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31/12/2013East Asia College holds the 3rd High Table Dinner and Christmas Dinner Campus News
31/12/2013UM music and debate teams visit local middle schools Campus News
30/12/2013“Encore" singing contest ends with success Campus News
30/12/2013Lighting designer Prof. John A. Williams gives a talk at UM Campus News
30/12/2013Updates on Recent Town Hall Meetings Campus News
30/12/2013The Sports-loving Vice Rector Haydn Chen Campus News
30/12/2013New Campus Street Names—Meanings & Origins Campus News
27/12/2013Results of symbol, slogan, and UM video contests out Press Release
27/12/2013UM holds "Walk with Love" activity Campus News
26/12/2013UM holds Christmas party for dormitory students Campus News
26/12/2013UMPA holds 1st Board Game Campus News
19/12/2013Thomas Lim gives a talk on his first film Roulette City Campus News
19/12/2013UM holds booth games to promote Putonghua Campus News
19/12/2013Management of local secondary schools visit UM’s new campus Press Release
19/12/2013UM gets Best Student Paper Prize at 2013 China New Media Communication Association Annual Conference Press Release
18/12/2013UM holds the first 3-on-3 high school basketball tournament Press Release
18/12/2013UM members invited to celebrate 20th anniversary of EU-Macao trade and economic cooperation agreement Campus News
18/12/2013Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering gets 2nd prize at national competitions Press Release
17/12/2013UM Choir gives campus concert Campus News
17/12/2013UM gets five prizes at 2013 DHMUN Press Release
17/12/2013Pearl Jubilee College holds activities to promote understanding of creative and cultural industries Campus News
16/12/2013Graduate School holds 2013 Master’s Degree and Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma Presentation Ceremony Campus News
16/12/2013UM’s guitar club holds its first workshop Campus News
16/12/2013Passion for Anchors 2013 winners announced Campus News
16/12/2013UM holds international cultural show Campus News
12/12/2013UM students share gains from service learning Campus News
12/12/2013Cao Jun gives a talk on his Mount. Everest expedition Campus News
12/12/2013Prof. Elvis Mak Pui-In named IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Press Release
12/12/2013UM students win top prizes at debate and speech competitions Press Release
11/12/2013UM holds graduation variety show Campus News
11/12/2013Pearl Jubilee College’s Academic Support Programme helps students achieve full potential Campus News
11/12/2013Moon Chun Memorial College holds Distinguished Lecture Series Campus News
11/12/2013East Asia College held the 2nd High Table Dinner in New Academic Year Campus News
10/12/2013Consulate general of France in Hong Kong & Macau visits UM Campus News
10/12/2013UM holds closing ceremony for diploma programmes in gaming management Press Release
10/12/2013Walk for "World AIDS Day" 2013 Campus News
10/12/2013Press Conference for “Macau People, Macau Land: A Research on the Housing Policy of Macau”Press Invitation
10/12/2013Moon Chun Memorial College flies high at paper plane competition Campus News
08/12/2013Over 1200 UM members join Walk for a Million Press Release
07/12/2013UM holds congregation on new campus for the first time Press Release
06/12/2013Literary master Yu Kwang Chung gives a talk at UM Press Release
06/12/2013Famous historian Bu Xianqun to give a talk at UM Press Release
06/12/2013UM Chinese Studies Club annual publication out Campus News
06/12/2013UM wins first, second & other prizes at English speech contest Press Release
06/12/2013UM professor Tang Kaijian speaks at international academic conference Campus News
05/12/2013Prof. Santos gives a Doctor honoris causa Lecture at UM Press Release
05/12/2013The first Chinese Medicine Development Strategy Summit opens at UM Press Release
05/12/2013UM wins top prizes at Macao Inter-Tertiary Debate Competition Press Release
04/12/2013State key lab in Chinese medicine academic committee holds its 3rd meeting Campus News
04/12/2013Doctor honoris causa Lecture Series – “On the Transformation of Artistic Experience”Press Invitation
04/12/2013UM raises over MOP 110,000 for “Walk for a Million” Press Release
04/12/2013Opening Ceremony of the 1st Chinese Medicine Development Strategy SummitPress Invitation
04/12/2013UM holds leadership training camp for athletes Campus News
04/12/2013UM Dance Society holds dance show Campus News
03/12/2013China Association for Science and Technology executive vice chairman visits UM Press Release
03/12/2013East Asia College organises visit to Macao Prison Campus News
02/12/2013UM to hold 2 honorary doctor lectures this week Press Release
02/12/2013Congregation 2013Press Invitation
02/12/2013Pearl Jubilee College students visit TDM Campus News
02/12/2013UM signs MOU with the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia Press Release

29/11/2013The 3rd Meeting of the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory for Quality Research in Chinese MedicinePress Invitation
29/11/2013The 33rd issue of My UM now available Campus News
29/11/2013UM to hold Congregation 2013 on new campus this Saturday Press Release
29/11/2013UM wins 2 golds, 1 silver at Macao Students Hilly Trail Run Campus News
29/11/2013UM enters top 10 in microelectronics at Chip Olympics Press Release
29/11/2013UM holds Healthy University Day Press Release
28/11/2013UM professor gives advice on further studies Campus News
Press Kit
28/11/2013Famous writers and media professionals from Taiwan give talks at UM Campus News
28/11/2013SPRING-Psychological Health Ambassadors organise thanksgiving activity Campus News
27/11/2013480 Hours Before New Campus Inauguration Campus News
27/11/2013Willis: “Martial arts can change a person from the inside out.” Campus News
27/11/2013Emblem on the Carpet Campus News
27/11/2013Local high schools join Pearl Jubilee College’s High Table Dinner Campus News
27/11/2013Galaxy vice president of public relations to share his journey from confusion to confidence Press Release
26/11/2013UM hosts a talk by Taiwan media professionals Press Release
26/11/2013UM wins prize at National Diplomatic Etiquette Contest Press Release
26/11/2013FAH Student Association holds “You ToBe” impersonation contest Campus News
25/11/2013CO organises camp for UM Reporters and PR Student Ambassadors Press Release
