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26/12/2014Moon Chun Memorial College welcomes Harrow School Campus News
26/12/2014UM student places second at FLTRP Cup public speaking contest Press Release
26/12/2014UM students sweep all three top prizes at a simulated investment contest Press Release
26/12/2014The 5th World Business Ethics Forum held at UM Press Release
20/12/2014President Xi Jinping visits UM, praises its innovative university system and educational philosophy Press Release
19/12/2014UM PhD students win prizes at postgraduate symposium Press Release
18/12/2014UM’s Service Leaders support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities Press Release
17/12/2014The Girl Who Loves to Wear Han Dynasty Clothes Campus News
17/12/2014Dressing Up the Campus for Christmas Campus News
17/12/2014Christmas Dishes from US, Japan, and Taiwan Campus News
17/12/2014New Campus Becomes Popular Pre-wedding Photo Spot Campus News
15/12/2014UM opens Center for Studies of Translation, Interpreting and Cognition Press Release
15/12/2014UM students win 3 prizes at Shanghai model UN conference Campus News
15/12/2014UM holds closing ceremony for diploma courses in gaming and casino management Press Release
14/12/2014UM members join Walk for a Million Press Release
12/12/2014College Master Chung Ling receives certificate of commendation from Hong Kong SAR government Press Release
12/12/2014Nobel laureate Mo Yan speaks on Chinese literature at UM Press Release
12/12/2014Mo Yan visits Hac Sa Beach with UM members Campus News
11/12/2014FHS holds its first open day Press Release
11/12/2014UM’s Rock Climbing Team wins 2 golds, 1 bronze at rock climbing competition in Guangzhou Campus News
11/12/2014UM holds 2014 Cross Strait Universities International Office Annual Conference Press Release
11/12/2014UM students win 1 silver, 2 bronzes at national inter-varsity fencing competition Campus News
10/12/2014UM invites heads of 3 top Indian universities to visit as part of its new global strategy Press Release
10/12/2014UM and Taiwan’s Synchrotron Radiation Research Center sign historic MOU on collaboration Press Release
10/12/2014Macao Forum on Chinese Medical Sciences 2014 opens at UM Press Release
10/12/2014UM students win 10 prizes at paper airplane contest Campus News
09/12/2014UM to hold 5th World Business Ethics Forum Press Release
07/12/2014Nobel laureate Mo Yan speaks on Chinese literature at UM Press Release
06/12/2014Nobel laureate Robert Merton speaks on the role of finance science in the global practice of finance at UM’s Doctor honoris causa Forum Press Release
06/12/2014Acting CE Florinda Chan meets with two Nobel laureates Press Release
06/12/2014Nobel laureates, distinguished engineers receive honorary doctorates from UM Press Release
05/12/2014University of Macau (UM) Doctor honoris causa Forum ─ Achievements of Chinese Literature and Its FuturePress Invitation
05/12/2014UM wins championships at inter-varsity volleyball contest in Zhuhai Campus News
05/12/2014UM wins championship at 9th Macao-Zhuhai Inter-varsity Badminton Contest Campus News
04/12/2014University of Macau (UM) Doctor honoris causa Forum ─ Finance and Social ResponsibilityPress Invitation
04/12/20145 companies support UM’s academic and research development Press Release
04/12/2014UM’s Service Leaders promote Meatless Mondays Campus News
04/12/2014UM wins prizes at World Hung Kuen Competition 2014 Campus News
04/12/2014UM English Language Centre launches new activities Press Release
04/12/2014【News Clipping Sharing】An article about the Nobel laureate Mo Yan Campus News
03/12/2014Former Basic Law drafting officials and Macao SAR preparatory committee members visit UM Press Release
03/12/2014UM holds international symposium on Macao-US relations Press Release
03/12/2014Nobel laureates Robert C Merton, Mo Yan to speak at UM’s Doctor honoris causa Forums Press Release
03/12/2014Ceremony for Conferment of Honorary Degrees and Higher Degrees 2014Press Invitation
02/12/2014UM appoints linguist Chair Professor Hong Gang Jin as Faculty of Arts and Humanities dean Press Release
02/12/2014UM appoints cancer research expert Chair Professor Chuxia Deng as Faculty of Health Sciences dean Press Release
02/12/2014Delegation from Malaysian independent schools visits UM Press Release
01/12/2014Opening Ceremony for the International Symposium on “The Relations between Macao and the United States in the Global Perspective”Press Invitation

29/11/2014UM holds talks on aviation technology, satellite navigation system Press Release
28/11/2014UM hosts SIHRDIHL’s conference Press Release
28/11/2014UM students win 2 golds, 2 silvers at Macao Students Hilly Trail Run Campus News
27/11/2014Distinguished Chinese Scientists Lecture Series 2014Press Invitation
27/11/2014UM holds International Workshop on Emerging Technologies towards Heterogeneous Wireless Networks and 5G Communications 2014 Press Release
25/11/2014Nobel laureate Robert Engle speaks on “Prospects for Global Financial Stability” at UM Press Release
25/11/2014Articles from UM-published South China Quarterly published in noted history journal Press Release
24/11/2014UM to hold Ceremony for Conferment of Honorary Degrees and Higher Degrees Press Release
21/11/2014UM to hold education history forum Press Release
