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31/12/2009UM Professor Receives Outstanding Contribution Award from IEICE Press Release
31/12/2009UM To Launch Chronicle of Macao Press Release
30/12/2009Review and Forecast of Poetry Studies--The 2nd International Seminar on Chinese Poetry Held at UM Press Release
29/12/2009Press Conference----“Economic Analysis and Forecast for Macao”Press Invitation
23/12/2009UM PhD Student Won Second Prize at the First Environmental Criteria and Ecological Restoration Forum for PhD Candidates Press Release
23/12/2009UM PhD Student Won Second Prize at 2009 Annual Meeting of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association Press Release
21/12/2009UM FST’s New Dean To Take Office Early Next Year Press Release
21/12/2009UM Teachers and Students Celebrate the Groundbreaking for the New Campus Press Release
20/12/2009UM Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for the New Campus Press Release
20/12/2009The New Campus of the University of Macau: An Ideal Environment for Nurturing Outstanding Graduates Press Release
19/12/2009Heads of Famous Universities from Four Regions To Gather at Macao Press Release
18/12/2009DEE Annual Party Ended Press Release
18/12/2009Opening Ceremony of Cross-Strait University SummitPress Invitation
16/12/2009UM Held the 2nd and 3rd Graduation Ceremony of Diploma in Casino Management Press Release
16/12/2009UM Delegation Visits the Ministry of Education and the National Chinese Studies Office Press Release
15/12/2009Two UM PhD Students Won Best Paper Award at ADIF 2009 Press Release
15/12/2009Inauguration Conference of Asian Criminological Society To Open at UM on Friday Press Release
15/12/2009Opening Ceremony - Asian Criminology in a Global Context-Challenges and Prospects Inauguration Conference of Asian Criminological Society Press Invitation
14/12/2009"Fong Yun Wah Distinguished Lectures 2009" Press Invitation
14/12/2009Dr. Mak Won the 2009 IEEE MGA GOLD Achievement Award Press Release
10/12/2009UM Prof. U Seng Pan Invited to Serve as a High-level Committee Member, Dr. Sin Sai Weng’s Paper Accepted by A-SSCC Press Release
10/12/2009UM To Hold a Lecture Entitled Rethinking Infrastructure Project Finance Press Release
10/12/2009UM To Hold an Exhibition of Porcelains and Chinese Paintings by Lau Chiyuen Press Release
10/12/2009CommeFest to Open on Thursday Press Release
10/12/2009The 2nd International Conference on the Legal Reform of Macao in the Global Context To Open on Thursday Press Release
07/12/2009UMDF Founded to Help UM Realize Educational Objectives Press Release
07/12/2009UM Students Receive Gold and Bronze Leaf Certificates at PrimeAsia2009 Press Release
01/12/2009Famous Management Consultant Dr. William Lo To Share Experience with UM Students Press Release

