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28/12/2012UM receives a bursary donation of HKD 300,000 from HK & Macau Taiwanese Charity Fund Ltd Press Release
27/12/2012UM master’s student invited to attend an international conference on the history of the Chinese language Press Release
26/12/2012UM Library invites well-known publishing houses to give seminars Press Release
19/12/2012UM PhD student receives Outstanding Paper Award at a forum for theatre, film, television and literature postgraduates in China Press Release
19/12/2012Answers to Most-asked Questions at Town Hall Meetings Campus News
19/12/2012Chance Encounter with the Nine Dragon Wall Campus News
19/12/2012Know Yourself and Where You Want to Go ─ Wu Zhongtian’s First Experience with Residential College Life Campus News
19/12/2012UM’s Taekwondo Team wins 8 prizes at Macao Taekwondo Open Competition Press Release
19/12/2012UM and PolyU co-host conference on introduction of overseas talent Press Release
19/12/2012Hong Kong Bach Choir invites UM Choir to perform in Hong Kong Press Release
19/12/2012Preparations for New Campus Relocation Campus News
19/12/2012Winners of Simulated Investment Competition for College Students in Macao announced Campus News
18/12/2012Over 800 UM members attend Christmas party Rector Wei Zhao conveys his wish for the new campus’ relocation Press Release
18/12/2012UM co-organises the “Dr Sun Yat-sen and the United States” Exhibit Press Release
18/12/2012UM academics receive 9 Outstanding Achievement Awards for Macao Research in Humanities and Social Sciences Campus News
18/12/2012The 4th Workshop on Numerical Algebra and High-Performance Computation held at UM Press Release
14/12/2012UM academic’s book published by a leading scientific publisher Press Release
13/12/20122012 Summit on Chinese Medicine Development Strategies ends with success Press Release
Press Invitation
12/12/2012Translation contest winners announced Campus News
12/12/2012The 15th Oriental COCOSDA Conference ends Press Release
12/12/20122012 CNMCA Macao ends with success Press Release
Press Invitation
12/12/2012Responsible Gambling Kiosk (Pilot Test) Kick OffPress Invitation
11/12/2012UM wins championship at a Portuguese debate contest Campus News
11/12/2012UM students win prizes at a Portuguese speech contest Campus News
11/12/2012UM student serves as chair of the China National Model United Nations Conference Press Release
11/12/20122012 Summit Forum on Development Strategy of Chinese Medical SciencesPress Invitation
09/12/2012Over 800 UM members take part in Walk for a Million Campus News
07/12/2012UM organises a lecture on libraries’ development in the 21st century Press Release
07/12/2012Macao Orchestra gives a campus concert "Let's Talk About Symphony" Press Release
06/12/2012Department of Chinese exhibits academic achievements and establishes consortium with three top universities Press Release
06/12/2012Chengchi University Chair Professor Chih-Yung Chien gives a lecture entitled “Where are we going?” Press Release
Press Invitation
05/12/20122012 China New Media Communication Association Annual Conference, Macao International Conference - Social Media, Digital Network and Globalization Press Invitation
05/12/2012UM’s Rock Climbing Team wins prizes at Guangdong Rock Climbing Championships 2012 Campus News
04/12/2012Lecture by Prof. Chien Chih-Yung, Chair University Professor, Chengchi University, Taiwan - "Where are we going to?" Press Invitation
04/12/2012Taiwan Chengchi University Chair Professor Chih-Yung Chien to give a lecture at UM on Thursday Press Release
04/12/2012UM holds closing ceremony for diploma courses in gaming and casino management Press Release
04/12/2012UM Postgraduate Association visits the Liaison Office and Tertiary Education Services Office Press Release
04/12/2012Bill on applying Macao laws to new UM campus passed by Legislative Assembly Press Release
03/12/2012Commemorative ceremony for the 25th anniversary of CMS and Seminar on “The Population Policy and the Urban Competitiveness of Macao” Press Invitation
03/12/2012Opening Ceremony for International Conference on the History of Waters Exchange in Macao, Guangdong and the Asia-Pacific RegionPress Invitation
03/12/2012International Conference on the History of Waters Exchange in Macao, Guangdong and the Asia-Pacific Region holds at UM Press Release
Press Invitation
03/12/2012International New Media Communication Conference holds at UM Press Release
Press Invitation
03/12/20125 UM members awarded Medal of Merit and Certificate of Merit by SAR government Campus News
03/12/2012Playing chess with the greatest chess player of all time Press Release

30/11/2012UM Rector Wei Zhao elected academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences Press Release
30/11/2012UM’s Centre for Macau Studies holds a seminar on Macao’s population policy and competitiveness Press Release