21/11/2014Nobel Laureate Lecture:“Prospects for Global Financial Stability”Press Invitation
21/11/2014Macau Academic Library Alliance E-Recourse Centre launched Press Release
21/11/2014Prof Ken Tam awarded Fellow of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Press Release
20/11/2014UM Rector Wei Zhao appointed Overseas Expert by Chinese Academy of Sciences Press Release
20/11/2014Nobel laureate Robert Engle to speak on “Prospects for Global Financial Stability”at UM Press Release
20/11/2014Macao Forum on Chinese Medical Sciences 2014 to open at UM next week Press Release
19/11/2014UM wins 1 gold, 1 bronze at national entrepreneurship competition Press Release
18/11/2014UM scholar’s paper selected as SCI-E journal cover story Press Release
18/11/2014UM wins championship at 12th Macao Inter-tertiary Debating Competition Campus News
17/11/2014World-renowned scholars recruited as UM’s RC masters Press Release
17/11/2014Business Opportunities on the New Campus Campus News
17/11/2014Finding Solutions through Communication in Optimising Campus Facilities Campus News
17/11/2014UM holds talk on the China Dream Press Release
17/11/2014New Jogging Route Discovered Campus News
17/11/2014Hansel the Cat and Greta the Medical Imaging Expert Campus News
13/11/2014Shiu Pong College’s dining hall officially named “Choi In Hin” Campus News
12/11/2014The 43rd Distinguished Lecture “The Marathon Journey of Social Innovation” to open next Wednesday Press Release
12/11/2014UM wins 2 championships, 7 other awards at 13th Macao-wide English Speech Contest Press Release
10/11/2014UM kicks off 8th Healthy University Week Press Release
10/11/2014Symposium on “Policy Review for the Third Term Macau SAR Government”Press Invitation
10/11/2014UM professor receives Outstanding Textbook Award at National Award for Outstanding Academic Books on Criminal Law Press Release
07/11/2014 UM student Leong Ka Hang, aka Mr Football of Macao, realises dream to become professional football player Campus News
07/11/2014Launch Ceremony for Healthy University Week 2014Press Invitation
07/11/2014UM wins Merit Team Award at Deloitte Tax Championship 2014 Press Release
07/11/2014UM to hold 12th Portuguese Speech Contest Press Release
07/11/2014UM holds talk on East China Sea disputes Campus News
05/11/2014UM to confer honorary doctorates on five distinguished individuals Press Release
05/11/2014AIESEC UM holds 2014 Autumn South Globe Regional Induction Conference Campus News

31/10/2014Ministry of Science and Technology expresses support for UM’s research Press Release
31/10/2014UM appoints physicist Prof Da-Hsuan Feng as director of global affairs Press Release
31/10/2014UM holds two Town Hall Meetings to discuss university affairs Press Release
31/10/2014Special Education Forum 2014: Holistic Care for Students with Special Educational NeedsPress Invitation
30/10/2014UM CEE PhD student receives best paper award at international conference Press Release
29/10/2014UM FBA Dean Jacky So wins Education Leadership Award Press Release
28/10/2014UM to hold Joint Workshop on Good Research and Scientific Publishing & Clinical Research for Chinese Medicine Globalisation Press Release
28/10/2014The Open Ceremony for the Seventh International Conference on the Legal Reforms of Macao in the Global Context Press Invitation
27/10/2014UM to hold international conference on legal reforms in Macao in a global context on Thursday Press Release
24/10/2014Special Education Forum 2014 to be held at UM Press Release
23/10/2014UM’s 8 research projects, submitted through its Zhuhai Research Institute, receive NSFC grants of 3 million Press Release
23/10/2014UM students win six prizes at the Campus Newspaper Award 2014 Press Release
23/10/2014UM wins 2nd prize at Taiwan intervarsity debate contest Campus News
21/10/2014UM holds Principals’ Recommended Admission Talk 2015/2016 Press Release
21/10/2014Olympic diving champion visits Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College Press Release
17/10/2014UM holds joint conference with United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Press Release
16/10/2014Society of Jesus delegation visits UM Press Release
16/10/2014UM holds leadership training camp for athletes Campus News
15/10/2014Opening Ceremony for UNCITRAL-UM Asia-Pacific Fall Conference on Trade Development through the Harmonization of Commercial LawPress Invitation
15/10/2014UM wins 1 gold, 2 silvers, 1 bronze at Macau Teachers Running Race Competition Campus News
14/10/2014UNCITRAL-UM Asia-Pacific Conference on trade development via harmonisation of commercial law to open at UM Press Release
14/10/2014Turtles and fish move into new home Campus News
14/10/2014Macao’s New “Frog King” Swims to New Campus—Freshman Terrence Chao Campus News
14/10/2014Experience Campus Life after Class Campus News
14/10/2014Bikes Everywhere Campus News
13/10/2014UM holds Academic Orientation Week 2014 for new postgraduates Campus News
13/10/2014UM to hold talk on the China Dream Press Release
13/10/2014Responsible Gambling 2014 Kick-off CeremonyPress Invitation
10/10/2014Dr Chung King Fai gives talk on experience in theatre and drama education Campus News
09/10/2014UM wins all prizes in Technological Invention Award category and numerous other prizes at Macao Science and Technology Awards Press Release