25/11/2013Department of Electromechanical Engineering places 1st and 3rd at 2 national competitions Press Release
25/11/2013UM professor invited to comment at China Youth Legal Forum Campus News
25/11/2013The Graduate School is organising a series of “Dialogues with Postgraduate Students” activities Campus News
22/11/2013The 4th IEEE International Conference on Grey Systems and Intelligent Services held at UM Press Release
22/11/2013"Overview of Taiwan-Chat with Veteran Media Professionals" Press Invitation
22/11/2013Moon Chun Memorial College holds leadership training camp Campus News
21/11/2013UM wins friendly debate match against Peking University Campus News
21/11/2013UM to confer honorary degrees on 4 distinguished people Press Release
20/11/2013Vice Rector Simon Ho Receives Two Outstanding Academic Awards Press Release
19/11/201312th Lecture of Liberal Arts Learning Series: “Liberal Arts Education: What is it? What does it do?”Press Invitation
19/11/2013Famous media professionals from Taiwan to give talks at UM Press Release
19/11/2013Dr. Allan Zeman shares his story with the audience Press Release
19/11/2013UM scholar publishes three new books Press Release
18/11/2013UM places 3rd at national collegiate fencing competition Campus News
18/11/2013Book Launch of University of MacauPress Invitation
18/11/2013UM holds “Love Is All Around You” activities Press Release
18/11/2013UM Distinguished Lecture Series – The 36th Lecture: “A Well-rounded Education Generates Opportunities and Possibilities”Press Invitation
15/11/2013International conference on legal reforms in Macao to open at UM Press Release
15/11/2013UM to hold a conference on modern Chinese literature and comparative literature Press Release
15/11/2013Over 3 years’ changes in 3 minutes—new campus construction video is launched Campus News
14/11/2013Cultural Affair Bureau vice president gives a talk on the new campus Campus News
14/11/2013Art Square Taiwan chief curator shares experience in making exhibition a work of art Campus News
13/11/2013Taiwan artist teaches sun printing to UM students Campus News
13/11/2013UM’s English Debating Team wins Best Debater Awards at a national competition Press Release
12/11/2013Prof. Lampo Leong to give a talk on opportunities and possibilities from a well-rounded education Press Release
11/11/2013Symposium on "Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2014 of the Macau Special Administrative Region" Press Invitation
11/11/2013UM Distinguished Lecture Series – “Leadership”Press Invitation
11/11/2013Taiwan artist Chu Yinhua speaks on “Mapping Urban Imaginary” Campus News
11/11/20134 papers by UM members ranked among the most popular accessed papers in IEEE Xplore database Press Release
08/11/2013UM gets bronze at World Wushu Championships Campus News
08/11/2013Moon Chun Memorial College celebrates Halloween Campus News
08/11/2013UM holds International Advisory Committee meetings Press Release
07/11/2013UM student second runner-up at the National Bouldering Tournament 2013 Campus News
07/11/2013Republic of Guinea-Bissau prime minister visits UM’s new campus Press Release
07/11/2013UM holds conference on Roman law system and Macao to celebrate new campus inauguration Press Release
07/11/2013【News Sharing】Macao Daily News:Vice-Premier Wang Yang inaugurates UM new campus. Campus News
07/11/2013Hong Kong Institute for Public Administration executive director to speak on leadership at UM Press Release
06/11/2013Traditional Chinese medicine master to share secrets of longevity at UM Press Release
Press Invitation
06/11/2013The 2013 Higher Education Development Summit held on the new campus Press Release
06/11/2013Traditional Chinese Medicine Master Prof. Li Jiren’s Talk on the Secrets of LongevityPress Invitation
05/11/2013UM holds variety show to celebrate new campus inauguration Press Release
05/11/2013The New Campus Inauguration: a Historic Moment Press Release
04/11/20132013 Cross-Strait Forum on Postgraduate Education held on the campus Press Release
04/11/2013UM holds academic events to celebrate new campus inauguration Press Release
03/11/2013Variety show celebrating new campus inauguration to open this Tuesday Campus News
03/11/2013Pearl Jubilee College holds a horribly happy Halloween party Campus News
01/11/20132013 Higher Education Development Summit Opening CeremonyPress Invitation
01/11/2013East Asia College holds its first High Table Dinner in the new academic year Campus News
01/11/2013PJC and EAC co-organise Artist-in-Residence Programme Press Release

31/10/2013UM members clean Hac Sa Beach Press Release
31/10/2013UM second runner-up at the Asian Korfball Championships Campus News
31/10/2013Global Leadership Development Programme Module 4 to open in Macao and Guangzhou Press Release
30/10/2013East Asia College holds the longest Halloween party Campus News
29/10/2013UM student gets Excellent Paper Award at the 11th Annual National Academic Conference for PhD Students Press Release
29/10/2013Responsible Gambling 2013 Kick-off CeremonyPress Invitation
28/10/2013UM’s volleyball teams perform well at Macao Volleyball League Campus News
28/10/2013Chinese Academy of Social Sciences hopes to strengthen collaboration with UM Press Release
25/10/2013The 32nd issue of My UM has been released Campus News
25/10/2013UM students win two more medals at East Asian Games Press Release
25/10/2013Pearl Jubilee College holds art and cultural workshops to develop students’ soft skills Campus News
25/10/2013Jiangsu province vice governor visits UM Press Release
24/10/2013UM Reporters visit TDM Campus News
24/10/2013Moon Chun Memorial College invites Austrian consul general and British Consulate Chevening officer to talk with students Campus News
23/10/2013UM champion 6 years in a row at inter-tertiary debate competition Press Release
23/10/2013UM professor Tang Kaijian speaks at a history forum at Zhejiang University Campus News
23/10/2013College donor Dr. Chan visits new campus for cherry tree planting ceremony Press Release
23/10/2013Book Launch Ceremony for “The British Presence in Macau: 1635-1793”Press Invitation
22/10/2013House of Dancing Water lead performer Faye Leung shares how to chase dreams at UM Press Release
22/10/2013Eating egg tarts with dean of students every Friday Campus News
21/10/2013UM Food Festival draws over 100 students Campus News