30/11/2009UM Held a Consultation on the Master Plan of the New Campus To Solicit Suggestions from the Educational Circle Press Release
30/11/2009UM To Hold a Lecture “Dialogue of Civilizations and Confucianism in the 21st Century” on Wednesday Press Release
30/11/2009“International Conference on Chinese Dialectology cum the 15th Annual Conference of the National Association of Chinese Dialectology”Press Invitation
30/11/2009“Seminar on the Master Plan of the UM new campus” Press Invitation
27/11/2009UM To Hold an International Debate Contest to Celebrate The 60th Anniversary of P.R.C. and the 10th Anniversary of Macao SAR Press Release
27/11/2009UM Launches a New Version of MacauMap™ Application for Apple iPhone Press Release
26/11/2009UM’s Fencing Team Won Championship at the 15th National University Fencing Championship Press Release
25/11/2009The International Conference on Regional Culture of Macao and China To Open at UM on Thursday Press Release
25/11/2009A Monograph by UM Professor Released Internationally Press Release
25/11/2009UM and Fundação Oriente Signed a Cooperation Agreement on Establishment of the “Award Macao – Doctorate” Scholarship Press Release
24/11/2009UM Students Won First Prize at the 4th Central South China, Hong Kong and Macao Undergraduates’ Creative Design and Manufacturing Competition Press Release
23/11/2009UM Organizes a Hong Kong Trip to Let Students Meet Pulitzer Prize winners Press Release
23/11/2009UM Library Organizes Seminar on Study in the United States Press Release
20/11/2009Press Conference for Public Opinion of 2009 Policy Address Press Invitation
20/11/2009“The Holocaust: Lessons for Humanity” Exhibition Opening and“Inside Hana’s Suitcase”ScreeningPress Invitation
20/11/2009Inside Hana’s Suitcase To Be Screened at UM Press Release
16/11/2009UM Kicks Off “Healthy University Week” to Enhance Staff and Students’ Awareness of Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Press Release
16/11/2009UM Won Two First Prizes at “Challenge Cup” Competition Press Release
13/11/2009UM Became Macao’s First Coordinating Institution for EDUROAM Press Release
13/11/2009More Than 400 UM Students Received Awards at the “Scholarship and Rector's Honor List Presentation Ceremony” Press Release
12/11/2009UM Professor To Serve as Associate Editor for a Prestigious Journal Press Release
12/11/2009Associate Prof. Chen Huailin from the Department of Communication Won Outstanding Paper Award Press Release
12/11/2009“Healthy University Week 2009 Launch Ceremony”Press Invitation
12/11/2009UM To Hold Large-scale Law Seminar Next Monday Press Release
11/11/2009UM To Invite Four Famous Hong Kong Radio Broadcasters to Give Radio Programme Broadcasting Courses Press Release
11/11/2009University of Macau to Launch Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Hospitality Management Press Release
10/11/2009The 1st Chinese Medicine Forum (Macao) To Open at UM on Friday Press Release
10/11/2009UM To Confer Honorary Doctoral Degrees on Three Distinguished Scholars Press Release
06/11/2009UM Holds Consultation on New Campus Design Press Release
04/11/2009UM Congregation cum Ceremony for the Conferment of Degrees of Doctor honoris causa 2009Press Invitation
04/11/2009Lecture on “the Way of Literature” Press Invitation
04/11/2009Opening Ceremony for the Early Macau Photo ExhibitionPress Invitation
03/11/2009UM Team Won Second Prize at 2009 Innovate Asia Press Release
03/11/2009UM To Hold a Photo Exhibition and Lecture on the Changes of Macao over the Past 400 Years Press Release

29/10/2009UM Held Lectures on Hospitality Services to Analyze the Development of the Tourism and Conference and Exhibition Markets Press Release
28/10/2009Launching Ceremony for the Lecture on "Radio Programme Broadcasting Skills and Business Operation Training Courses" Press Invitation
27/10/2009UM held a Chinese poetry competition to celebrate the 60th anniversary of PRC and the 10th anniversary of Macao SAR Press Release
22/10/2009UM Senior Management Visits Domestic and Overseas Universities Press Release
21/10/2009UM To Hold Congregation Early Next Month Press Release
20/10/2009UM To Confer Honorary Doctoral Degrees Upon Three Distinguished Scholars Press Release
19/10/2009UM’s Research Papers Citation Frequency Ranks No.1 in Macao Reflecting Increasing International Recognition of Its Research Status Press Release
19/10/2009UM To Hold Conference Series on Education Development in Chinese Society This Saturday Press Release
19/10/2009UM Students Attend Sino-US Bilateral Relations Photo Exhibition Press Release
16/10/2009UM Student Won Outstanding Paper Award At the 2009 National Doctoral Forum of China Press Release
16/10/2009Press Conference ---“Conference Series on Education Development in Chinese Society - Stories from Teachers.Stories about Teachers”Press Invitation
16/10/2009UM Conferred Honorary Professorship on Prof. Franco Maloberti Press Release
13/10/2009Kick-Off Ceremony for the “Responsible Gambling Awareness Week”Press Invitation
12/10/2009UM To Confer Honorary Professorship on Prof. Franco Maloberti Press Release
12/10/2009Ceremony for the Conferment of Honorary Professorship on Professor Franco MalobertiPress Invitation
12/10/2009UM Students’ Union held welcoming activities for freshmen to help them adjust to college life Press Release
12/10/2009UM will hold a lecture “Management and Understanding of Historical Files” next Monday Press Release
08/10/2009UM Student To Go to Universität Wien for Press Release
06/10/2009Press Conference for the “Responsible Gambling Awareness Week”Press Invitation