Press Invitation
29/11/2012UM wins six prizes at a national fencing championship Campus News
29/11/2012UM String Orchestra’s concert ends with a bang Campus News
29/11/2012UM organises guided campus tour to mark the 10th anniversary of Peer Support Programme Campus News
29/11/2012UM PhD student wins Excellent Paper Award for the 2nd straight time at the Chinagraph Conference Press Release
29/11/2012Guangdong Party Secretary Wang Yang receives UM Rector Wei Zhao Press Release
28/11/2012Computer scientist Prof. David Liu gives a talk on “Poetic Mathematics and Mathematical Poetry” Press Release
Press Invitation
27/11/2012UM holds a Distinguished Lecture on "Interpreting for the European Institutions Multilingualism in Action" Press Release
27/11/2012Dr. Ambrose So Shu Fai gives a Doctor honoris causa Lecture at UM Press Release
Press Invitation
27/11/2012Writer-in-Residence Wang Meng hopes UM’s Chinese department has characteristics Press Release
26/11/2012UM Master Lecture Series—“Poetic Mathematics and Mathematical Poetry” Press Invitation
23/11/2012Renowned computer scientist Prof. David Liu to give a talk on poetry and maths Press Release
23/11/2012UM chips to showcase at Chip Olympics for the 3rd straight year Press Release
23/11/2012PJC holds High Table Dinner Campus News
22/11/2012Symposium on “the Status and Future of the Chinese Humanities” Press Invitation
22/11/2012The 5th International Conference on Legal Reforms of Macau in Global Context held at UM Campus News
Press Invitation
22/11/2012Beijing-Macao Universities Exchange Meeting 2012 held at UM Press Release
22/11/2012UM to hold the International Symposium on “the Status and Future of the Chinese Humanities” next week Press Release
22/11/2012UM’s Doctor honoris causa Lecture Series –“Macau’s Evolving Tourism Brand-Integration and Diversification”Press Invitation
22/11/2012New Management Board of UMSU Elected Campus News
21/11/2012State Council member Liu Yandong receives Rector Wei Zhao in Beijing Press Release
21/11/2012The 29th Distinguished Lecture to be held Campus News
Press Invitation
21/11/2012Relocation to Begin Next July UM Holds Town Hall Meeting for Students Campus News
21/11/2012Create Value with Knowledge, Serve Society with Research Interview with Prof. Tam Kam Weng Campus News
21/11/2012Where There’s Love, There’s Home Interviews with Two UM Members Affected by the Sin Fong Garden Incident Campus News
20/11/2012PJC students visit Macao Daily News office Press Release
20/11/2012The 5th International Conference on Legal Reforms of Macau in Global Context to open at UM Press Release
19/11/2012UM participates in a sports competition for Pearl River Delta region university students Campus News
19/11/2012UM wins awards at the 18th “21st Century Cup” National English Speech Contest—Macao Regional Contest Campus News
19/11/2012Prof. Lee Ming-Yuen receives SERVIER Young Pharmacologist Award Press Release
19/11/2012Fifth International Conference on “The Legal Reforms of Macau in Global Context” – Criminal Law and Protection of Fundamental RightsPress Invitation
19/11/2012UM Distinguished Lecture Series - The 29th Lecture: “Uniting the Humanities and Science / Technology to Improve Quality of Life” Press Invitation
16/11/2012UM holds honorary and higher degrees conferment ceremony today CE: UM advances rapidly in soft and hard strengths Press Release
Press Invitation
15/11/2012UM and US Pharmacopeial Convention ink agreement on Chinese medicine Press Release
15/11/201210th Macao University Students Speech Contest in Portuguese Language to be held Campus News
15/11/2012UM wins a team prize at a national foreign affairs etiquette contest Campus News
14/11/2012UM holds two Doctor honoris causa Lectures Press Release
Press Invitation
14/11/2012Ceremony for the Conferment of Honorary Degrees and Higher Degrees 2012Press Invitation
14/11/2012UM to hold symposium on CE’s policy address 2013 Press Release
Press Invitation
14/11/2012PJC students visit Hong Kong Geopark Campus News
13/11/20123rd International Conference on Macaology to open in Beijing Press Release
13/11/2012The 29th Distinguished Lecture to open next week Press Release
13/11/2012UM’s Doctor honoris causa Lecture Series – “Quantum Computing: A Great Science in the Making”Press Invitation
12/11/2012Opening Ceremony for The Third International Conference on MacaologyPress Invitation
12/11/2012UM kicks off the 6th Healthy University Week Press Release
Press Invitation
12/11/2012UM PhD student wins Best Student Paper Award at IEEE SMC 2012 Press Release
09/11/2012Seminar on Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2013 of the Macau Special Administrative Region Press Invitation
09/11/2012The Macao Forum on Chinese Medicine 2012 concluded successfully Press Release
09/11/2012The 3rd Cross-Strait Conference on Administrative Law held at UM Campus News
Press Invitation