21/10/2013New Campus, New Semester, New Experience Campus News
21/10/2013New Campus Divided into Four Parts for Maximum Convenience Campus News
21/10/2013Mr. Football Campus News
18/10/2013UM’s first Inter-College Basketball Tournament finals to be held on Saturday Campus News
18/10/2013UM awards scholarships to over 300 students Press Release
17/10/2013UM wins 1 silver, 1 bronze at East Asian Games Campus News
17/10/2013UM co-organises seminar on Legislative Assembly election Campus News
17/10/2013Ir Siu Yin Wai gives a talk on career planning at UM Campus News
17/10/2013UM professor’s new book on internet mercenaries and viral marketing published by the world’s leading publisher of new media studies Press Release
17/10/2013UM student wins silver at East Asian Games Press Release
15/10/2013UM wins two prizes at the Macau Teachers Running Race Competition Press Release
15/10/2013【News Sharing】Yazhou Zhoukan: New campus physically in Hengqin but under Macao jurisdiction--a groundbreaking concept and innovative implementation of the "One Country, Two Systems" policy Campus News
15/10/2013UM PhD student gets third prize at China Legal Talent Awards Press Release
11/10/2013UM staff member Bonnie Choi Sut Ian wins bronze medal at the sixth East Asian Games Press Release
11/10/2013UM student 1st runner-up at BOC Joyous Run 2013 Campus News
10/10/2013East Asia College holds welcome dinner Campus News
10/10/2013State Council Taiwan Affairs Office deputy director visits UM’s new campus Press Release
09/10/2013Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioner in Macao visits UM’s new campus Press Release
08/10/2013China Mainland Students’ Association organises elementary Cantonese course Campus News
08/10/2013My Way director encourages UM students to chase dreams their way Press Release
08/10/2013Ir Siu Yin Wai to give a career talk next Wednesday Press Release
07/10/2013UM professor speaks on leadership at an international forum Campus News
07/10/201310th Lecture of Liberal Arts Learning Series – “Reflecting on the Past Century and the Responsibility of Today’s Young Intellectuals”Press Invitation
04/10/2013Pearl Jubilee College holds activities to promote understanding of AIDS Campus News
04/10/2013UM co-organises seminar to celebrate the 10th anniversary of CEPA signing Press Release
04/10/2013Seminar on the Prospect of the Cooperation of Commerce between Macau and Mainland China in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Signing of CEPAPress Invitation
04/10/2013UM PhD student gets First Prize Paper Award at 2013 International Graduate Conference on “Asia in a Global context” Press Release
03/10/2013Department Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visits the new campus Press Release
03/10/2013UM students get two prizes at the Campus Newspaper Award 2013 Press Release
03/10/2013Pearl Jubilee College holds its first High Table Dinner in the new academic year Campus News

30/09/2013East Asia College holds summer exchange sharing session Campus News
30/09/2013UM to hold Meet the Director Kang Je-Gyu this Friday Press Release
27/09/2013UM’s PhD students win three prizes at a national poetry competition Press Release
27/09/2013Tips on getting the information you need in the fastest way Campus News
27/09/2013Officials from the National Health and Family Planning Commission visit UM Press Release
26/09/2013UM holds the first High Table Dinner on the new campus Press Release
26/09/2013Haydn Chen speaks about most wanted talent in the 21st century in 11 middle schools Press Release
25/09/2013First UM graduate in history awarded scholarship for PhD Studies in the US Campus News
24/09/2013Principals of over 30 local secondary schools visit UM’s new campus Press Release
24/09/201319 UM students participate in outbound leadership programmes Press Release
23/09/2013UM PhD student receives Best Paper Award at the Fifth Asia Symposium on Quality Electronic Design Press Release
19/09/2013UM’s Moon Chun Memorial College holds commencement dinner Press Release
18/09/2013Opening Ceremony for Brazilian Week at UMPress Invitation
18/09/2013UM Honours College admits 47 new members Press Release
17/09/2013UM’s Portuguese Department holds Brazilian Week Press Release
17/09/2013UM Reporter & PR Student Ambassador programmes now open for applications Campus News
17/09/2013Presentation of Certificate of Admission Ceremony for Class of 2016Press Invitation
16/09/2013UM welcomes 1,500 freshmen in the new semester Press Release
16/09/2013Over 1,000 Students Now Living on New Campus Campus News
16/09/2013Racing Against Time --Interview with the First UM People Working on the New Campus Campus News
16/09/2013Lead the College like a Musician --Interview with Prof. Kevin Thompson Campus News
13/09/2013UM offers 2 new degree programmes in the new academic year Press Release
12/09/2013UA&UC members visit new campus Press Release
12/09/2013UM professor’s paper well received at a Sino-Japan forum on Chinese history Campus News
09/09/2013“The Way to UM” helps freshmen adapt to a new way of life Campus News
06/09/2013UM holds orientation activities for new students Press Release
06/09/2013Delegations from the Court of Final Appeal and the Public Prosecutions Office visit UM’s new campus Press Release
06/09/2013UM professor appointed visiting researcher by the University of California Campus News
05/09/2013More renowned scholars join UM Press Release

30/08/2013The Blue Book of Macau (2012) gets a prize Press Release
30/08/2013Macao students led by UM doctor win 5 medals at the 44th International Physics Olympiad Press Release
29/08/2013UM Honours College students 2nd runner up at the 4th China Students Service Outsourcing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Press Release
29/08/2013【News Sharing】Ta Kung Pao: UM's new campus with Asia's largest residential college complex to start full-scale operation next year Campus News
28/08/2013UM students have internships in Beijing Campus News
28/08/2013【News Sharing】New campus physically in Hengqin but under Macao jurisdiction--a groundbreaking concept and innovative implementation of the "One Country, Two Systems" policy Campus News
28/08/2013UM 3rd runner-up at the First Asian University Korfball Championship Campus News
27/08/2013UM Honours College students do volunteer teaching in mainland China Press Release