29/09/2009UM Distinguished Professor Awarded Royal Medal 2009 Press Release
28/09/2009UM Students Receive Full Travel Grant Press Release
25/09/2009Talk on Credit Lending and Risk Management -- Causes and Outcomes of the Current Financial Crisis to Open in UM Press Release
25/09/2009UM Student Won Excellence Award Press Release
24/09/2009UM Student Accepted as Visiting Student Researcher by Caltech Press Release
21/09/2009The 2nd International Academic Conference of Oriental Diplomacy and the Taiwan Issue Open Next Saturday Press Release
21/09/2009Inauguration Ceremony of the Honours CollegePress Invitation
17/09/2009UM Research Project on Chinese Medicine Receives Grant from NSFC Press Release
15/09/2009UM Donated Over 70,000 MOP for Taiwan Typhoon Victims Press Release
10/09/2009“Collective Memories—Sculptural Representations of the Historical Figures in Macau” Open Next Monday Press Release
10/09/2009Opening Ceremony - "Collective Memories: Sculptural Representations of the Historical Figures in Macau" Exhibition Press Invitation
04/09/2009UM Won Debate Competition Press Release
04/09/2009UM debating team won championship at the 18th Hong Kong--Macao Varsity Debating Contest Press Release

26/08/2009Zhuhai government official and head of Hengqin New Area visits UM and voices support Press Release
25/08/2009亞太地區青年領袖論壇於澳大圓滿閉幕 Press Release
24/08/2009澳大武術隊創佳績連奪二十四面金牌 Press Release
20/08/2009Science Promotion Workshop in Pui Ching Middle School Press Release
10/08/2009UM Alumnus Mr. Lau Siu-wing Awarded BBS by Hong Kong SAR Government Press Release
10/08/2009UM FED Graduate Student Will Pursue Further Study in UC Berkeley Press Release
07/08/2009UM Student Won Second Prize at 45th DIA Annual Meeting Press Release
04/08/2009澳大勝出港澳辯論交流賽兼奪最佳辯論員 Press Release

29/07/2009澳大圖書館辦講座促進學術交流與合作 Press Release
28/07/2009澳大商業管理高級文憑課程反應熱烈合資格學員將於短期內收到錄取通知 Press Release
24/07/2009Two UM Students Will Go to France for a Scholarship-funded Exchange and Study Stint Press Release
22/07/2009UM’s University Assembly and University Council Members as well as Media Representatives’ Site Visit to UM New CampusPress Invitation
20/07/2009UM FST Students Won Prizes at IT Project Competition and IEEE Project Competition Press Release
17/07/2009澳大無線科技研習夏令營領學生探索科學 Press Release
14/07/2009Opening Ceremony of the 7th National University Sport Championship (7th NUSCC) 2009 and International University Sport ClimbingPress Invitation
14/07/2009Opening Ceremony of 1st Annual Conference: World Accounting Frontiers Series (WAFS)Press Invitation
14/07/2009“橫琴澳大新校區與澳珠共同合作發展”座談會Press Invitation
13/07/2009澳大辦全國大學生“回歸杯”攀岩錦標賽暨國際大學生攀岩邀請賽 Press Release
10/07/2009UM Appoints New Dean of FBA Press Release
10/07/2009Guangdong Governor Huang Huahua visits UM Press Release
09/07/2009Honorary Professorship Conferred upon UM Rector Wei Zhao by Two Mainland Universities Press Release
08/07/2009Committed to Promoting Macao’s Internet DevelopmentWIP Meeting 2009 – Macao Opens in UM Press Release
06/07/2009Two UM Professors Appointed as External Peer Reviewers by Social Sciences in China Press Release
06/07/2009Opening Ceremony --- The World Internet Project (WIP) Meeting 2009Press Invitation
06/07/2009發佈會---澳門大學圖書館藏品入選 <<國家珍貴古籍名錄>>及古籍影像系統啟用Press Invitation
02/07/2009同濟大學一行訪問澳門大學 Press Release
01/07/2009WIP Meeting 2009 – Macao to be held in UM on July 8-10, 2009 Press Release

