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30/12/2011UMAGAZINE Issue 5 is now released Press Release
30/12/2011A Place for Knowledge Creation, A Cradle of Future Leaders──UM’s Honours College Press Release
23/12/2011UM holds an international workshop on scientific computing Press Release
23/12/2011UM publishes a collection of works by UM students Press Release
21/12/2011HC’s Student Association holds turnover ceremony and pre-departure gathering for the 2nd batch of HC students Press Release
21/12/2011UM invites the president of National Chengchi University to share experience in residential colleges and general education Press Release
19/12/2011Drug Administration of Shenzhen Municipality deputy director visits UM’s QRCM Lab Press Release
19/12/2011UM win two first prizes at China’s most influential English speaking contest “FLTRP Cup” Press Release
16/12/2011UM Rector Wei Zhao receives Outstanding Technical Achievement and Leadership Award from IEEE TCRTS Press Release
16/12/2011UM appoints world-renowned scholar of law Prof. Shijian Mo dean of its Faculty of Law Press Release
15/12/2011UM wins three prizes at the 7th Macao-Hong Kong-Guangdong Forum for International Relations Students Press Release
13/12/2011General Education - Challenges Still Lie Ahead Press Release
12/12/2011Introduction of Macau Atlas " Macau Through 500 Years: Emergency and Development of an untypical Chinese City"Press Invitation
12/12/2011Consulate General of Chile in Hong Kong donates books to UM Library Press Release
09/12/2011UM wins championship at the 6th Macao-Zhuhai Inter-varsity Badminton Contest Press Release
09/12/2011UM students’ three papers all accepted by “Asia’s Chip Olympics” Press Release
09/12/2011Winners of the first IEEE MTT-S High School Wireless Apps Competition announced Press Release
07/12/2011UM holds the first QRCM Lab Academic Committee meeting Press Release
07/12/2011UM Prof. Wu Mei and student Wang Qinglin receive academic prizes from the China New Media Communication Association Press Release
06/12/2011Soka Gakkai International of Macau donates 600 books to UM Library Press Release
05/12/2011Vice Minister of Health of PRC visits UM and voices 5 expectations for traditional Chinese medicine Press Release
05/12/201126th “Lecture Hall of Times”Press Invitation
05/12/2011UM’s FED to hold a 2-day forum and workshop on "Adolescent World: Life, Learning & Adaptation” Press Release
05/12/2011Former Director of Information Department Mr. Wu Jianmin and his wife to gave a talk at the 26th “Lecture Hall of Times” at UM Press Release
03/12/2011World-renowned mathematician Prof. Shing-Tung Yau gives a talk on “string theory and the geometry of the universe’s hidden dimensions” at UM Press Release
02/12/2011Ceremony for Donation of Books to the University of Macau LibraryPress Invitation
02/12/2011UM students win numerous prizes at the Macao Economic Thesis Competition Press Release
01/12/2011UM holds an international conference on “library building and effective use of its space” Press Release
01/12/2011UM Fencing Team wins numerous awards at the 17th National University Fencing Championship Press Release
01/12/2011UM University Council Chair Dr. Tse talks about the 2nd charter revision and the meaning of life at the 19th Lecture of UM’s Distinguished Lecture Series Press Release
01/12/2011UM’s 30th Anniversary Lecture Series – “The Shape of Inner Space” Press Invitation

29/11/2011International Conference on "Library Building and the Effective Use of Its Space"Press Invitation
29/11/2011The 4th International Conference on “The Legal Reforms of Macau in Global Context - Social Right and Environmental Protection”Press Invitation
29/11/2011UM PhD candidate Liu Chao finishes internship at WHO’s headquarters Press Release
28/11/2011The 4th International Conference on “The Legal Reforms of Macau in Global Context - Social Right and Environmental Protection” to open at UM Press Release
28/11/2011University Council Chair Dr. Tse Chi Wai to give the 19th Lecture of UM’s Distinguished Lecture Series this Wednesday Press Release
28/11/2011Buddhist Hung Sean Chau Memorial College delegation visits UM Press Release
28/11/2011UM holds folk song concert Press Release
25/11/2011World-renowned scientist Prof. Francisco J. Ayala talks about science and religion with UM’s EAC students during EAC “Master’s Tea” Press Release
25/11/2011UM Lecture Hall of Times XXVPress Invitation