09/10/2014UM holds 2nd International Maritime Forum Press Release
08/10/2014UM kicks off cultural and arts festival with parade Campus News
08/10/2014Delegation attending award ceremony for Macao Science and Technology Awards visits UM Press Release
07/10/2014UM holds symposium on Lu Xun and New Culture Movement Press Release
06/10/2014UM to hold first cultural and arts festival on new campus Campus News
06/10/2014UM Distinguished Lecture Series – The 42nd Lecture: “Over 60 Years of My Theatre Journey and 40 Years in Drama Education”Press Invitation
02/10/2014UM ranked among world-top 300 universities in Times Higher Education World University Rankings Press Release

30/09/2014Dr Chung King Fai to give talk on experience in theatre and drama education Press Release
29/09/2014UM students participate in leadership trips Press Release
26/09/2014UM wins most prizes at Macao Science and Technology Awards twice in a row Press Release
26/09/2014The 21st Lecture on Liberal Arts Learning “The Brain and Morality” to open on 9 Oct Press Release
25/09/2014RC Room Makeover Campus News
24/09/2014On Call 24 Hours— Hugo from Facility Operations and Maintenance Section Campus News
24/09/2014Must-read Information for New Students: Kiosks for UM Members Only Press Release
24/09/2014South China Quarterly 3rd issue published Press Release
23/09/2014Stephen A Wynn gives talk about the tourism industry’s impact on Macao Press Release
23/09/2014Everyone Has a Wish for the New Campus Campus News
23/09/2014Drugs with "Monster" Bite: Nature's Cruise Missiles Campus News
23/09/2014UM scholar elected president of International Society for Criminology’s Scientific Commission Campus News
22/09/2014University of Macau FBA Distinguished Talk Series by Stephen A. WynnPress Invitation
22/09/2014UM collaborates with Canadian universities in Hong Kong Canada Crosscurrents Press Release
22/09/2014Learn through Serving, Grow through Giving– The World outside the Ivory Tower Campus News
22/09/2014Where Science Meets Social Order and Justice–A Unique Programme at UM Campus News
19/09/2014UM elected next president of AULP Press Release
19/09/2014 On the Road to Enhancing Teaching and Learning Campus News
19/09/2014Creating a Good Learning Environment through a People-oriented New Campus Campus News
18/09/2014UM holds kick-off ceremony for residential college system Press Release
18/09/2014Inspiration and Literature–Interview with Poet Yu Kwang Chung Campus News
17/09/2014AULP’s 24th annual meeting opens at UM Press Release
17/09/2014The Door of Opportunity–For Whom Does It Open? Nobel Laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz on the Price of Inequality Campus News
16/09/2014Opening Ceremony of "24th Annual Meeting of the Association of Portuguese Speaking Universities (AULP)"Press Invitation
16/09/2014My Road to the Nobel Prize–Interview with Chen Ning Yang Campus News
15/09/2014FDCT Administrative Committee visits UM Press Release
15/09/2014Exploring New Possibilities for Research Campus News
12/09/2014umagazine issue 10 released Press Release
12/09/2014AULP’s 24th annual meeting to open on UM’s new campus next Wed Press Release
10/09/2014China National Space Administration visits UM’s new campus Press Release
10/09/2014UM scholar exhibits works at Macao Museum of Art Campus News
08/09/2014UM to hold Alumni Day Press Release
08/09/2014UM Distinguished Lecture Series – The 41st Lecture: “Polar Expeditions Antarctica & Arctic”Press Invitation
05/09/2014UM psychology student, professor participate in disaster-related international service learning programme in the Philippines Press Release
05/09/2014UM wins 2 championships at national inter-varsity track and field competition Press Release
04/09/2014UM scholar discovers precious edition of The History of the Northern Dynasties collated by renowned Japanese sinologist Press Release
03/09/2014Macao Post to issue postage stamps featuring UM’s new campus Campus News
03/09/2014The 41st Distinguished Lecturer to open next Wednesday Press Release
03/09/2014UM Honours College admits 48 new members Campus News
02/09/2014UM graduate wins 3rd prize at national conference on practical writing Press Release
02/09/2014UM teacher and students visit Beijing for Oasis Action Campus News
02/09/2014Seminar on “Policy Outlook for the Coming Government” Press Invitation
01/09/2014Honours College Ceremony of Presentation of Admission Certificate for Class of 2017Press Invitation
01/09/2014UM (Hong Kong) Alumni Association holds couplet competition to celebrate new campus Press Release
01/09/2014UM PhD student in Chinese medicine wins China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award Press Release

29/08/2014Life on the New Campus: Hot Pots in College Kitchen and Get Around the Campus on Bike Campus News
29/08/2014UM’s bachelor in accounting programme accredited under the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ Qualification Programme Press Release
29/08/2014UM launches bike rental service and campus map Campus News
29/08/2014UM wins championship at an intervarsity Cantonese debate contest Campus News
28/08/2014UM participates in 14th Asia Pacific Student Services Association International Conference Campus News