09/11/2012UM wins medals at two sports events Campus News
09/11/2012Wang Meng the first writer-in-residence at UM Campus News
09/11/2012Doctor honoris causa Lecture Series to open on Wednesday Press Release
08/11/2012Paper collection on “Catholic in Ming and Qing China—Macao as the Springboard” published Press Release
08/11/2012UM academics discuss global impact of US presidential election Campus News
08/11/2012Healthy University Week 2012 launch Ceremony Press Invitation
07/11/2012Prof. Xie Yong speaks on modern Chinese universities’ basic systems Campus News
07/11/2012Opening ceremony for Writers-and-Artists-in-Residence Programme and Wang Meng’s lecture held at UM Press Release
Press Invitation
07/11/2012The Macao Forum on Chinese Medicine 2012 opens today Press Release
Press Invitation
06/11/2012UM launches four new books Campus News
Press Invitation
06/11/2012UM students launch a poetry publication Campus News
06/11/2012The Third Symposium of Administrative Law in the Four Jurisdictions Across the Taiwan Strait- Focus of Social Security and Operation of the System: Comparative Studies of Medical, Age-Care, Education and Housing SystemsPress Invitation
05/11/2012Seminar on The Global Impact of the 2012 U.S. Presidential ElectionsPress Invitation
05/11/2012Opening Ceremony of the Writers-and-Artists-in-Residence Programme and Wang Meng’s Lecture on Mo Yan’s Winning the Nobel PrizePress Invitation
05/11/2012Wang Meng to become writer-in-residence at UM Press Release
05/11/2012UM’s honorary and higher degrees conferment ceremony to be held on 16 Nov Press Release
05/11/2012The Second World Conference on the Pharmacology of Natural and Traditional MedicinesPress Invitation
01/11/2012Harvard professor speaks on general education and universities’ moral role Press Release
01/11/2012UM Publications Center Book Launch Press Invitation
01/11/2012New Campus Live on Camera Campus News
01/11/2012How One History Book Changed the Life of Prof. Li Ping Campus News
01/11/2012Discussions across Disciplines on Current World Affairs Campus News

31/10/2012UM student wins championship at statistics contest Campus News
30/10/2012UM marks 10th anniversary of Peer Support Programme Press Release
30/10/2012Forum on ethnic issues, religion and art in medieval China to open next week Press Release
30/10/2012Honorary and higher degrees conferment ceremony arrangements Press Release
30/10/2012Responsible Gambling 2012 Opening Ceremony and Responsible Gambling Kiosk Ambassador Training ProgramPress Invitation
26/10/2012UM Vice Rector Simon Ho gives a speech at BBAM on strategies about nurturing high-end talent Press Release
26/10/2012International conference on Portugal and Southeast Asia to be held next Wednesday Press Release
26/10/2012UM wins two prizes at Joyous Run – BOC Climbing Stairs for Charity 2012 Campus News
25/10/2012Harvard professor Harry Lewis to give a lecture on general education and universities’ moral role Press Release
25/10/2012UM holds “Long Lasting Love” activities Campus News
24/10/2012Works by famous Fujian, Yunnan and Macao painters & calligraphers to be exhibited at UM next month Press Release
22/10/2012Press Conference on Macao Exhibition of Works of Famous Calligraphers and Painters from Fujian and Yunnan ProvincesPress Invitation
22/10/2012Vice Rector Simon Ho to give a speech at BBAM’s invitation Campus News
22/10/2012Forum to mark Tung Sin Tong’s 120th anniversary to be held Press Release
Press Invitation
19/10/2012UM wins the most prizes at 1st Macao Science and Technology Awards Press Release
19/10/2012First Ever General Assembly of GE Teachers a Great Success Campus News
18/10/2012Opening Ceremony for Symposium on Commemorate the 120th Anniversary of Tung Sin TongPress Invitation
18/10/2012EAC and PJC organize inter-college sports competition Campus News
18/10/2012UM’s Dragon Boat Team 1st runner-up at Macau Small Dragon Boat Mid-Autumn Festival Cup Campus News
17/10/2012The 32nd Lecture Hall of Times to be held Press Release
17/10/2012UM wins the 5th consecutive championship at Macao Inter-Tertiary Debate Competition Campus News
17/10/2012UM academic gets Best Research Paper Award at PSSIR 2012 Press Release
17/10/2012UM marks 10th anniversary of Peer Support Programme Press Release
16/10/2012UM gives technical support to government in Sin Fong Garden incident and offers assistance to affected students and staff  Press Release
16/10/2012UM’s first doctor of law wins National Excellent PhD Thesis of Criminal Law Award Press Release
15/10/2012Secretary Cheong hikes with UM staff and students Press Release
15/10/2012Mathematical lecture series opens at UM Press Release
15/10/2012Responsible Gambling 2012Press Invitation
12/10/2012UM a big winner of Macao Science and Technology Awards Press Release
12/10/2012Seminar on American Politics at the Crossroads: Potential Implications of the 2012 Presidential ElectionPress Invitation