25/11/2011World-renowned mathematician Prof. Shing-Tung Yau to give a talk on “string theory and the geometry of the universe’ hidden dimensions” at UM Press Release
25/11/2011FST students win 2nd prize at the 8th National Postgraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling Press Release
24/11/2011Head of the Department of Consular Affairs Huang Ping to give a talk on consular protection and consular services Press Release
24/11/2011UM holds the 2nd international affairs knowledge contest Press Release
23/11/2011UM holds Scholarship and Rector's Honor List Presentation Ceremony 2012 Press Release
21/11/2011UM Library holds an illustrated talk on the centenary of the Revolution of 1911 Press Release
18/11/2011Symposium on "Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2012 of the Macau Special Administrative Region"Press Invitation
18/11/2011UM’s YAIA visits the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of PRC in Macao SAR Press Release
17/11/2011UM holds the 24th Lecture Hall of Times “Romantic Love Is a School: On Romantic Love and Individual Growth” Press Release
16/11/2011Conference on the Development Strategy of Tourism and Leisure Industry in Macao Press Invitation
16/11/2011The plenary annual meeting 2011 of the editorial board of Science China: Information Sciences opens at Macao for the first time Press Release
16/11/2011UM experts to dissect CE’s Policy Address 2012 next Monday Press Release
15/11/2011UM to hold a concert to celebrate the 30th anniversary Press Release
15/11/2011China Association for Science and Technology Executive Vice Chairman Chen Xi visits UM Press Release
14/11/2011UM kicks off the 5th Healthy University Week Press Release
11/11/2011Launch Ceremony of Healthy University Week 2011Press Invitation
11/11/2011UM to hold a conference on strategies for developing Macao into a top world tourist destination Press Release
11/11/2011UM holds the International Seminar on Wai-lim Yip and New Literature in Chinese Press Release
11/11/2011UM’s FST invited to visit the College of Engineering at NCTU Press Release
10/11/2011Representatives of China Law Society visit UM Press Release
10/11/2011UM holds the International Seminar on Jin Yong and New Literature in Chinese Press Release
10/11/2011Executive Vice Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology Chen Xi to visit Macao Press Release
10/11/2011A UM delegation led by Vice Rector Prof. Ho visits CUHK on General Education Press Release
09/11/2011Mr. Lei Seng Chon gives a lecture on “Sun Yat-Sen Thought and the Guiding Spirit for Running a Newspaper” at UM Press Release
09/11/2011Pearl Jubilee College members visit Hong Kong to watch district council election Press Release
09/11/2011PhD student Wong Hang Cheong gets bronze again at the UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships with an Asian-record-breaking score Press Release
09/11/2011UM holds closing ceremony for the 1st Advanced Diploma in Gaming Management Programme and the 6th Diploma in Casino Management Programme Press Release
05/11/2011UM holds the Ceremony for Conferment of Honorary Degrees and Higher Degrees 2011 Press Release
05/11/20111000-plus people celebrate UM’s birthday at the 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner Press Release
04/11/2011UM’s 30th Anniversary Lecture Series: Renowned scientist Prof. Francisco J. Ayala gives a lecture “Science and Religion: Conflict or Concert?” at UM Press Release
04/11/2011Graduation ceremony on Diploma in Casino management and Advanced Diploma in Gaming ManagementPress Invitation
04/11/2011Renowned scientist Prof. Francisco J. Ayala to give a lecture “Science and Religion: Conflict or Concert?” at UM Press Release
04/11/2011UM holds the 9th Portuguese Speech Contest Press Release
03/11/2011World-renowned scholar Prof. Ng Yew-Kwang to give a lecture on the common mistakes in economics at UM Press Release
01/11/2011“Science and Religion: Conflict or Concert?”-UM’s 30th anniversary Lecture Series: Doctor honoris cause LecturePress Invitation
01/11/2011UM’s Library holds a series of cultural exhibitions and activities Press Release
01/11/2011Conference series on education development in Chinese communities to open at UM Press Release

31/10/2011UM Prof. Zhao Guoqiang wins second prize at the "Ke-Chang Ma Cup" National Excellent Criminal Law Paper Award of the China Law Society Press Release
28/10/201130th Anniversary Gala Dinner of UMPress Invitation
28/10/2011Ceremony for Conferment of Honorary Degrees and Higher Degrees 2011Press Invitation
28/10/2011Responsible Gambling 2011 Kick-off CeremonyPress Invitation