28/08/2014UM to host SIHRDIHL’s conference in November Campus News
28/08/2014Where Will the Turtles Go? Campus News
27/08/2014Live in the Now: Interview with Visually Impaired UM Alumnus Joe Campus News
27/08/2014UM PhD graduates to join the world’s No 1 mobile chip maker and Asia’s largest fabless IC design company Press Release
26/08/2014Start-of-Semester New Campus Express: 20-plus colleagues on night duty every day to fix malfunctioning facilities Campus News
26/08/2014UM Reporter Programme now recruiting new members Campus News
26/08/2014The Ultimate Guide to Living on the New Campus -Where to Eat and Have Fun, How to Get Around the Campus, and More Campus News
26/08/2014UM’s convocation ushers in new academic year Campus News
25/08/2014Start-of-Semester New Campus Express: New semester starts on new campus; teachers, students look forward to new experiences Press Release
23/08/2014UM welcomes 2,000 students at it’s first-ever convocation on new campus Press Release
22/08/2014UM says goodbye to old campus, school to start next Monday on new campus Press Release
22/08/2014Macao’s first campus shopping mall opens Press Release
22/08/20148.22 Start-of-Semester New Campus Express Campus News
21/08/20148.21 Start-of-Semester New Campus Express Campus News
20/08/2014CTLE holds seminar on student-centred learning at UM new campus Press Release
20/08/20148.20 New Campus Express Campus News
20/08/2014UM’s Badminton Team competes at national badminton championship Campus News
20/08/2014New campus to become fully operational Facilities management a test Campus News
20/08/20148.19 New Campus Express Campus News
19/08/2014UM scholar gives opening speech at 6th annual conference of Asian Criminological Society in Japan Campus News
18/08/2014UM’s 8 residential colleges welcome new students Press Release
14/08/2014UM’s 28th Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Programme closes Press Release
13/08/2014UM seminar proceedings published in special issue of literary journal Campus News
12/08/2014UM scholars launch new books in Brazil Campus News
11/08/2014HFPJC promotes environmental awareness in mainland primary and secondary schools Press Release
07/08/2014UM ICMS students get full funding to attend DIA annual meeting 8th year in a row Press Release
06/08/2014UM and UMass Lowell collaborative research shows Google Glass wearers can steal passwords Press Release
05/08/2014UM holds EUAP Summer School 2014 Campus News
04/08/2014UM’s new campus welcomes 10,000th visitor Press Release
01/08/2014Peking University delegation visits UM Campus News

31/07/2014UM students participate in outbound programme in New Zealand Press Release
30/07/2014【News Sharing】Macao Daily News:UM and Hengqin New Area sign strategic cooperation agreement to enhance collaboration in 8 areas Campus News
30/07/2014UM wins silver at national inter-varsity rock climbing contest Press Release
30/07/2014UM student places 4th at Model APEC 2014 Campus News
30/07/2014Chief executive appoints new UA, UC members Press Release
29/07/2014South China Quarterly 2nd issue published Press Release
28/07/2014Macao students led by UM scholar win 2 golds, 2 bronzes, 1 honourable mention at 45th International Physics Olympiad Campus News
28/07/2014UM holds cross-strait Chinese summer camp Press Release
25/07/2014UM professor’s article published in top medical journal Press Release
24/07/2014UM students win two prizes at 5th Wuhan University International Exchange Camp of Student Organisations Campus News
23/07/2014Hong Kong financial secretary visits UM’s new campus Campus News
21/07/2014UM’s PhD student wins two prizes at national poetry competition Press Release
18/07/2014HC students visit Beijing and Ningxia Press Release
17/07/2014Participants in Tsinghua’s HK Macao Studies summer programme visit Macao Press Release
16/07/2014Guangdong governor praises UM’s educational philosophy during visit to new campus Press Release
15/07/2014UM student’s paper published in prestigious paper collection Press Release
15/07/2014Vice Rector Haydn Chen speaks on soft skills in Hong Kong Press Release
15/07/2014Zhejiang University delegation visits UM Press Release
11/07/201428th Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Programme to open at UM Press Release
11/07/2014UM recommended for 10 prizes at Macao Science and Technology Awards 2014 Likely to become the first research institute in Macao to win most prizes at the award 2 times in a row Campus News
10/07/2014UM member wins 2 golds at 5th Singapore Diving Invitational Campus News
10/07/2014UM places 4th at national inter-varsity dragon boat contest Campus News
09/07/2014UM students learn about service learning at Taiwan university Campus News
09/07/2014UM exhibits at Science and Technology Week 2014 Press Release
08/07/2014FST holds Dean’s Final Year Project List Presentation Ceremony and Project Exhibition 2014 Press Release
08/07/2014UM students attend open day at Office of Commissioner of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC in Macao Campus News
07/07/2014UM students win top 3 prizes at international forum in Taiwan Press Release
04/07/2014UM holds Graduation Dinner 2014 Campus News
03/07/2014UM offers special admission to 2 youth who stopped knife attack on bus Press Release