12/10/2012New UM campus expected to be put into operation next autumn Campus News
11/10/2012UM to confer honorary doctorates on four distinguished individuals Press Release
10/10/2012UM students participate in National Day Happy March Campus News
09/10/2012New Management Board of UMSU to be elected from 17 to 19 Oct Campus News
09/10/2012Chinese Academy of Engineering member to talk about water resources in China Press Release
09/10/2012UM installs Palo Alto Networks firewall system for better Internet security Campus News
08/10/2012The 6th International Forum on Sino-American Economic and Trade Relations to open at UM Press Release
Press Invitation
08/10/20126th International Forum on Sino-American Economic and Trade RelationsPress Invitation
08/10/2012UM hosts Macao section of an international poetry celebration Campus News

28/09/2012UM celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Press Release
28/09/2012Happy National Day & Mid-Autumn Festival! Campus News
28/09/2012UM and National Prosecutors College join hands to train legal specialists Campus News
28/09/2012Class Suspension on 3 October 2012 Campus News
27/09/2012Vice minister of science & technology visits UM and praises state key labs’ progress Press Release
26/09/2012UM wins two Best Team Awards at the 3rd Cross-Strait Mandarin Debate Competition Press Release
24/09/2012UM alumni gather on Alumni Day 2012 Press Release
21/09/2012UM holds welcoming reception for postgraduate students Campus News
21/09/2012UM professor and student attend annual meeting of China Association for Science and Technology Campus News
21/09/2012Whole-person education to improve students’ soft and hard skills Campus News
20/09/2012English Festival to open in October Campus News
19/09/2012UM alumnus and former deputy chairman of Haitong International Securities Group gives a lecture at UM Press Release
19/09/2012UM awards 6 million dollars in scholarships to top students Press Release
19/09/2012FST wins two best paper awards at ICDIM 2012 Press Release
19/09/2012Peking University professor gives a lecture at UM Press Release
19/09/2012Prof. Robert Kegan of Harvard Graduate School of Education speaks on “immunity to change” Press Release
18/09/2012UM Students Commemorate the “September 18 Incident” Press Release
17/09/2012UM Distinguished Lecture Series - The 26th Lecture: “ The Capital of Hong Kong – The evolution of Hong Kong financial market in the past four decades ”Press Invitation
17/09/2012UM professor appointed the first chief researcher in history discipline by Social Sciences Academic Press Press Release
14/09/2012PJC organizes field trip to observe Hong Kong Legislative Council Election Press Release
13/09/2012“Who is the Dietary Expert?” kicks off Healthy University Week Press Release
13/09/2012Prof. Min Weifang from Peking University to give a Distinguished Lecture at UM next Tuesday Press Release
12/09/2012First batch of HC graduates accepted by multinational companies and top universities Press Release
12/09/2012Gansu province vice governor visits UM Press Release
10/09/2012Presentation of Certificate of Admission Ceremony for Class of 2015 in UM’s Honours CollegePress Invitation
10/09/2012Former Haitong International Securities Group chief executive to give a lecture at UM Press Release
07/09/2012Descendant of Matteo Ricci‎’s good friend to give a lecture at UM Press Release
07/09/2012UM launches strategies to enhance international competitiveness in a more globalized society Press Release
06/09/2012UM Prof. Liu Jianhong invited to be the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council member again Press Release
05/09/2012HC organizes a Group Identity Building Camp Press Release
04/09/2012UM participates in a national badminton tournament Press Release
04/09/2012Seven UM students of history to pursue further studies at renowned overseas universities Press Release
03/09/2012Professional training programmes prove popular with new and experienced teachers Press Release
03/09/2012UM sports teams win prizes at HKU100 Intervarsity Fest Campus News

31/08/2012UM wins second prize at a national science contest Press Release
31/08/2012World-renowned scholar Prof. Haydn Chen appointed UM’s first vice rector for student affairs Press Release
28/08/2012New academic year starts Press Release
21/08/2012HC students organize leadership exchange trip to CUHK Press Release
20/08/2012FST professors visit Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Press Release
17/08/2012One, two, three…welcome to UM! Press Release
16/08/2012UM Alumni Day 2012 now open for registration Press Release
15/08/2012UM students do volunteer teaching in Taiwan Press Release
14/08/2012UM’s Martial Arts Team wins 18 gold and 2 silver at an international competition Press Release
13/08/2012UM now the 1st non-mainland university to directly recruit students from mainland universities for postgraduate studies Press Release