28/10/2011The Macao Chinese Orchestra to give a UM Campus Concert on 7 November Press Release
28/10/2011UM students win 2 first prizes at the 12th Challenge Cup Press Release
28/10/2011UM’s Department of Portuguese to organize a talk next Monday and Tuesday Press Release
27/10/2011UM’s English Debating Team wins the championship of the Macao Inter-Tertiary Debate Competition for the fourth straight time Press Release
27/10/2011Modern history expert Prof. John Y. Wong to give a lecture “Re-tracing the Footsteps of Sun Yat-sen in Macao, 1892-1893” at UM Press Release
27/10/2011UM and Bank of China co-organizes e-business talk series to spread financial knowledge Press Release
27/10/2011UM students get excellent results at the 41st WorldSkills Competition Press Release
26/10/2011“A Study of the Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine” - 2011 Distinguished Chinese Scientists Lecture SeriesPress Invitation
26/10/2011Press Conference on “Conference Series on Education Development in Chinese Society – Dialogues on Education”Press Invitation
26/10/2011The 3rd Cross-Straits Pension System Forum opens Press Release
25/10/2011The Third Cross Straits Pension System ForumPress Invitation
25/10/2011“A Study of the Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine” - 2011 Distinguished Chinese Scientists Lecture SeriesPress Invitation
25/10/2011Responsible Gambling Forum: Operation and BehaviorPress Invitation
25/10/2011UM’s FBA signs MOU with the Canadian Certified General Accountants Association of Hong Kong Press Release
25/10/2011Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhang Boli to give a talk of the 2011 Distinguished Chinese Scientists Lecture Series at UM this Saturday Press Release
25/10/2011UM Rector Wei Zhao returns from academic visits in the U.S. Press Release
24/10/2011The 2nd International Conference on Macaology opens in Lisbon Press Release
24/10/2011Documentaries by UM students win prizes at the Dream Project Activity Press Release
21/10/2011UM to confer honorary doctorates upon three distinguished individuals next month Press Release
21/10/2011Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding between Canadian Certified General Accountants Association of Hong Kong and Faculty of Business Administration, the University of MacauPress Invitation
20/10/2011Admission Arrangements for the Ceremony for Conferment of Honorary Degrees and Higher Degrees 2011 of the University of Macau Press Release
20/10/2011Highest-performance-ever three-stage CMOS amplifier to be presented at ISSCC 2012 (Chip Olympic) Press Release
18/10/2011UM’s Youth Association of International Affairs holds a seminar on the historical significance of the Revolution of 1911 Press Release
18/10/2011UM PhD student Mr. Feng Kun wins second prize at the 10th National Excellent Paper Competition on Pharmaceutical Analysis Press Release
17/10/2011The Report on the Study of Human Trafficking in Macao is out Press Release
17/10/2011UM members take part in a classical poetry recitation in Hong Kong Press Release
17/10/2011I have full confidence in UM’s future development, says former Party Secretary of Peking University Prof. Min Weifang Press Release
14/10/2011UM Library holds a seminar on the management of academic libraries in the 21st century Press Release
14/10/2011The 2nd International Conference on Macaology to open in Lisbon on 19 October Press Release
13/10/2011UM’s East Asia College visit an elderly home on Chung Yeung Festival Press Release
13/10/2011UM Alumnus Mr. Wu Liangxing to give a talk about bank management and public service at UM Press Release
13/10/2011Press Invitation
12/10/20112011 UM Lecture Hall of Times XXIIIPress Invitation
12/10/2011UM Charter Revision Task Force travels to Portugal to borrow Portuguese experience in higher education reform Press Release
12/10/2011Press Conference of the Report on the Study of Human Trafficking in MacaoPress Invitation
10/10/2011UM Prof. Philip Chen appointed honorary professor by Obuda University in Hungary Press Release
07/10/2011Palestra: “A transferência de Macau - um caso de retrocesso e não de descolonização: implicações para a Região Administrativa Especial”Press Invitation
07/10/2011UM’s Department of Portuguese to organize a talk next Wednesday Press Release
07/10/2011UM’s YAIA holds welcome party for new members and expert forum on current international affairs Press Release
06/10/2011Financial management specialist Mr. Eddie Wang to give a lecture at UM next Monday Press Release
