizes at 10th Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Forum for International Relations Students Press Release
14/01/2015Three more world-renowned scholars join UM Press Release
14/01/2015The University of Macau Story Campus News
13/01/2015UM professor appointed research associate at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Campus News
13/01/2015RC visits Against Child Abuse (Macau) Association’s Child Protection Centre Campus News
12/01/2015Heads of Baptist Convention of Hong Kong’s member schools visit UM Campus News
09/01/2015UM makes first formal visits to four leading universities in Israel Press Release
08/01/2015Tufts University delegation visits UM for sustainable healthcare collaboration Press Release
07/01/2015UM students’ wishes for 2015 Campus News
06/01/2015UM holds forum on opportunities brought by Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Press Release
05/01/2015UM holds conference on cross-strait relations Press Release
02/01/2015World-renowned computer scientist Prof Lionel M Ni to serve as UM’s vice rector for academic affairs Press Release

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