26/08/2013UM Rector visits Beijing to explore academic exchange & collaboration opportunities Press Release
26/08/2013Bus Route 37U to UM’s new campus starts operation Monday Campus News
23/08/2013New campus trial use ends with success Press Release
23/08/2013Global Leadership Development Programme Module 3 to open in Seoul Press Release
22/08/2013Students give feedback on the 2nd day of new campus trial use Campus News
22/08/2013UM organises fire drill on the new campus Campus News
22/08/2013UM organises UM-Yale biomedicine workshop Campus News
21/08/2013New campus first-day trial operation overall smooth Campus News
21/08/2013Edmund Ho visits UM’s new campus Press Release
21/08/2013UM students attend University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Manila Campus News
20/08/2013First new campus building passes quality inspection Press Release
19/08/2013UM members get prizes at the 16th National Practical Writing Annual Meeting Press Release
19/08/2013UM’s local PhD student receives excellent result in Chinese literary studies Campus News
16/08/2013Director of central government’s liaison office in Macao visits new UM campus Press Release
16/08/2013UM students win championship at a current events debate contest Campus News
12/08/2013UM students win Medallion for Excellence Award at WorldSkills Competition 2013 Press Release
09/08/2013UM delegation visits Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council Press Release
08/08/2013UM joins world’s distinguished universities in hosting ‘China and the New Internet World’ conference at Oxford Press Release
08/08/2013UM students voluntarily teach in Taiwan remote villages Press Release
07/08/2013UM student wins postgraduate section championship at Young Professionals Exhibition & Competition Press Release
07/08/2013UM Badminton Team wins sportsmanship award Campus News
06/08/2013UM student wins the first Model APEC Taiwan Press Release
05/08/2013UM students explore the world with Summer Programme Press Release
03/08/2013Macao’s Deputies to the National People’s Congress visit UM’s new campus Campus News
02/08/2013UM Rock Climbing Team won two first runner-up prizes at national competition Press Release
02/08/2013UM Mandarin Debating Team won six awards at a debate contest Campus News
01/08/2013UM Taekwondo Team wins several medals at the Eastern Dragon Taekwondo Federation Hong Kong 19th Championships Press Release

31/07/2013UM history professor Li Ping gives talks in Beijing Press Release
30/07/2013UM Maths department members attend International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians Press Release
29/07/2013Delegation from Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macao SAR visit UM’s new campus Press Release
26/07/2013100-plus middle schoolers join UM’s science summer camps Press Release
26/07/2013UM ICMS student gets full funding to attend DIA annual meeting 7th year in a row Press Release
25/07/201327th Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Programme to close today Press Release
25/07/2013UM Faculty of Law dean elected titular member of International Academy of Comparative Law Press Release
25/07/2013Chief Executive Chui Sai On visits new UM campus Campus News
23/07/2013UM holds student affairs forum Campus News
23/07/2013Dr. Chen Xiuping receives SERVIER Young Pharmacologist Award and Outstanding Oral Presentation Award Press Release
22/07/2013Local Chinese medicine journal indexed in SCI-E Press Release
22/07/2013UM’s summer hospitality training programme ends with success Campus News
20/07/2013Cheong U and Lau Si Io visit new UM campus on the commencement-of-use day Press Release
19/07/2013New campus comes under Macao SAR jurisdiction Campus News
18/07/2013New campus construction overall finished Post-handover preparations underway Press Release
17/07/2013UM students win first prize and first runner-up prize at IEEE Student Project Competition 2013 Press Release
17/07/2013University of Macau Moves Over the China Border Campus News
17/07/2013Mr. Football at UM Campus News
17/07/2013Not Having Is the Best State to Have Interview with UM’s Honorary Doctorate Recipient Master Hsing Yun Campus News
17/07/2013Wang Meng: We should leave literature alone Campus News
17/07/2013Relocation to the New Campus—How Challenging Is It? Campus News
17/07/2013On Two UM Professors Being Named Highly Cited Researchers Campus News
17/07/2013Interview with Environmental Engineer and UM Professor Wang Zhishi Campus News
17/07/2013Combine Strengths, Go International Four Universities’ Collaboration Programme in the Chinese Discipline Campus News
17/07/2013Starting a Business Not Be Just a Dream Campus News
16/07/2013Press Conference on “Responsible Gambling Kiosk (Pilot Test) Evaluation Report released today Press Release
Press Invitation
12/07/2013Award-winning paper published in UM Faculty of Law’s Macau Law Review Press Release
12/07/2013Press conference for the release of Responsible Gambling Information Kiosk (Pilot Test) Evaluation Report Press Invitation
11/07/2013UM student wins bronze at a computer project competition Campus News
10/07/2013UM sponsors students for studies at UC Berkeley Press Release
09/07/2013UM wins excellence award at a sports and cultural exchange activity Campus News
08/07/2013UM places 3rd at a korfball competition in Hong Kong Campus News
05/07/2013UM co-organises China in Africa: An International Symposium Campus News
04/07/20133 UM projects to be exhibited at Science and Technology Week Campus News
04/07/2013UM champion 5 straight years at HK Dragon Boat Short Course Races Press Release
02/07/2013UM students do volunteer teaching in Guangxi Press Release
01/07/2013UM overall 1st runner-up at Guangdong-HK-Macao Cantonese debate contest Campus News

28/06/201327th Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Programme to open on Monday Press Release
28/06/2013President of Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan visits UM Campus News
28/06/2013Hong Kong Buddhist College delegation visit UM Campus News
27/06/2013Books by homegrown academics become Springer bestsellers Press Release
26/06/2013Robert Clark from the University of Rochester visits UM Press Release
26/06/2013Prof. Ben U named Scientific Chinese of the Year 2012 Press Release
25/06/2013UM wins championship at Guangzhou Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament Campus News