03/07/2014UM’s Service Leaders visit older people Press Release
02/07/2014UAUC Joint Meeting held on new campus for the first time Chui Sai On: building a new campus our longtime common wish Press Release
01/07/2014UM student’s paper published in prestigious journal Press Release

30/06/2014UM students win prizes at national interpreting contest Press Release
30/06/2014UM students do volunteer teaching in Guangdong Campus News
27/06/2014UM wins 15 top prizes, 11 other prizes at 3rd Macau International Wushu Festival Campus News
27/06/2014How university life made a difference to me Campus News
26/06/2014UM: congregation incident regrettable Press Release
26/06/2014PR Student Ambassadors and UM Reporters visit Taiwan universities Press Release
25/06/2014Cheng Yu Tung College signs student exchange agreement with Chengchi University Campus News
24/06/2014UM students do volunteer teaching in Hainan Press Release
21/06/2014UM maintains order at congregation Press Release
21/06/2014UM holds congregation on new campus, SAR government supports UM’s development Press Release
20/06/2014The 15th International Conference on Web-Age Information Management held at UM Campus News
19/06/2014New York Metropolitan Opera star tests acoustics of University Hall on UM’s new campus Campus News
19/06/2014UM’s research in Chinese medicine fruitful, with ever-increasing international influence Press Release
18/06/2014Congregation 2014Press Invitation
17/06/2014Student Lok Wan Tong, rock climbing enthusiast Campus News
17/06/2014Conference on Policy for Population and Social Development in MacaoPress Invitation
16/06/2014Opening Ceremony for “The 15th International Conference on Web-Age Information Management (WAIM2014)”Press Invitation
16/06/2014UM places 7th at Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament 2014 Campus News
13/06/2014UM to hold Congregation 2014 on new campus Saturday Press Release
13/06/2014UM to hold conference on population and sustainability Press Release
12/06/2014English Debating Team members ranked among top debaters at national debate competition Campus News
11/06/2014UM academic achieves new breakthrough in stem cell research for multiple sclerosis Press Release
10/06/2014UM holds Prospective Freshmen Day on new campus Press Release
10/06/20146th Cross-Strait Four-Region and International Conference on Buddhist Studies to open at UM Press Release
09/06/2014UM implements residential college system on new campus Press Release
06/06/2014English Debating Team holds debate forum Campus News
04/06/2014UM research shows adding dapagliflozin to conventional anti-diabetic drugs improves glycemic control without side effect of weight gain Press Release

30/05/2014UM Dragon Boat Team 2nd runner-up at Huizhou International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament 2014 Press Release
29/05/2014UM wins award at China Golden Awards for Excellence in Public Relations Press Release
29/05/2014UM members exercise 15 mins on World Challenge Day Campus News
28/05/2014UM wins championship at debate competition Campus News
28/05/2014UM students attend 11th Beijing Model United Nations Press Release
27/05/2014CO moves the 4th time since founding, holds office warming on new campus Campus News
26/05/2014FHS holds symposium on biomedical sciences Campus News
23/05/2014UM members hand over donations to injured student’s family Campus News
23/05/2014HKUST’s Division of Life Science visits UM Campus News
22/05/2014PJC holds Green Week Campus News
22/05/2014Full-scale Relocation to Start Soon Campus News
21/05/2014UM joins volunteer teaching trip to Qingyuan Campus News
21/05/2014Casber U: Artist of Light and Shadow at the St. Paul’s Ruins Campus News
20/05/20143 local bachelor’s degree programmes in engineering recognised by Washington Accord signatories, graduates of the 3 programmes eligible to obtain professional qualifications in numerous signatories Press Release
20/05/2014UM holds “Times and Reading” seminar, award ceremony for winners of reading activity Campus News
19/05/2014UM students visit Taiwan for marketing training Campus News
19/05/2014New Campus Receives Nearly 5,000 Visitors in Q1 on Guided Tours Campus News
18/05/2014Portuguese President Cavaco Silva visits UM again, hopes to strengthen collaboration between Macao and Portuguese universities Press Release
16/05/2014Press Conference on UM FST Bachelor Degree Programmes in Engineering Granted Recognition by Signatories of the Washington AccordPress Invitation
16/05/2014UM students attend G20 Youth Forum 2014 in Germany Campus News
16/05/2014UM students raise money for student injured in road accident Campus News
15/05/2014HC students to donate all incomes from talent show to Caritas Macau Press Release
14/05/2014UM students attend National Model United Nations in the US Press Release
14/05/2014UM Choir, Taiwan choirs give concert at UM Campus News
13/05/2014Taiwan university heads visit UM’s new campus Campus News
13/05/2014UM wins championship at 4th Corporate Culture Case Analysis Competition Campus News
13/05/2014UM students raise money for student battling leukemia Campus News
12/05/2014People’s Liberation Army Macau Garrison visits UM Press Release
12/05/2014UM postgraduate students grow plants in dormitory Campus News