06/10/201118th Lecture of Distinguished Lecture Series - “My Experience in China’s Banking Industry”Press Invitation

30/09/2011World-renowned scholar Prof. Ng Yew Kwang talks about evolutionism and creationism at UM Press Release
30/09/2011UM kicks off UM Anthem Lyrics Material Contest Press Release
30/09/2011Seminar -“How did our universe come about?”Press Invitation
30/09/2011UM PhD student Li Shang wins the First Prize Award in biomedical science at the 13th annual conference of the China Association for Science and Technology Press Release
27/09/2011FST students win championship at the Schneider Electric Energy Efficiency Cup for the 2nd straight year Press Release
27/09/2011IMechE-UMSU officially inaugurated Press Release
26/09/2011Responsible Gambling 2011 Kick-off CeremonyPress Invitation
26/09/2011Recipient of the 2007 Distinguished Fellow Award of the Economic Society of Australia Prof. Ng Yew Kwang to give a lecture on the origin of universe at UM Press Release
23/09/2011UM kicks off the 2011 International Fair: UM Goes Global Press Release
22/09/2011The newly-appointed Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC in Macao SAR Mr. Hu Zhengyue voices support for UM's development Press Release
19/09/2011UM’s Dragon Boat Team wins the championship at Macau Small Dragon Boat Mid-Autumn Festival Cup Press Release
19/09/2011The 17th Lecture of UM Distinguished Lecture Series – "The Way of Harmony: Its Values and Relations to Traditional and Chinese Medicine Cultures"Press Invitation
16/09/2011UM Lecture Hall of Times Press Invitation
16/09/2011Director of New Weekly to give a talk at UM next Monday Press Release
16/09/2011Chinese medicine specialist Prof. Yeung Hin Wing to give a lecture at UM next Wednesday Press Release
15/09/2011UMPA’s Welcome Party has ended Press Release
15/09/2011UM’s Honours College admits 39 outstanding students this year Press Release
15/09/2011UM organizes IEEE MTT-S High School Wireless Apps Competition for technology popularization in response to growing demand for mobile Apps development professionals Press Release
12/09/2011Presentation of Certificate of Admission Ceremony for Class of 2014 in UM’s Honours CollegePress Invitation
12/09/2011Responsible Gambling 2011Press Invitation
12/09/2011UM Charter Revision Task Force visits Hong Kong and Singapore to study the governance modes of universities there Press Release
09/09/2011Cerimónia de Abertura do Curso de Gestão de Saneamento e Saúde Pública dos Países de Língua Portuguesa do Centro de Formação do Fórum de MacauPress Invitation
09/09/2011Outcome of the “Macao Tertiary Education Database” Survey Lucky Draw 2011 is out Press Release
09/09/2011Representatives from China Zhi Gong Party Central Committee visit UM Press Release
07/09/2011A welcoming reception for new master and PhD students will be held Press Release
02/09/2011UM Prof. Li Yangmin’s research project on vibration damping mechanism receives funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China Press Release
01/09/2011Civil Engineering Summer Camp 2011 organized by UM’s FST ends Press Release

30/08/2011UM rector urges year-1 students to make the most of the 4 university years Press Release
30/08/2011UM Rector Wei Zhao visits China Association for Science and Technology Press Release
24/08/2011UM delegation visits master of sinology Prof. Jao Tsung I Press Release
23/08/2011UM wins championship at the Intervarsity Cantonese Debate Contest for the 3rd straight year Press Release
23/08/2011Macao Visitor Profile Study (Half Yearly Report to 30 June 2011)Press Invitation
22/08/2011Prof. Zhu Shoutong receives academic research grants from Cultural Affairs Bureau Press Release
18/08/2011CTLE to hold 11 free workshops to help enhance teaching skills Press Release
16/08/2011Dr. Lewis Tam and MBA graduate Mr. Li Yufei win the GTA Best Paper Award at AsianFA International Conference 2011 Press Release
15/08/2011The IEEE International Courses for Wireless Technology Professionals - Wireless Communication Antennas, Circuits and Systems end Press Release
03/08/2011UM Prof. Yuen Ka Veng receives Young Investigator Award from International Chinese Association for Computational Mechanics Press Release

29/07/2011Jorge Álvares Foundation and UM sign agreement on prizes and scholarships Press Release
28/07/2011Closing ceremony for the 25th Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Program to be held this Friday Press Release