21/06/2013UM graduates Macao’s first home-grown doctor of electromechanical engineering Campus News
20/06/2013New Campus Transportation Arrangements Campus News
20/06/2013International Exchange Opportunities at UM Campus News
20/06/2013Collector in Our Library Interview with UM’s Assisant Librarian Dr. Raymond Wong Campus News
20/06/2013International symposium on Sino-Africa relations to open at UM Press Release
20/06/2013Moot Court Stays Open in Summer Break?! Campus News
20/06/2013The 8th International Convention of Asia Scholars to open in Macao Campus News
19/06/2013UM PR Student Ambassadors organise team building activity Press Release
19/06/2013Vice Rector Haydn Chen visits Nankai University Press Release
18/06/2013Global Leadership Development Programme Module 2 to open in Singapore Press Release
18/06/2013The next AULP annual meeting to be held in Macao in 2014 Press Release
17/06/2013UM members publish Introduction to German Law Press Release
14/06/2013UM staff attend the 4th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Service-Learning Campus News
13/06/2013SAO gives away free rice dumplings on Dragon Boat Festival Campus News
13/06/2013UM student awarded 2nd prize at the Fourth BeiDou-Cup China Adolescents Science and Technology Invention Contest Press Release
11/06/2013UM’s Dragon Boat Team wins championship at an international competition Campus News
10/06/2013UM places 3rd at the 4th Intervarsity Debate Contest among Canton, Hong Kong and Macao Campus News
07/06/2013Vice President of the University of International Business and Economics visits UM Press Release
06/06/2013Temple University president visits UM Press Release
06/06/2013The University of Macau — Doing the Unthinkable Campus News
05/06/2013UM academics attend China Association for Science and Technology’s annual meeting Campus News
04/06/2013UM places 2nd and 5th at a Hong Kong youth rock climbing championship Campus News
03/06/2013UM PhD student gets first prize at ISSX/CSSX Joint Workshop Press Release

31/05/2013Dragon Boat Team performs pre-event good luck ritual Press Release
31/05/2013PJC members visit Taiwan Press Release
30/05/2013UM signs collaboration agreement with Peking University Press Release
30/05/2013UM students get 3 awards at Beijing Model United Nations Press Release
29/05/2013UM members exercise 15 mins on World Challenge Day Press Release
29/05/2013UM’s PR Student Ambassadors and UM Reporters visit Taiwan universities Press Release
27/05/2013Numbers You Need to Know about Relocation Campus News
27/05/2013Goodbye Alma Mater, Hello Tomorrow Campus News
27/05/2013Relocation to Happen in Stages Campus News
27/05/2013Breathe Slowly with UM’s Martial Arts Master Campus News
27/05/2013Admission Process Up Close Campus News
27/05/2013UM nurtures outstanding graduates with a multifaceted approach Campus News
27/05/2013FST holds Dean’s Final Year Project List Presentation Ceremony Press Release
24/05/2013UM first runner-up at the HSMAI Case Study Competition 2012 Press Release
23/05/2013UM graduates Macao’s first doctor of law in Portuguese Press Release
Press Invitation
22/05/2013Interview with Macao’s first doctor of law in PortuguesePress Invitation
22/05/2013Rector co-unveils plaque for Taiwan University's innovative medicines research centre Press Release
22/05/2013The 11th ApacCHRIE Conference opens Press Release
Press Invitation
21/05/2013The 4th ApacCHRIE Youth Conference opens at UM Press Release
20/05/2013UM signs collaboration agreement with Tsing Hua University in Taiwan Press Release
20/05/2013Opening Ceremony for the 11th ApacCHRIE Conference 2013Press Invitation
17/05/2013International conference on EU-Asia Pacific relationship opens at UM Campus News
Press Invitation
16/05/2013UM’s summer course in Portuguese language and culture still open for application Press Release
16/05/2013The 4th APacCHRIE Youth Conference to open on 21 May Press Release
16/05/2013UM wins 3 prizes at City Literary Creation Award 2013 Campus News
16/05/2013Opening ceremony for international conference on“Reassessing the EU-Asia Pacific Relationship in the Context of the EU Crisis”Press Invitation
16/05/2013The 11th APacCHRIE Conference to open on 22 May Press Release
15/05/2013UM awarded travel grant by California Separation Science Society for the 3rd straight year Press Release
14/05/2013Goodbye alma mater, hello tomorrow Press Release
13/05/2013International conference on EU-Asia Pacific relationship to open at UM this Friday Press Release
Press Invitation
10/05/2013Press Conference for International Conference on“Reassessing the EU-Asia Pacific Relationship in the Context of the EU Crisis” Press Invitation
10/05/2013UM PhD student receives Innovator Award and Young Scientist Excellence Award at CPSA 2013 Press Release
10/05/2013UM holds UAUC joint meeting CE hopes UM progresses steadily Press Release
07/05/2013UM students organise forum on children with learning and developmental disorders Campus News
03/05/2013UM comes 2nd at International Criminal Court Trial Competition Press Release
03/05/2013UM holds the 5th undergraduate lecture in maths Campus News
02/05/2013UM wins a haul of medals at open taekwondo championships Campus News
02/05/2013Library eases students’ exam stress with free snacks Campus News

30/04/20132049, possible future of Macao? Campus News
30/04/2013First time at Jessup, UM wins sole Best New Team Award Press Release
30/04/2013UM donates MOP 69,618 to Ya’an via Macau SAR Red Cross Press Release
29/04/2013UM’s Fencing Team wins 3 gold, 3 silver & 8 bronze medals at fencing tournament Campus News
29/04/2013Training course in Chinese medicine quality assurance closes Campus News
Press Invitation
29/04/2013HC holds the 2nd Undergraduate Honours Project Symposium Press Release
26/04/2013UM organises Reading Activity 2012 Campus News
26/04/2013UM wins 4 silver and 3 bronze medals at badminton tournament Campus News
25/04/2013Exam stress makes you wanna scream? Chill out on ice cream Campus News
25/04/2013Certificate Presentation and Closing Ceremony for the Training Course in Chinese Medicine Quality Assurance 2013Press Invitation
25/04/2013UM wins Hong Kong Bouldering Championships 2013 Campus News
25/04/2013UM professor co-edits two special issues of an SSCI journal in history Press Release