13/08/2012UM sports teams win prizes in Hong Kong Press Release
08/08/2012UM collaborates with Tung Sin Tong on study of Macao’s modern history of philanthropy Press Release
06/08/2012UM graduate receives scholarship from NICTA to study in Australia Press Release
03/08/2012UM Library organizes training course in how to use e-resources Press Release

31/07/2012Summer camping with robots Press Release
29/07/2012Quantity and quality of UM applicants hit new highs Press Release
27/07/2012UM’s PhD student wins best paper award at ICSSE 2012 Press Release
26/07/2012UM String Orchestra does well at Macao Young Musicians Competition Press Release
25/07/2012UM teams win prizes at Biennial Intervarsity Games Press Release
24/07/2012UM comes 2nd at Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships Press Release
23/07/2012HC students organize voluntary teaching trip to Guangzhou Press Release
20/07/2012Shaanxi Normal University students: visit to Macao worthwhile Press Release
20/07/2012Learning Commons: An Ideal Space for Free Discussion Press Release
19/07/2012Three ICMS PhD candidates pass oral defenses with flying colours Press Release
18/07/2012Robot amuses audiences at Science and Technology Week 2012 Press Release
18/07/2012GCREC’s 4th annual conference ends Press Release
17/07/2012UM holds sharing session on the Sports Competition of Public Entities 2012 Press Release
17/07/2012UM and CUHK co-organize the 1st cultural exchange summer camp Press Release
17/07/2012UM professor gives a keynote speech at the Stockholm Criminology Symposium Press Release
13/07/2012UM’s PhD students win Excellent Paper Awards Press Release
12/07/2012iINTERACT apple of the judges’ eye at Amway Cup Press Release
11/07/2012Participants of Tsinghua’s HK Macao Studies summer programme visit Macao Press Release
06/07/2012Gaining a Head Start upon Graduation Press Release
06/07/2012New issue of umagazine released Press Release
04/07/2012UM’s Bachelor of Science in Finance recognized by CFA Institute Press Release
04/07/2012UM’s History Club members visit Xi’an and Luoyang Press Release
02/07/2012The fourth annual conference of the Global Chinese Real Estate Congress (GCREC)Press Invitation
02/07/2012Dr. Yu Xiaoming appointed UM’s first dean of students Press Release

29/06/2012The 26th Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Programme to open next Monday Press Release
28/06/2012UM PhD student wins best student research paper award Press Release
27/06/2012GCREC’s 4th annual conference to open next Tuesday Press Release
27/06/2012UM faculty attend a major international conference on general education and curriculum reform Press Release
27/06/2012UM’s dragon boat team and basketball team win prizes again Press Release
26/06/2012UM to hold activities to promote Brazilian culture Press Release
26/06/2012UM wins numerous prizes at Macao Science and Technology Awards Press Release
22/06/2012CE encourages UM to continue contributing to Macao and China’s development Press Release
22/06/2012Kluwer Law International publishes UM professor’s book Press Release
21/06/2012Cambridge’s former vice-chancellor visits UM Press Release
20/06/2012The 32nd UM-hosted ICDCS attracts over 200 participants Press Release
18/06/2012UM Anthem debuts at congregation ceremony Press Release
18/06/2012Gov’t will continue to support UM to win at the new start Press Release
16/06/2012UM’s science summer camp attracts 300 applications Press Release
15/06/2012UM to hold Congregation 2012 next Monday Press Release
15/06/2012UM wins MOP 6.5 million to launch EU Academic Programme for Macao Press Release
15/06/2012HC students visit Beijing and Tianjin Press Release
15/06/2012Opening Ceremony for UM’s FST Summer Camp Press Invitation
14/06/2012Official Trip to Chengdu for Early Admission and General Admission 2013/2014 Press Release
14/06/2012“Congregation 2012”Press Invitation
14/06/2012UM holds activities to promote scientific research Press Release
14/06/2012Understanding the Spirit of Taoist Tradition, PJCers Studied Tai Chi at Wu Dang Shan Press Release
13/06/2012EU Academic Programme Agreement Signing CeremonyPress Invitation
12/06/2012UM student awarded research fellowship by the Global Association of Risk Professionals Press Release
08/06/2012UM attaches importance to moral education Press Release
08/06/2012Postgraduate Summer School and Research Conference 2012 ends with success Press Release
07/06/2012UM students win 2nd prize at an Asia-Pacific civil engineering competition Press Release
06/06/2012UM holds two seminars on moral education Press Release
04/06/2012Seminar on “Students’ Character and Social Responsibility” with Secondary School PrincipalsPress Invitation
04/06/2012Seminar on “Ethics and Integrity of University Students” with Post-secondary StudentsPress Invitation
02/06/2012FST exhibits students’ final year projects Press Release