30/06/2009UM FST’s Associate Professor Invited to Be a Member of an Authoritative Domestic Bridge Committee Press Release
27/06/2009University of Macau’s New Campus on Hengqin Island Put under Macao’s Jurisdiction Press Release
26/06/2009UM Cancelou Curso de Verão de Língua e Cultura Portuguesas Press Release
25/06/2009UM PhD Students Won Awards at National Excellent Paper Competition on Pharmaceutical Analysis Press Release
24/06/2009Opening ceremony --- Biomedical Engineering Laboratory of the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of MacauPress Invitation
23/06/2009澳大呼籲注意個人衛生 Press Release
22/06/2009Theses by Three New UM PhD Graduates Extolled by International Examination Committee Press Release
19/06/2009澳門大學獲贈東漢綠釉壺 Press Release
18/06/2009澳大採取多項應變施預防H1N1甲型流感 Press Release
18/06/2009關注青少年賭博問題 澳大辦預防問題賭博講座 Press Release
17/06/2009澳大校長趙偉出席大學校長論壇論述大學立校之本 Press Release
16/06/2009澳大圖書館明朝古籍入選第二批《國家珍貴古籍名錄》 Press Release
13/06/2009Prémio Empreendedorismo Inovador na Diáspora Portuguesa:Mérito do Prof. Rui Martins, Vice-Reitor (Investigação) Press Release
10/06/2009History Seminar about Homegrown Christianity in China Press Release
10/06/2009澳大教師獲全球華人電腦教育應用優秀論文獎 Press Release
08/06/2009美傑出學者彭樹成校長與澳大學生分享成功心得 Press Release
07/06/2009第四屆澳大普通話辯論賽圓滿結束 Press Release
06/06/2009澳大學生嚢括高校寫作比賽冠亞軍 Press Release
05/06/2009The Application of the Internet Is Increasingly MatureThe Digital Divide Index Decreases Year by Year Press Release
04/06/2009澳大學生會辦系列活動紀念五四運動九十周年 Press Release
04/06/2009受資助澳大四川災區學生拜訪澳門基金會 Press Release
03/06/2009商業管理高級文憑課程 – 記者招待會Press Invitation
03/06/2009澳大粵港澳校友會拜會行政長官 Press Release
02/06/2009UM Awarded Macao’s First U.S. Patent in Hi-technology Microelectronics Press Release