25/04/2013Ya’an, we’re at UM but our hearts are with you Press Release
24/04/2013Three UM students to study in Portugal on Tong Chai Charity Association scholarships Campus News
24/04/2013UM awards outstanding sports teams and athletes Press Release
24/04/2013UM students visit Wuhan for friendly debate matches Press Release
23/04/2013Commfest opens Press Release
22/04/2013UM students organise activities to help earthquake victims in Sichuan province Press Release
22/04/2013The 2nd Training Course in Chinese Medicine Quality Assurance opens Press Release
22/04/2013The Energy of Arts and Culture in University Education Campus News
22/04/2013Dr. Chang’s Happy & Green Life on MOP 2,500 Campus News
22/04/2013Admission Exam Campus News
22/04/2013Relocation of Over 60 Labs Campus News
19/04/2013Opening Ceremony for The 2nd Training Course in Chinese Medicine Quality AssurancePress Invitation
19/04/2013HC launches Tutor Programme Press Release
18/04/2013Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management holds opening ceremony Press Release
18/04/2013HC students to donate all talent show incomes to an elderly home Press Release
18/04/2013UM wins HKUST-UM Sports Challenge Cup Campus News
17/04/2013UM professors co- edit special issue of SSCI Journal and publish studies in psychology and counselling Campus News
17/04/2013PJC’s first writer in residence A.J. Mackinnon shares adventurous voyage Campus News
16/04/20138th Lecture of Liberal Arts Learning Series – “Leonardo da Vinci and the CEO in You”Press Invitation
16/04/2013UM comes second at Canton Inter-varsities 2013 Campus News
16/04/2013UM students win championship at the 2nd Business Knowledge Competition Campus News
15/04/2013Number of UM applicants hits new high Press Release
15/04/2013UM organises another new campus visit for staff and students Campus News
12/04/2013Opening Ceremony for 1st International Symposium on Sino-Iberoamerican Cultural ExchangePress Invitation
12/04/2013International symposium on Sino-Iberoamerican cultural exchange to open at UM Press Release
12/04/2013EAC organises talent show Campus News
12/04/2013UM students receive Best New Team Award at Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition Press Release
11/04/2013UM Reporters visit Macao Daily News headquarters Campus News
11/04/2013UM students organise animal protection forum Campus News
10/04/2013UM and HKU co-organise sports festival Campus News
10/04/2013Talent Show commemorating the May Fourth Movement closes Campus News
09/04/2013UM organises Global Leadership Development Programme Press Release
09/04/2013UM organises a talk on the role of design in today’s society Campus News
08/04/2013Mobile phone photo contest winners announced Campus News
08/04/2013UM organises seminar on “The Secret of the Auction House” Press Release
08/04/2013UM Students place third at the IMechE Design Competition Press Release
08/04/2013UM Distinguished Lecture Series - The 33rd Lecture: “How Far Would You Go To Catch Your Dream?”Press Invitation
05/04/2013UM organises talent show to celebrate the 10th anniversary of PSP Press Release
05/04/2013Admission for training course in Chinese medicine quality assurance ends Press Release
05/04/2013Dormitory Cleaning Activity Campus News
05/04/2013Celebrations of PSP’s 10th anniversary end with success Campus News
05/04/2013PJC raises fund to help impoverished children in mainland China Campus News
03/04/2013Management of Oxford University and Washington University in St. Louis visit UM Press Release
03/04/2013UM’s Cultural & Arts Festival ends with a bang Press Release
03/04/2013UM organises Ichiban Day Campus News
03/04/2013Students from mainland China, HK, Macao & Taiwan commemorate May Fourth Movement Press Release
Press Invitation
02/04/2013Opening Ceremony for May Fourth Movement Commemoration ActivitiesPress Invitation
02/04/2013UM professor’s book on literary geography launched in Beijing Campus News
02/04/2013CCTV International crew beat a path to UM professor’s door Campus News
02/04/2013How far would you go to catch your dream? Press Release
02/04/2013UM & The Venetian co-organise Student Exchange Day Campus News

28/03/2013Peer Support Programme participants visit Fu Hong Society Campus News
28/03/2013“Mars en folie” concert held at UM Campus News
28/03/2013UM holds the 7th liberal arts learning lecture on interpersonal skills Campus News
28/03/2013UM organises a seminar on “Understanding NPC and CPPCC with YAIA” Press Release
27/03/2013UM wins a haul of medals at table tennis and squash competitions Campus News
27/03/2013UM academics receive 2012 World Chapter of the Year Award at “Chip Olympics” Press Release
27/03/2013Communication department launches academic salon on publishing Campus News
27/03/2013UM and Tsinghua University students give a Chinese music concert Press Release
26/03/2013Vice minister of education visits UM Campus News
26/03/20137th Lecture of Liberal Arts Learning Series – “The Interpersonals”Press Invitation
26/03/2013PR Student Ambassadors visit local museums to improve docent skills Campus News
26/03/2013UM’s Magic Club stages a “Magical Night” Campus News
25/03/2013Secretary Cheong U and UAUC members visit new campus Press Release
25/03/2013Two UM professors join Thomson Reuters’s Highly Cited Researchers List Press Release
25/03/2013UM holds charity Round-campus Run and Happy Walk Press Release
22/03/2013“Let Me Show You My UM” video competition now open for registration Campus News
22/03/2013Australian writer A. J. Mackinnon becomes PJC’s first writer-in-residence Campus News
22/03/2013UM men’s and women’s basketball teams win championships at a local inter-varsity competition Campus News
22/03/2013UM delegation visit Wuhan universities to promote postgraduate programmes Campus News
22/03/2013Vice minister of science and technology visits UM Press Release
21/03/2013US Consul General in Hong Kong speaks on US policies for Asia-Pacific Press Release
21/03/2013UM’s former visiting fellow wins a prestigious literary prize Campus News
21/03/2013Renowned Portuguese scholar gives a talk on entertainment and economic recession Campus News
21/03/2013UM Food Festival: a festival for your taste buds Campus News
20/03/2013UM’s Cultural & Arts Festival opens with “Danstring” concert Campus News
20/03/2013UM organises dance performance during Cultural & Arts Festival Campus News