01/06/2012UM holds “Heart Breathing” activity to promote mental health Press Release
01/06/2012UM String Orchestra performs in Taiwan Press Release

31/05/2012FST Dean's Final Year Project List Presentation Ceremony and Project Exhibition 2012Press Invitation
31/05/2012The 5th international conference on analytical psychology and Chinese culture to open at UM Press Release
30/05/2012World Challenge Day: fifteen mins a day, fitness for life Press Release
25/05/2012Seminar on “Draft and Complementary Regulations of Urban Planning Law”Press Invitation
25/05/2012UM to hold a seminar on urban planning law Press Release
24/05/2012UM staff place second at the "Modern Cup" Table Tennis Competition 2012 Press Release
21/05/2012Macau Student Affairs Institute holds opening ceremony today Press Release
21/05/2012UM students win prizes at City Literary Creation Awards 2012 Press Release
18/05/2012UM holds student development activities to nurture graduates with expertise and integrity Press Release
18/05/2012Second Annual Review of Macau Gaming LawPress Invitation
18/05/2012‟Macau Student Affairs Institute” Opening CeremonyPress Invitation
15/05/2012A Public Lecture" Deng Xiaoping and Foreign Relations "Press Invitation
14/05/2012Sorting made simpler, green the only colour Press Release
14/05/2012Postgraduate Summer School and Conference 2012 now open for registration Press Release
10/05/2012FST holds career fair Press Release
09/05/2012Management of Europe’s largest electronic measuring instruments manufacturer visit UM Press Release
09/05/2012Harvard professor emeritus Ezra Vogel to give a lecture at UM Press Release
09/05/2012Admission Arrangements for UM’s Congregation 2012 Press Release
02/05/2012UM students win Outstanding Delegate Awards at AIMUN 2012 Press Release
02/05/2012Press Conference of “A Macroeconometric Model for Macao”Press Invitation

27/04/2012UM students raise money for schoolmate’s comatose brother Press Release
27/04/2012UM’s 5 science summer camps open for application soon Press Release
27/04/2012UM awards its sports teams and athletes Press Release
26/04/2012UM professor elected chairman of Asian Cinema Studies Society and appointed editor of Asian Cinema Press Release
26/04/2012HC holds the 1st Undergraduate Honours Project Symposium Press Release
25/04/2012Book launching ceremony for Macau Through 500 Years: Emergence and Development of an Untypical Chinese City held today Press Release
23/04/2012Cheong U: new campus planning good for educating quality graduates Press Release
23/04/2012UM’s master and PhD theses included in international thesis databases Press Release
20/04/2012Training course in Chinese medicine quality assurance hoped to boost mainland-Macao cooperation Press Release
Press Invitation
Press Kit
20/04/2012Launching Ceremony for Macau Development Atlas “Macau Through 500 Years: Emergency and Development of an Untypical Chinese City”Press Invitation
19/04/2012Opening Ceremony of "Pictorial View of the World—A Book Exhibition of UM Library’s Geography Collection & Mr. Vong Chau Son’s Donation"Press Invitation
18/04/20122012 Certificate Presentation and Closing Ceremony for the Training Course in Chinese Medicine Quality Assurance Press Invitation
16/04/2012Press Conference──Macao Visitor Profile Study, 2011Press Invitation
13/04/201225th lecture of the UM Distinguished Lecture Series: "Diversification of Macau Development under the Economic Complementarity of the Four Special Economic Zones and Administrative Regions"Press Invitation
13/04/2012UM awards outstanding long-serving staff Press Release
13/04/2012Cape Verde Minister Antonio Silva visits UM Press Release
13/04/2012UM student selected for the Strait Talk Taipei 2012 Press Release
13/04/2012Dublin Institute of Technology president visits FST Press Release
11/04/2012Director of the International Relations Office of ÉPM visits FST Press Release
10/04/2012Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of Cape Verde speaks in Distinguished Diplomatic & Consular Speakers Series 2012Press Invitation
10/04/2012Financial commentator Cho Chi Ming to give the 25th Distinguished Lecture Press Release

30/03/2012Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang visits UM Press Release
30/03/2012UM organizes “Charity Round Campus Run and Happy Walk” to raise funds for the Oasis Action Press Release
30/03/2012UM’s Symphonic Band and CUHK’s Chung Chi Wind Orchestra to co-hold a campus concert next Monday Press Release
30/03/2012Day of the Portuguese Language at UMPress Invitation
29/03/201231th “Lecture Hall of Times”- How to start a business?Press Invitation
29/03/2012UM’s vice rectors attend EduBuild Asia 2012 and share experience in new campus design Press Release
28/03/2012Representatives from China Computer Federation visit UM Press Release
28/03/2012UM String Orchestra to hold a campus concert next Monday Press Release
