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Macao students led by UM professor win prizes at Pan-Pearl River Delta Physics Olympiad

1:binary?id=mAS6JFV0nH8qC_2FiABqoDi96cCIwsqhd2Tx4fNiqV3fwWfUtdUmXkbilRr4mf4v43:A group photo of guests and award recipients
A group photo of guests and award recipients
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Students from local secondary schools, led by Chan Iat Neng, an assistant professor from the University of Macau (UM) Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering, won numerous group and individual prizes at the 13th Pan-Pearl River Delta Physics Olympiad (Macao Region). This year’s competition attracted approximately 1,500 students from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao, over 200 of whom are from Macao, drawn from the participants in a local physics competition held earlier. The event was organised by the Center of Physics Olympiad of Macao and sponsored by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau.

For the full version, please refer to the Chinese version.

Source: Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering

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