12/05/2014UM professor’s book on Macaology wins 2 national awards Campus News
09/05/2014Numerous UM papers ranked most downloaded papers Press Release
09/05/2014National People's Congress Law Committee chairman gives talk at UM Press Release
09/05/2014Cheng Yu Tung College visits residential colleges in Taiwan Campus News
09/05/2014South China Quarterly receives major attention on internet Campus News
08/05/2014UM to hold Portuguese Language Day Press Release
08/05/2014UM’s Martial Arts Team sweeps 26 prizes at international wushu championship in Taiwan Campus News
07/05/2014ICJ’s first Chinese female judge gives honorary doctor talk at UM Press Release
07/05/2014UM’s Taekwondo Team wins 9 prizes at Macao Open Taekwondo Championships Campus News
05/05/2014“The Relationship between the Constitution of PRC and the Basic Law of Macao SAR”Press Invitation
05/05/2014UM’s CMSA holds talent show Campus News
05/05/2014University of Macau Doctor Honoris Causa Lecture Series: International Law in a Pluralistic WorldPress Invitation
05/05/2014UM wins top prizes at 4th Macao International Knowledge Contest Press Release
05/05/2014Mandarin Debating Team visits Shanghai universities Press Release
02/05/2014IMF representatives give talk at UM Press Release

30/04/2014ICJ’s first Chinese female judge to give honorary doctor talk at UM Press Release
30/04/2014CEM engineers share experience at UM Campus News
29/04/201410th Pan-Pearl River Delta Physics Olympiad Awards Ceremony held at UM Press Release
29/04/2014PJC tells stories to children at Creche da Caritas Press Release
28/04/2014UM plays at 15th HKUST-UM Sports Challenge Cup Campus News
28/04/2014UM wins championships at inter-varsity volleyball contest Campus News
25/04/2014Macao Daily News Assistant Editor-in-Chief Chang Ngai gives talk at UM Press Release
25/04/2014UM Library celebrates World Book Day Campus News
25/04/201416th Lecture of Liberal Arts Learning Series – “Redemption: Promoting a Sci/ Tech-Inspired Agriculture for a Bright New Future”Press Invitation
25/04/2014UM holds 5th Cross-Strait-PhD Forum Press Release
25/04/2014FST starts moving to new campus Campus News
24/04/2014UM exhibits academic achievements in Macaology Press Release
24/04/2014Prof. Leo Lee gives talk at UM Press Release
24/04/2014Moving the Computers Campus News
23/04/2014UM holds seminar on Prof. Yu Kwang Chung’s works Press Release
23/04/2014Interview with Basketball Team Member Eddie Chan Campus News
23/04/2014Architectural Society of China visits UM Press Release
22/04/2014Commemorating the 15th Anniversary of Macao's Return to China: An Exhibition of Academic Achievements on Macaology (2009-2014)Press Invitation
22/04/2014When to Start Looking for Jobs before Graduation? Campus News
17/04/2014UM raises money for Oasis Action Press Release
17/04/2014PJC, EAC launch cyanotype photo album Campus News
17/04/2014Prof. Ben U named IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, becomes the first from Macao to serve on Chip Olympics technical programme committee Press Release
17/04/20144-uni joint entrance exam to be launched in 2017, preparatory committee to hold information sessions in all secondary schools Campus News
17/04/2014AIESEC UM holds AIESEC Mainland of China 2014 South iGlobe Regional Induction Conference Press Release
16/04/2014Minister of Education and Science of Portugal visits new campus, hopes to see closer Macao-Portugal collaborations in education and research Press Release
16/04/2014UM kicks off admission exam 2014/2015 Campus News
16/04/2014UM launches South China Quarterly Press Release
15/04/2014UM wins 1 gold, 3 silvers, 4 bronzes at inter-varsity badminton championship Campus News
14/04/2014Entrepreneurship Society holds talks to share experience Campus News
11/04/2014Cyanotype Printing Book LaunchPress Invitation
11/04/2014PJC House Association holds charity bazaar Press Release
11/04/2014South China Quarterly Book Launch and Conference on Development Trend of Chinese JournalsPress Invitation
10/04/2014UM Men’s Basketball Team places 10th at 16th CUBA league Campus News
10/04/2014UM students visit US Consulate General and EU Office Press Release
10/04/2014UM’s English Debating Team holds training Campus News
09/04/2014UM holds 2014 Service Fair Campus News
09/04/2014Renowned cultural critic Leo Lee to give talk at UM next Tuesday Press Release
08/04/2014UM places first at business knowledge contest Campus News
08/04/2014Prof. Yu Kwang Chung appointed writer-in-residence at UM Press Release
04/04/2014UM students win Most Innovative Design Award Press Release
03/04/2014UM scholar earns high praise for book on Renaissance music and drama Campus News
03/04/2014Hong Kong Student Services Association visits UM Campus News
02/04/2014UM wins 1 championship, 5 other prizes at inter-varsity fencing competition Campus News
02/04/2014UM holds first sports events on new campus Campus News
01/04/2014UM places first at Portuguese poetry recitation contest Campus News
01/04/2014UM organizes a Mandarin debate contest Campus News

31/03/2014UM Service Learning Programme---2014 Service Fair OpeningPress Invitation
31/03/2014PJC visits Macao Daily News Campus News
31/03/2014USP thanks UM’s participation in public standards-setting Press Release