28/03/2012The South China Sea issue debated at the final of the 7th UM Mandarin Debate Contest Press Release
27/03/2012Seminar of "Cultural Diplomacy in Second or Foreign Language Teaching and Learning"Press Invitation
27/03/2012Book Launching Ceremony of “Introduction To Macaology: Essays for The First International Conference on Macaology” and “Annual Report on Economy and Society of Macao (2011-2012)” (Blue Book of Macao)Press Invitation
27/03/2012UM holds the 23rd and 24th distinguished lectures on China’s foreign affairs and international law Press Release
27/03/2012UM holds a series of “Love Is By Your Side” activities Press Release
26/03/2012UM’s first doctor of law publishes an academic monograph Press Release
26/03/2012UM launches Macao’s first-ever general education fair Press Release
23/03/2012UM's state key lab holds its 1st Academic Committee meeting Press Release
23/03/2012Opening Ceremony of Macau’s First Ever General Education FairPress Invitation
23/03/2012UM to hold a book launching ceremony for Introduction to Macaology: Essays for the First International Conference on Macaology and the Annual Report on Economy and Society of Macao (2011-2012) Press Release
22/03/2012UM scholar publishes an important paper on Macaology in Historical Research Press Release
22/03/2012Certificate Presentation Ceremony cum the First Meeting of the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSIPress Invitation
22/03/2012UM to hold Asia’s first comprehensive advanced course in student affairs Press Release
21/03/2012UM to hold a lecture on the origin and probable development of the financial crisis Press Release
21/03/201230th Lecture Hall of TimesPress Invitation
20/03/2012UM and the University of Toronto co-organizes a joint symposium on the breakthroughs and transformation of Macao SAR after its return to China Press Release
20/03/2012Mainland China’s oldest psychiatric hospital invites UM professor and student to give lectures Press Release
19/03/2012UM to hold the 23rd and 24th distinguished lectures on China’s foreign affairs and international law Press Release
16/03/2012March issue of My UM now available Press Release
14/03/2012UM’s career fair offers over 600 jobs for graduating students Press Release
14/03/2012A UM professor to join Brookings’ Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies for its spring 2012 fellowship programme Press Release
13/03/2012FED Dean Prof. Fan Xitao selected to be AERA Fellow Press Release
08/03/2012UM co-organizes “Great Lady, Stay Healthy” activity Press Release
07/03/2012UM’s Vice Rector Prof. Rui Martins receives diploma of corresponding member from the Portuguese Academy of Sciences Press Release
07/03/2012UM holds an expert forum to discuss implications of Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping’s visit to the U.S. Press Release
06/03/2012The New Campus: A Catalyst for a Quantum Leap Press Release
05/03/2012UM Library holds lectures on how to enhance academic reputation with social media Press Release
05/03/201222nd lecture of the UM Distinguished Lecture Series: "Anatomy of the Outlook and Challenges of RMB Internationalisation"Press Invitation
02/03/2012Hong Kong Wanchai District Councillor Yolanda Ng to share her community service experiences at UM next Monday Press Release
02/03/2012UM’s Mandarin Debate Team celebrates its 10th anniversary Press Release
01/03/2012CEO of HFT Investment Management (HK) Ltd to give the 22nd lecture of UM Distinguished Lecture Series: "Anatomy of the Outlook and Challenges of RMB Internationalization" on Wednesday Press Release

28/02/2012Recipients of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award share research experience with secondary school students Press Release
28/02/2012BOC president visits UM and hopes to have long-term cooperation with UM Press Release
27/02/2012UM’s Honours College Student Association organizes a beach cleaning activity to promote environmental protection Press Release
25/02/2012UM to hold a “Macao Chip by Macao People" - Sharing Session on the First State Scientific and Technological Progress Award for Macao next Tuesday Press Release
24/02/2012“Macao Chip by Macao People" - Sharing Session on the First State Scientific and Technological Progress Award for MacaoPress Invitation
24/02/2012HKUST’s founding President Prof. Chia-Wei Woo gives a doctor honoris causa lecture at UM Press Release
23/02/2012Nobel laureate in economic sciences Prof. Robert A. Mundell’s seminar at UM on the European debt dilemma’s impact on East Asia attracts over 1200 people Press Release
23/02/20124 UM professors selected for the National Science and Technology Programmes Expert Database Press Release
22/02/2012Doctor honoris causa Lecture entitled “Reminiscences on the Founding of HKUST: an Old Returnee’s Story”Press Invitation
22/02/2012Graduate Conference on “Culture and Identity in Times of Change”Press Invitation