19/03/2013HC’s Promotion Month attracts many applications Campus News
19/03/2013UM holds two new Town Hall Meetings to discuss university affairs Campus News
19/03/2013Students face to face with He Jingtang at the new campus Campus News
19/03/2013Over the Moon with Lunar Fair Sales UM Students’ Entrepreneurial Forays at the Lunar New Year Fair Campus News
19/03/2013Students’ Union holds forum for course enrolment system improvement Campus News
19/03/2013Pursuing Dreams—It Does Matter Budding Filmmaker Henry Lei Campus News
19/03/2013Seventeen Again Campus News
19/03/2013UM’s debating teams win championships at the Kiangwu Cup Debate Contest Campus News
19/03/2013Students’ Union co-organises the 3rd APCEA Business Presentation Contest Campus News
18/03/2013UM participates in APAIE Annual Conference & Exhibition Campus News
18/03/2013UM’s Martial Arts Society organises extracurricular Wing Chun class Campus News
15/03/2013UM presents Long Service Award and Outstanding Performance Award Press Release
15/03/2013UM’s Cultural & Arts Festival 2013 to open this Sunday Campus News
15/03/2013Dr Andrew Graham gives a talk on collegiate university Campus News
15/03/2013Well-known Chinese & Foreign writers give talks at UM Campus News
14/03/2013UM holds Chinese New Year Gathering and Seminar Campus News
14/03/2013Help to turn a desert of education into an oasis of hope Campus News
14/03/2013Hong Kong director Alfred Cheung to give a talk on new technologies’ impact on people Press Release
14/03/2013UM students co-organise a parenting talk Campus News
14/03/2013UM invites TVBS opinion poll director to give a talk Campus News
14/03/2013Sam Chak-Foon shares filming experience with PJC students Campus News
13/03/2013Think you’re creative and love film writing? Amaze us with your screenplay! Campus News
13/03/2013UM students visit US universities to learn residential college experience Campus News
13/03/2013UM to hold Cultural & Art Festival to make memories of current campus Press Release
13/03/2013Undergraduate Lecture Series in Mathematics at University of Macau - Linear Algebra is not just Linear Algebra Campus News
13/03/2013UM students join mock negotiation on South China Sea Campus News
12/03/20135th Lecture of Liberal Arts Learning Series – “The Collegiate University”Press Invitation
12/03/2013They come, they see, they believe—the new campus is so big and pretty! Campus News
12/03/2013Running Macau Campus News
12/03/2013Chinese Academy of Social Sciences invites Prof Yang Yi to present his new book Press Release
12/03/2013UM student second runner-up at AIA-Quest for the Champion Communicator Contest Campus News
11/03/2013Cross-strait Postgraduate Students Symposium opens at UM today Press Release
Press Invitation
11/03/2013One abandoned pet saves many from the same fate Press Release
11/03/2013Prof Feng Da-Hsuan gives a talk on liberal arts education Press Release
Press Invitation
11/03/2013UM’s Volleyball and Karate Teams take part in competitions Campus News
08/03/2013Monthly site visits keep you posted on new campus progress Campus News
08/03/2013The Cross-strait Postgraduate Students Symposium to open at UM Press Release
08/03/2013UM promotes postgraduate programmes and admissions in Shanghai and Zhejiang Campus News
08/03/2013UMSU datebook design contest now open for submissions Campus News
08/03/2013Fairly Packed Campus News
08/03/2013Opening Ceremony for 2013 University of Macau Cross-strait Postgraduate Students SymposiumPress Invitation
08/03/2013UM co-organises activities to enhance women’s health awareness Press Release
07/03/2013A banana a day keeps the blues away Campus News
07/03/2013Join HC to enrich your university life Campus News
06/03/2013Communication Department’s audience research highly praised by Guangzhou Daily Press Release
06/03/2013Entrepreneurship Society now accepting applications for exchange visit to Taiwan Campus News
05/03/2013Mobile phone photo contest now open for submissions Campus News
05/03/2013MOTAI Macau-Tainan Model United Nations 2013 held at UM Press Release
05/03/20134th Lecture of Liberal Arts Learning Series – “Roles and Responsibilities of Asian Universities in a New Global Academic-Business Paradigm”Press Invitation
04/03/2013UM’s Career & Internship Fair offers 1,300 openings Press Release
Press Invitation
04/03/2013Gateway casting ends with success Campus News
01/03/2013UM Career and Internship Fair 2013Press Invitation
01/03/2013Career and Internship Fair to be held at UM on 4 March Campus News
01/03/2013PSP participants spread smiles and give free hugs Press Release

28/02/2013UM professors shares tips for postgraduate application Campus News
28/02/2013South Korean scholar gives a talk on East Asian pop culture Campus News
27/02/2013Free hug sends priceless message Campus News
27/02/2013Calling for volunteers for activities commemorating the May Fourth Movement Campus News
27/02/2013The Cross-strait Postgraduate Students Symposium to open at UM Campus News
27/02/2013UM Reporters and PR Student Ambassadors inaugurated Press Release
27/02/2013Centre for Macau Studies and Cultural Affairs Bureau co-organise Symposium on Atlas of China by Michele Ruggieri Campus News
26/02/2013UM top management visit new campus construction workers on Chinese New Year Campus News
26/02/2013Prof Daisy Hung gives a talk on reading and creativity Press Release
Press Invitation
26/02/2013Valentine’s Day gets uniform celebration from different students Campus News
25/02/2013Documentary "I'm Here" screened at UM Campus News
25/02/2013UM General Education Enlightenment Lecture Series cum Lecture Series on Liberal Arts Learning - "2049 : Innovating Liberal Arts Education - Challenges and Opportunities" Press Invitation
25/02/2013UM Distinguished Lecture Series - The 31st Lecture: “Big Data, Big Science, Big Industry - Genomics Leads to the Future” Press Invitation
25/02/2013UM professor publishes a book on Macao’s history in Ming dynasty Press Release
25/02/2013The 2nd Inter-College Sports Competition ends with success Campus News
22/02/2013HC kicks off Promotion Month Campus News
22/02/2013PJC holds the 2nd High Table Dinner of this semester Campus News
22/02/2013FST holds Career Fair 2013 Press Release
22/02/2013Lecture Series on Liberal Arts Learning – “Reading and Creativity” Press Invitation
22/02/2013UM launches the first-ever talk series on liberal arts education Campus News