29/05/2009Introduction of the 1st U.S. Patent of Macau in Hi-Tech Microelectronics & IEEE CASS 2009 Chapter of the Year AwardPress Invitation
29/05/2009Jean Monnet Seminar Held at UM Next Monday Press Release
29/05/2009Master of Law Seminar Series -- Jean Monnet Seminar:“Combating Maritime Piracy and Terrorism -- A European Perspective”Press Invitation
27/05/2009“土木工程與城市文明”講座下周二於藝博館舉行 Press Release
25/05/2009UM English Debating Team won Championship at National English Debating Competition Press Release
22/05/2009Indonesia's Rupert Murdoch Hosts Evening Discussion at UM Press Release
22/05/2009Agreement Signing between Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory Limited and Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau Press Release
21/05/2009開幕儀式-第三屆兩岸四地「學校改進與夥伴協作」學術研討會Press Invitation
21/05/2009首冊《澳門藍皮書》:澳門經濟社會發展報告(2008-2009)新書發行儀式暨新聞發佈會Press Invitation
21/05/2009首冊澳門藍皮書下周一面世 Press Release
21/05/2009UM Organizes First International Interdisciplinary Conference on Macau Studies: Intercultural Exchanges between East and West Press Release
20/05/2009UM Achievement on Chinese Medicine Granted China Invention Patent Press Release
19/05/2009中文法律學刊《法學論叢》第八、九期已出版 Press Release
17/05/2009前國家教育部副部長吳啟迪訪澳大暢談大學的教育理念 Press Release
16/05/2009澳門大學環校跑比賽暨歡樂行圓滿結束 Press Release
16/05/2009澳大“形象之星”順利誕生 Press Release
15/05/2009UM Holds 2008/2009 University Assembly and University Council Joint Meeting Chief Executive Shows Support for UM’s Hengqin Campus Project Press Release
15/05/2009新聞發佈會-第三屆兩岸四地「學校改進與夥伴協作」學術研討會Press Invitation
15/05/2009開幕儀式---衝突對話與文明建設國際學術研討會Press Invitation
15/05/2009澳大下週辦衝突對話與文明建設國際學術研討會 Press Release
14/05/2009澳大多項措施防H1N1甲型流感 Press Release
12/05/2009科普活動---『2008無線科技研習夏令營』報告會暨2009夏令營簡介Press Invitation
11/05/2009Distinguished Diplomatic & Consular Speakers Series 2009: "Macau-U.S. Relations – A Retrospective"Press Invitation
08/05/2009澳門大學2009傳播週開幕儀式Press Invitation
08/05/2009澳大2009傳播週開幕 Press Release
08/05/2009陳伯煇教授澳大主講「小議晏殊詞」專題講座 Press Release
07/05/2009Conferência: Sociedades Cruzadas: Índia e Macau Press Release
07/05/2009Dean of the UM Faculty of Law elected as the Master of Legal Science in Contemporary China Press Release
04/05/2009UM Professor Appointed the Editorial Review Board of the Sage Publications Journal Leadership Press Release

30/04/2009Guest Lecture - "How to teach and learn English for the global economy: What lessons can Macau learn from Hong Kong's mistakes?"Press Invitation
30/04/2009澳大下週三辦英語教學專題講座 Press Release
29/04/2009澳大籌廿一萬助學生關家賢 Press Release
28/04/2009陳伯煇教授應澳大邀請 研析詞人晏殊成功之道 Press Release
27/04/2009澳大歷史系講座週三舉行 Press Release
24/04/2009UM Professor of the Department of History receives French Knighthood Honor Press Release
24/04/2009Press Conference for the Master of Social Sciences in Criminology of UMPress Invitation
23/04/2009新鴻基支持澳大培育會計財務專才設立獎學金奬勵優秀學生 Press Release
22/04/2009US former president George H. W. Bush honoured by UM Press Release
21/04/2009澳大日本週圓滿結束 Press Release
20/04/2009Conferência: Breve Visão do Brasil e das suas Relações com a China Press Release
17/04/2009澳大首屆文化藝術節下週開鑼 Press Release
16/04/2009澳大籲捐款助車禍受傷學生渡難關 Press Release
16/04/2009澳大劍橋大學出版社下週合辦展覽及講座 Press Release
15/04/2009Zhuhai government officials welcome the new UM campus on Hengqin Press Release
14/04/2009Conferência: Património e Cultura de Macau Press Release
13/04/2009澳大款客服務講座系列二全球化與澳門旅遊服務業之面向配合 Press Release
13/04/2009UM Firstly Organizes Department of History Forum I: Tracing Local and Global Cultures Press Release
09/04/2009Seminar on the Role of Macau in Strategic Relations between China and the Portuguese-Speaking NationsPress Invitation
08/04/2009O Papel De Macau Nas Relações Estratégicas Entre A China E Os Países De Língua Portuguesa Press Release
07/04/2009澳大科技學院辦就業講座 Press Release
07/04/2009《北魏關中道教造像記研究——附造像碑文錄》新書介紹會Press Invitation
06/04/2009The University of Macau presents to the Legislative Assembly and the education circle a preliminary plan for Hengqin Campus to hear their comments and improve the proposal Press Release
02/04/2009澳門大學積極推行全人教育辦資訊展協助學生升學就業 Press Release