21/02/2012International experts gather at Macao to discuss university governance Press Release
20/02/2012Renowned educator Prof. Chia-Wei Woo to reminisce on the founding of HKUST at a Doctor honoris causa Lecture at UM Press Release
20/02/2012UM postgraduates to host the Greater Pearl River Delta Graduate Conference Press Release
17/02/2012Distinguished Talk by Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences: The European Debt Dilemma and Its Impact on East Asia and the World EconomyPress Invitation
17/02/2012Father of the Euro and Nobel laureate to give a seminar at UM on the European debt dilemma’s impact on East Asia Press Release
17/02/2012Chen Yuan to share his views about how to create a world-class university at UM’s 27th Lecture Hall of Times Press Release
17/02/2012Experts from around the world to attend an international forum on university governance co-organized by UM and Tertiary Education Services Office Press Release
16/02/2012International Forum on University Governance: Keys to CompetitivenessPress Invitation
16/02/2012UM students win 2 silvers and 1 bronze at the 2nd Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao-Taiwan University Students Creative Plan Championship Press Release
15/02/2012UM gets the first second-class State Scientific and Technological Progress Award for Macao Press Release
15/02/2012UM organizes signature series of academic events Press Release
13/02/2012Agreement on a joint research centre for innovative TCM-based drugs inked Press Release
10/02/2012The Trend of the ‘University Governance’ Reform Press Release
10/02/2012UM delegation visits the Court of Final Appeal and the Public Prosecutions Office to exchange opinions on educating high-calibre legal specialists Press Release
06/02/2012UM’s Graduate School now an International Affiliate Member of the U.S.-based Council of Graduate Schools Press Release
06/02/2012Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Mr. Cheong U visits UM Press Release
06/02/2012Graduate School organizes a workshop on academic honesty for postgraduates Press Release
02/02/2012Hong Kong technical site visit held by IMechE-UMSU and AEM-UMSU Press Release
01/02/2012International conference on China’s grand strategy and diplomatic transformationPress Invitation
01/02/2012UM to hold an international conference on China’s grand strategy and diplomatic transformation on Friday Press Release
01/02/2012UM and Special Olympics Macau to co-organize a forum on special education this Saturday Press Release

30/01/2012The 21st UM Distinguished Lecture Series - "Creativity Management"Press Invitation
27/01/2012"Creator of the Happy Sheep" - Mr. Lo Wing Keung to host the 21st Lecture of UM Distinguished Lecture Series Press Release
22/01/2012UM mainland students celebrate Lunar New Year with teachers Press Release
20/01/2012UM co-holds a forum on cross-strait relations after Taiwan’s election Press Release
18/01/2012PJC members visit Taiwan for academic exchange Press Release
18/01/2012UM and ICAS Secretariat sign a cooperation agreement on UM’s hosting the 8th ICAS next year Press Release
18/01/2012UM students get a gold and a bronze at the 11th Asian Indoor Cycling Championship Press Release
13/01/2012Experts take UM’s pulse and discuss how to build a world-class university Press Release
13/01/2012UM student receives the 2nd prize of Young Scholars Award at the 6th International Conference on Contemporary Chinese Grammar Press Release
13/01/2012Scholars from mainland China and Taiwan to attend a forum at UM to explore the future of cross-strait relations after Taiwan’s election Press Release
10/01/2012“Responsible Gambling 2011"Closing Ceremony & DinnerPress Invitation
10/01/2012UM PhD student’s project sponsored by the National Social Science Fund rated excellent Press Release
10/01/2012UM delegation visits the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macao SAR Press Release
09/01/201220th lecture of the University of Macau (UM) Distinguished Lecture SeriesPress Invitation
09/01/2012UM’s HC organizes a team building camp to cultivate leadership skills and team spirit Press Release
06/01/2012The 1st Academic Forum for PhD Students from Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China opens at UM Press Release
06/01/2012UM student wins second prize at the 5th Forum for Postgraduates of Politics and Public Administration from Central China Universities Press Release
06/01/2012Former Commissioner for Census and Statistics of Hong Kong SAR Mr. Fung Hing-Wang to give the 20th lecture of the UM Distinguished Lecture Series Press Release
05/01/2012UM student Chu Chi Wai awarded Order of Merit in Sport by Macao SAR government Press Release
04/01/2012UM student gets bronze again at the Hallenrad Champions Trophy with an Asian-record-breaking score Press Release

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