28/03/2014Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz talks about “The Price of Inequality” at UM Press Release
28/03/2014Noted Chinese playwright gives talk at UM Campus News
27/03/2014UM wins 3rd straight championships at inter-varsity basketball contest Campus News
27/03/2014UM Sports Complex on new campus opens for trial run Press Release
26/03/2014Nobel Laureate Lecture: “The Price of Inequality”Press Invitation
26/03/2014The 40th Distinguished Lecture “The Uneven Road to Equality” to open next Wed Press Release
26/03/2014A Peek at the Future Community on the New Campus Campus News
26/03/2014UM holds seminar on Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia Press Release
25/03/2014Programmed to Be Happy-Interview with ICTO Colleague Ah Seng Campus News
25/03/2014UM holds Family Day on the new campus Press Release
24/03/2014Masters’ Talks: Food for Thought and Discussion Campus News
24/03/2014Artist makes hand-drawn UM campus map Campus News
24/03/2014Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz to give talk at UM this Friday Press Release
24/03/2014Seminar Series on " Commemoration of the 15th Anniversary of Macao’s Handover to China: Long-term Mechanism for Talent Cultivation"Press Invitation
21/03/2014Heads of communications from 7 HK universities visit UM Campus News
21/03/2014Student Xu Jianming voted best dorm assistant Campus News
21/03/2014Prof. Zhu Qianwei gives 43rd Lecture Hall of Times at UM Press Release
21/03/2014BNU donates MOP 812,500 to UM Campus News
20/03/2014 Secretary for Administration and Justice Florinda Chan visits new campus Press Release
20/03/2014Cross-strait postgraduate forum opens at UM Campus News
20/03/2014UM wins 18 prizes at inter-varsity track and field championship Press Release
19/03/2014New cohort of UM Reporters and PR Student Ambassadors inaugurated Press Release
19/03/2014UM signs collaboration agreement with Linköping University Press Release
18/03/2014UM’s English Debating Team wins championship at a debate competition in Malaysia Press Release
18/03/2014ELC Kicks off Spring Semester Events Campus News
17/03/2014FST holds career fair Press Release
17/03/2014PJC receives donation to fund scholarships Press Release
14/03/2014Stephen F. Austin State University Music School visits MCM College Campus News
14/03/2014PJC and CUHK’s New Asia College make exchange visits Campus News
14/03/2014UM wins 1 gold, 3 bronze at national inter-varsity rock climbing contest Press Release
14/03/2014HC enters into partnerships with two US universities Press Release
13/03/2014UM holds farewell reception for Vice Rector Simon Ho Campus News
13/03/2014US Deputy Consul General Cooney gives talk at UM Campus News
12/03/2014234 get Long Service Award, Outstanding Performance Award Press Release
12/03/2014UM holds bridge building contest Campus News
12/03/2014UM professor appointed chief expert for a national rare ancient books project Press Release
11/03/2014MCM College to hold talk on Crimea Campus News
11/03/2014Oxford professor visits MCM College Campus News
10/03/2014UM’s Career & Internship Fair offers over 2,300 jobs Press Release
10/03/2014UM Communication Society holds film night Campus News
07/03/2014UM Career and Internship Fair 2014Press Invitation
07/03/2014UM holds women’s health promotion events Press Release
07/03/2014UM graduate gets highest marks in ACCA exam Campus News
06/03/2014UM co-organises Chinese music concert Press Release
06/03/2014CUHK president gives talk at UM Campus News
06/03/2014UM’s FED holds House Meeting Campus News
05/03/2014AULP’s 24th annual meeting to be held at UM in September Press Release
05/03/2014UM wins 2 overall championships at inter-varsity debate competition Press Release
04/03/2014UM wins Outstanding Award at speech contest Press Release
04/03/2014UM’s first faculty moves to new campus Press Release
03/03/2014UM wins 2 golds, 11 other prizes at inter-varsity table tennis championship Campus News
03/03/2014UM holds international conference on research assessment Press Release
03/03/2014UM Distinguished Lecture Series – The 39h Lecture: “University Education at Crossroad of 21st Century”Press Invitation

28/02/2014Preparations for joint entrance exam well underway Campus News
28/02/2014English Debating Team holds mock debate at SHCCES Campus News
28/02/2014UM wins Macao inter-varsity basketball championship Campus News
28/02/2014Interview with Prof. Jorge Ferrao, the President of the Association of Universities of Portuguese Language (AULP)Press Invitation
27/02/2014CV Clinic gives resumes health check Campus News
27/02/2014CUHK president to give the 39th distinguished lecture next Wed Press Release
27/02/2014PCMS principal gives talk at UM Press Release
26/02/2014UM professor elected fellow of US National Humanities Center Press Release
26/02/2014New Semester Starts with a Low Temperature but High Spirits Campus News
26/02/2014How Bruce Lee Inspired a Unique Story-telling Method Campus News
26/02/2014New Campus Greening Plan Campus News
25/02/2014UM students shine at “Chip Olympics” Press Release
25/02/2014UM Honours College holds spring retreat Press Release
25/02/2014The Opening Ceremony for the International Conference on “Macau and Ocean Law”Press Invitation
24/02/2014UM Distinguished Lecture Series – The 38th Lecture: “From a Team Leader to a School Leader”Press Invitation