21/02/2013Anthony Bolton shares lessons from a lifetime of investing Press Release
20/02/2013Wu Bangguo visits UM's new campus and shows support for the university’s development Press Release
19/02/2013UM student shares overseas working experience Campus News
19/02/2013UM’s new campus on Hengqin Island put under Macao’s Jurisdiction Campus News
19/02/2013Lecture Series on Liberal Arts Learning – “Hard Skills and Soft Skills – Education of Students of the 21st Century” Press Invitation
19/02/2013UM does well at the Stepping High Macao Tower Run 2013 Campus News
19/02/2013The 31st Distinguished Lecture “Big Data, Big Science, Big Industry—Genomics Leads to the Future” to open next Wed Press Release
18/02/2013UM students and teachers celebrate the Chinese New Year Campus News
15/02/2013A romantic Valentine’s Day at UM Campus News
08/02/2013SRS’s summer programmes to open soon Campus News
07/02/2013UM students hope to aid in ending AIDS discrimination Campus News
07/02/2013Chinese New Year’s coming, feast your stomach—and your eyes Campus News
07/02/2013UM organises a Mandarin debate contest Campus News
05/02/2013Wishes for the Year of the Snake Campus News
05/02/2013Three-Year Preparation, 650,000 Books to Be Moved Campus News
05/02/2013Be Happy. That’s All that Matters. A Story of Fai Campus News
05/02/2013A Real Treat for Chickenfeed Campus News
05/02/2013UM professor publishes an article in Social Sciences in China for the 4th time Press Release
04/02/2013PJC holds a microfilm discussion session Campus News
01/02/2013Hip Hop dance class now open for application Campus News
01/02/2013UM publishes a new book on the disregard of corporate personality Press Release

31/01/2013UM Rector Wei Zhao conferred two honorary fellowships by the Asian College of Knowledge Management Press Release
30/01/2013UM students to open a stall at the Chinese New Year Bazaar Campus News
29/01/2013Activities celebrating the Year of the Snake now open for registration Campus News
29/01/2013Four local bachelor of science programmes accredited by HKIE for the first time Press Release
Press Invitation
28/01/2013University Symbol and Slogan Design Contest calls for entries Campus News
25/01/2013Ceremony for “UM FST Bachelor Degree Programs Granted HKIE Accreditation”Press Invitation
25/01/2013UM students do volunteer teaching in Guizhou Campus News
25/01/2013Scholars from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao visit UM Campus News
24/01/2013UM history students win prizes at an economics paper competition Campus News
24/01/2013Two UM students receive the Young Researcher Award Campus News
24/01/2013Kyung Hee University delegation visits UM Campus News
23/01/2013UM holds Workshop on Higher Education Students Affairs and Residential Colleges Press Release
Press Invitation
22/01/2013PJC launches two new books Campus News
22/01/2013UM professor’s article published by China’s most prestigious history journal Campus News
22/01/2013UM wins 3 championships at a swimming championship Campus News
22/01/2013UM confers honorary doctorate in humanities on Master Hsing Yun Press Release
21/01/2013HC organises team building camp to unleash students’ leadership potential Press Release
21/01/2013Hong Kong True Light College visits UM Campus News
21/01/2013Workshop on Higher Education Student Affairs and Residential Colleges 2013Press Invitation
18/01/2013Hong Kong Polytechnic University delegation visits UM Press Release
18/01/2013New Semester in Sight—Up Close with Course Enrolment Campus News
18/01/2013New Campus Project Enters Interior Furnishing and Decoration Stage Campus News
18/01/2013Not for Fortune, Not for Fame─Interview with Prof Tang Yuanyan Campus News
18/01/2013Bye Smartphone, Hello Books Campus News
17/01/2013Four universities’ Chinese departments launch cooperation scheme Press Release
Press Invitation
17/01/2013Workshop on Higher Education, Student Affairs and Residential Colleges to be held at UM next week Press Release
17/01/2013Dr. Choi Yuen-wan: the Core of Education Campus News
Press Invitation
16/01/2013Inauguration of the 15th UM Student Union Campus News
16/01/2013UM wins Gold Medal at 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Campus News
16/01/2013UM holds exhibitions in local high schools Campus News
16/01/2013UM members bring smiles to child centre Campus News
15/01/2013Press Conference on "The Cooperation Scheme of the Chinese Departments of the Cross-Strait Universities"Press Invitation
15/01/2013UM wins Bronze Medal at Macau Inter-University Volleyball Championship Campus News
14/01/2013UM Distinguished Lecture Series - The 30th Lecture: “The Core of Education: Excellence with Soul”Press Invitation
14/01/2013UM Postgraduate Association delegation visits HK universities Campus News
11/01/2013Poetry writing competition on new campus now open for registration Campus News
11/01/2013UM organizes an international conference on English language teaching Campus News
10/01/2013UM staff and students attend international conference on student affairs and service learning Campus News
09/01/2013Hit the beach for a trash-free sea Press Release
08/01/2013EAC throws a masquerade Christmas party Campus News
08/01/2013Interviews with students on the first day of new semester Campus News
07/01/2013The 30th Distinguished Lecture "The Core of Education: Excellence with Soul" to open next Wed Press Release
04/01/2013Prof Rik Carl D’Amato appointed editor-in-chief of the International Journal of School and Educational Psychology Press Release
04/01/2013UM organises winter camp for UM Reporters and PR Student Ambassadors Press Release
03/01/2013Conversations between Masters: David Chung-Laung Liu x Andrew Chi-Chih Yao x Frances Yao Education Should Help People Reach Maximum Potential Campus News
03/01/2013New Direction, New Start Feature on Student Affairs at UM Campus News
03/01/2013“Math Is My Way of Looking At the World”─Interview with Professor Qian Tao Campus News
03/01/2013University of Macau: Aiming For World-Class, Fulfilling Social Responsibility Campus News
03/01/2013Masters’ Success Stories Up Close Press Release
03/01/2013Scientific Research Enriches Life—iINTERACT Eye Tracking System Campus News
02/01/2013UM PhD student receives Best Paper Award at a national competition Press Release

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