31/03/2009Seminar on “The Policy of Justice in Portugal and the role of new Technologies”Press Invitation
31/03/2009關注教職員及學生健康澳大辦婦女健康月活動 Press Release
27/03/2009Opening Ceremony --- The International Conference on Economic Integration in the Greater China RegionPress Invitation
27/03/2009Exames de Certificação de Português Língua Estrangeira Press Release
27/03/2009The International Conference on Economic Integration in the Greater China Region Held at UM Press Release
17/03/2009獲澳門科學技術發展基金全力支持澳大師生成功研發視像文字翻譯軟件 Press Release
17/03/2009澳大與日本及香港合辦天線技術會議推動三地無線科技合作交流 Press Release
16/03/2009Three New Master’s Degree Programmes of UM Press Release
15/03/2009UM New Vice Rector (Academic Affairs) Prof. Shun-Man Ho Assumes Duty Today Press Release
15/03/2009澳大將舉辦“兩岸四地政治文化與公民社會國際研討會” Press Release
13/03/2009Press Conference for New MA Programmes of UMPress Invitation
13/03/2009「中譯通」及「視頻到文字全文機助翻譯」研究成果下週二公佈 Press Release
12/03/2009澳大武術隊揚威第四屆香港國際武術比賽 Press Release
11/03/2009澳大將舉辦《大中華地區經濟整合》國際學術研討會 Press Release
11/03/2009澳大學士課程明截止報名 Press Release
10/03/2009澳大傳播系研究生獲優秀論文獎 Press Release
06/03/2009澳大舉行款客服務業講座系列 Press Release
05/03/2009澳大工管學院辦商業資訊系統日曁商業資訊系統網站設計及開發大賽頒獎典禮 Press Release
04/03/2009New Bachelor’s Degree Programmes of FBA of the University of Macau Press Release
02/03/2009Press Conference for New Bachelor’s Programmes of UMPress Invitation

27/02/2009Seminar on "Writing for Science Magazine" & "Science in Forbidding Places"Press Invitation
27/02/2009澳大下週邀美國《科學》雜誌編輯主講學術講座 Press Release
24/02/2009澳大將辦“‘一國兩制’成功實踐的啟示”研討會 Press Release
23/02/2009澳大將舉辦《大中華經濟地區經濟整合》國際學術研討會 Press Release
23/02/2009“‘一國兩制’成功實踐的啟示”學術研討會開幕儀式Press Invitation
18/02/2009Exhibition of Paintings “near and far -- and mainly Macao” and UM Publication Book LaunchPress Invitation
18/02/2009「中國水資源與水環境」講座Press Invitation
18/02/2009香港八大院校宴請澳大校長趙偉 Press Release
17/02/2009Jean Monnet Seminar “EU-China Relations”Press Invitation
16/02/2009University Librarian Invited to be a Member of the Editorial Board of a CAS Journal Press Release
13/02/2009Launching Ceremony for Monitoring Air Quality in Macao Using Mobile In-Site PlatformPress Invitation
13/02/2009Lançamento do Projecto de Estudo da Qualidade do Ar em Macau com Laboratório Móvel para Monitorização do Ar em Tempo-Real Press Release
11/02/2009UM Scholar Receives Best Doctoral Paper Award Press Release
10/02/2009澳大亞洲式英語辯論工作坊圓滿結束 Press Release
09/02/2009澳大圖書館出版《雲霞出海曙─澳門大學圖書館文化活動薈萃》 Press Release
09/02/2009UM Welcomes Hengqin Island’s Exploitation Press Release

29/01/2009澳大斑馬魚科研獲選公眾最喜愛題材 Press Release
16/01/2009UM Book on Quality Control of Chinese Medicine Globally Published Press Release
14/01/2009澳大舉辦科普講座系列拓展學生視野 Press Release
13/01/2009Handover Ceremony of the Adelson Advanced Education Center of the University of Macau Press Release
12/01/2009UM Scholars Granted Best Paper Award Press Release
09/01/2009澳大學生獲第三屆粵港澳台大學生詩詞大賽詞組優異獎 Press Release
07/01/2009UM Held “International Symposium on Global Developments in Steel Structures” Press Release

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