24/02/2014UM Rock Climbing Club holds Open Day Campus News
24/02/2014UM’s first book on power electronics published by Springer Press Release
24/02/2014Chief executive meets with Nobel Prize winner Chen Ning Yang Campus News
21/02/2014Nobel Prize winner Chen Ning Yang gives a talk at UM Press Release
20/02/2014Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture attends UM’s CNY gathering Press Release
20/02/2014Shenzhen mayor visits UM’s new campus Press Release
19/02/2014Nobel Laureate Lecture by Prof. Chen Ning Yang: My Experience as Student and ResearcherPress Invitation
19/02/2014UM’s PhD student gets excellence award at international competition in modern Chinese poetry Press Release
19/02/2014UM professor’s paper featured in top writing journal Campus News
18/02/2014The 38th Distinguished Lecture “From a Team Leader to a School Leader” to open next Wed Press Release
18/02/2014UM wins 1 silver, 3 bronzes at 2014 Lusophony Games Campus News
17/02/2014UM opens six new degree programmes Press Release
14/02/2014PJC launches a children’s book Press Release
14/02/2014Press Conference----Introduction to UM’s New Programmes in the 2014/2015 Academic YearPress Invitation
13/02/2014Some courses start on the new campus Press Release
12/02/2014【News Sharing】Secret Firmy Magazine: How modern campuses help to improve education (UM’s new campus was cited as an example of modern campus in an article published in a Russian magazine) Campus News
11/02/2014Nobel Prize winner Chen Ning Yang to give a talk at UM this Friday Press Release
11/02/2014Book Launch of the Pearl Jubilee CollegePress Invitation
10/02/2014UM’s vice rector speaks on most wanted talent in the 21st century at 13 secondary schools Press Release
10/02/2014Delegation from Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation visit Cheng Yu Tung College Campus News
07/02/2014FST Dean Philip Chen the first from Macao to be appointed editor-in-chief of a top IEEE journal Press Release
06/02/2014UM student gets Young Researcher Award Press Release
05/02/2014UM’s admission exam now open for online applications Press Release

30/01/2014UM co-organises academic seminar with Beijing Normal University Campus News
30/01/2014UM ranked among top 20 in a national social research activity Press Release
29/01/2014UM professor becomes the first from Macao to serve on IEEE Press editorial board Press Release
28/01/2014UM’s Centre for Continuing Education wins best brand award Campus News
28/01/2014UM breaks record and wins 6 golds, 8 silvers, 10 bronzes at a swimming championship Campus News
28/01/2014Sports Facilities on the New Campus Campus News
27/01/2014UM’s Youth Association of International Affairs visits Office of Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC in Macao Press Release
27/01/2014Interview with Debate Coach Liu Jingjing Campus News
24/01/2014UM students win overall championship at simulated investment competition Campus News
24/01/2014UM People Love to Share Campus News
23/01/2014UM student first runner-up at the 13th “Challenge Cup” National Inter-varsity Science and Technology Competition Press Release
22/01/2014Responsible Gambling 2013 closes Press Release
22/01/2014UM PhD graduate highly praised by Royal Society of Canada Academy of Science president Campus News
21/01/2014UM’s Taekwondo Team wins 14 prizes at Macao Open Taekwondo Championships Campus News
20/01/2014University of New South Wales former president visits UM Campus News
16/01/2014UM professor publishes two new books on history Press Release
15/01/2014Vice Rector Simon Ho appointed Asian Journal of Business Ethics ’s editor-in-chief Press Release
14/01/2014PJC Produces Book for A Joint University Creative Project Press Release
13/01/2014UM professor’s thesis shared on Chinese Social Sciences Net Campus News
10/01/2014UM’s two state key labs pass mid-stage assessment with flying colours Campus News
10/01/2014Two FST students receive best paper awards at international conferences Press Release
09/01/2014UM professor elected president of the Asian Association for Substance Abuse Research Press Release
08/01/2014Macao’s first Model European Council Summit held on UM’s new campus Press Release
08/01/2014Press Conference on “Economic Analysis and Forecast for Macao 2014”Press Invitation
07/01/2014FED’s first PhD graduate gets top paper prize in Taiwan Press Release
07/01/2014UM Choir gives concert in Taipei Campus News
06/01/2014Local secondary school students visit UM’s new campus Campus News
06/01/2014umagazine issue 9 out Campus News
06/01/2014Research headed by UM’s rector ranked among the nation’s best Press Release
03/01/2014UM joins volunteer teaching trip to Guangxi Campus News
03/01/2014UM holds training camp for resident assistants Campus News
02/01/2014Our New Campus—A Dream Come True Campus News
02/01/2014UM places second at a rock climbing competition in Guangzhou Campus News
02/01/2014A Tale of Two Cities and a New Campus Campus News
02/01/2014Lead the College like a Musician Interview with Prof. Kevin Thompson Campus News
02/01/2014UM holds Inter-College Debating Tournament Campus News
02/01/2014Starting a New Chapter at UM The Writer and New College Master Prof. Chung Ling Campus News

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