26/07/2011International Conference on “Macao, Guangdong and Southeast Asia during the Age of Exploration”Press Invitation
26/07/2011International Conference on Macao, Guangdong and South East Asia During the Age of Exploration to open at UM on Thursday Press Release
26/07/2011UM members’ paper published as cover story in Molecular Biosystems Press Release
25/07/2011UM professor earns best paper award at an international conference on service system and service management Press Release
25/07/2011Press Conference -- "III SIMELP - World Symposium on Portuguese Language Studies"Press Invitation
22/07/2011World-renowned scholar Prof. Fan Xitao takes up office as the new dean of UM’s FED    Press Release
15/07/2011UM wins championship at the 5th Intervarsity Chinese Debate Tournament, Asia-Pacific Open Press Release
15/07/2011Renowned Chinese martial arts novelist Dr. Louis Cha receives honorary doctoral degree from UM Press Release
14/07/2011 “The Adventure of Plants, The Portuguese and the first Globalization” Exhibition to be held at UM next Monday Press Release
08/07/2011Conference on "The Exhibition Economy and the Development of Macao"Press Invitation
07/07/2011UM Prof. Liu Jianhong invited to attend Stockholm Prize in Criminology presentation ceremony Press Release
07/07/2011Asian Finance Association International Conference 2011Press Invitation
06/07/2011UM’s Fencing Team and Dragon Boat Team win numerous prizes in Hong Kong Press Release
06/07/2011Asian Finance Association International Conference 2011 to open Press Release
05/07/2011UM students Cheong Se Hang and Lee Kai Ip win gold prize at the Amway Computer Project Contest for University Students 2011 Press Release
05/07/2011UM holds the 1st international advisory committee meeting to solicit expert opinions on future development Press Release
01/07/2011Opening Ceremony for the 25th Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Program to be held Press Release

27/06/2011UM students win 1st runner-up (tertiary level) at the Interactive Exhibit Software Design Contest Press Release
27/06/2011UM’s sports teams receive numerous prizes at korfball and volleyball competitions in Hong Kong Press Release
27/06/2011UM’s postdoctoral fellow Dr. Zhao Jing receives travel award for an international conference HPLC2011 in Hungary Press Release
23/06/2011UM students attend NMUN conference 2011 Press Release
23/06/2011International Conference on Women and Gender in Chinese Religions ends with success Press Release
22/06/2011UM’s power electronics research team receives a national invention patent Press Release
22/06/2011UM’s Cantonese Debating Team wins the Hong Kong – Macao Cantonese Debate Invitational Contest Press Release
20/06/2011UM kicks off the FST Summer Camp 2011 Press Release
20/06/2011UM Library holds Best Book Design Exhibition Press Release
17/06/2011UM students attend NMUN conference 2011 Press Release
17/06/2011UMAGAZINE Issue 4 is now released Press Release
16/06/2011Learn and Have Fun in Here --The University of Macau’s Pilot Residential College Programme Press Release
16/06/2011UM student Choi Sut Ian places 9th at the FINA World Championships 2011 Press Release
15/06/2011Open Day organized by UM’s two RCs attracts on-the-spot enrollment Press Release
15/06/2011 “2011 FST Summer Camp Opening Ceremony”Press Invitation
15/06/2011The Second International Conference on Macaology to be held in Lisbon this October Press Release
14/06/2011International Conference on Women and Gender in Chinese Religions to open at UM Press Release
10/06/2011UM’s state key lab receives two more US patents in microelectronics Press Release
08/06/2011UM students win 1st and 2nd runner-ups at Macau International Dragon Boat Races 2011 Press Release
08/06/2011UM faculty rated excellent by students Press Release
07/06/2011UM student Fan Xing wins first prize at City Literary Awards 2011 Press Release
04/06/2011UM holds FST final year project exhibition 2011 Press Release
03/06/2011UM English Debating Team takes 1st runner-up at the 15th FLTRP-BOC Cup National English Debating Competition Press Release
03/06/2011UM holds seminar on responsible gambling Press Release
01/06/2011FST Final Year Project Exhibition 2011Press Invitation
01/06/2011"3rd Asian Pacific Problem Gambling and Addictions Conference 2011”- Macao SessionPress Invitation

31/05/2011A UM team wins the second best prize at an entrepreneurial competition Press Release
27/05/2011UM is committed to research excellence, says Rector Wei Zhao at UM’s congregation 2011 Press Release
