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UM to hold Portuguese Language Day next Monday

1:binary?id=EgOxhOJtTjuErFudc2VZeKT0w_2B2BAUvY9pejB_2FSt3G8PbM9YDLeb0Nwmqy7tpG90:UM will hold the Portuguese Language Day on 10 April
UM will hold the Portuguese Language Day on 10 April
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The University of Macau (UM) Department of Portuguese will hold the Portuguese Language Day on Monday 10 April. The annual event aims to stimulate students’ interest in the Portuguese language and culture. This year’s event will include a wide range of activities, including language and reading challenges, artistic performances, poetry recitations, an open lecture on learning Portuguese as a foreign language presented by postgraduate students from the department, a documentary screening on the cultural aspects of Portuguese-speaking countries, and a Lusophone food festival.

Source: Faculty of Arts and Humanities

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