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    Friendly Reminder:
    Our new, revamped UM website has been launched. To browse the latest news of UM,       please visit www.umac.mo.



The latest issue of My UM is now available!

Graduation is just around the corner. How will this year’s graduates choose between finding a job and pursuing further studies? What advice will UM alumni give fresh graduates? Find out in this issue’s feature story (Article/Video). In the ‘Tell Us Your Story’ column, Filipe Lei, an alumnus from the Faculty of Law, shares his journey from an undergraduate to a lawyer (Article). Have you ever seen the campus at 4:00am in the morning? Check out ‘UM Reporters’ Column’ for a different side of the campus (Article).

For details, visit www.umac.mo/e-myum to read the e-version or click here to download the latest issue of My UM.


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