26/05/2011UM alumnus and famous HK actress Ms. Maggie Chan gives a talk to a full-house audience at UM Press Release
25/05/2011UM responds to “World Challenge Day 2011” Press Release
25/05/2011UM presents long service awards to 204 staff Press Release
24/05/2011“Congregation 2011”Press Invitation
24/05/2011UM signs a cooperation agreement with UFMG Press Release
23/05/2011UM organizes staff visit to Sao Jose Ka Ho School Press Release
20/05/2011UM wins championship at the 2nd Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Inter-School Debate Competition Press Release
19/05/2011UM presents best athletes awards Press Release
18/05/2011UM professors and Mr. Jin Guoping wins Book Nomination Award at Chinese Government Award for Publishing 2011 Press Release
18/05/2011Director of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences gives a lecture at UM Press Release
17/05/2011Conference on journals of humanities and the promotion of cultural development holds at UM Press Release
17/05/20113rd Annual Conference of the World Accounting Frontiers Series (WAFS)Press Invitation
16/05/2011UMDF receives a donation of MOP 200 million from Wynn Resorts (Macau) S.A. Press Release
13/05/2011UM holds seminar on “New University Campus and Learning Commons” Press Release
13/05/2011The 3rd annual conference of the World Accounting Frontiers Series to open at UM next Wednesday Press Release
13/05/2011UM Lecture Hall of Times XXIPress Invitation
13/05/2011Donation Ceremony of Wynn Resorts (Macau) S.A.Press Invitation
12/05/2011Famous HK actress Ms. Maggie Chan to give a talk at UM next Monday Press Release
12/05/2011Conference on “Toward an East Asian Community: a Myth or Reality”Press Invitation
12/05/2011Conference on journals of humanities and promotion of cultural development opens at UM Press Release
11/05/2011UM professor’s paper published by Annalen der Physik Press Release
11/05/2011UM’s Congregation 2011 to be held on 27 May Press Release
06/05/2011An international conference on East Asian Community to open at UM next Friday Press Release
05/05/2011UM student wins Outstanding Delegate Award at Beijing Model UN 2011 Press Release
04/05/2011Talk on the development of Macao’s publishing sector in 2010 and the University of Macau’s first-quarter new book launch ceremonyPress Invitation
04/05/2011Tertiary Education Database: Bachelor Degree Graduates (One Year after Graduation) Survey to be launched in May Press Release
04/05/2011UM students win prizes at the 21st “Feng Ru Cup” College Students Academic and Scientific Works Competition Press Release
03/05/2011Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Portugal Mr. Mariano Gago visits UM and witnesses the signing of an MOU on Macau-Portugal university knowledge network Press Release
03/05/2011UM students win a haul of 9 medals in Macau Open Taekwondo Championships Press Release

29/04/2011The Visit of Prof. Jose Mariano Gago, minister of Science and Technology and Higher Education of Portugal to UM and the MoU Signing Ceremony for “Macau Portugal University Knowledge Network for Research and Advanced Studies"Press Invitation
29/04/2011Master Hsing Yun’s talk on the philosophy of life holds a full-house audience spellbound Press Release
29/04/2011Commercial and Economic Law in Macau co-authored by UM Prof. Fan Jianhong and Portuguese Prof. Alexandre Dias Pereira published Press Release
28/04/2011UM wins championship at the 12th UM-HKUST Cup Sports Challenge Competition Press Release
28/04/2011UM rector and vice rector attend centenary celebrations for Tsinghua University in Beijing and National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan Press Release
27/04/2011UM holds Career Fair 2011 Press Release
27/04/2011Master Hsing Yun to give a talk about the philosophy of life and earthly wealth at UM Press Release
26/04/2011Talk by Master Hsing Yun – “Things You Need to Know about Earthly Wealth”Press Invitation
26/04/2011Former Macao governors Garcia Leandro and Carlos Melancia visit UM Press Release
25/04/2011UM students win numerous prizes at the 17th Macao Inter-varsity Games - Track and Field Competition Press Release
21/04/2011UM holds book launch ceremony for Chair Professor Yang Yi’s four books on Pre-Qin philosophers in Beijing Press Release
21/04/2011Tertiary Education Services Office representatives visit UM Press Release
21/04/2011UM will organize science summer camps Press Release
21/04/2011UM team places third at the 8th KPMG Corporate Culture Case Analysis Competition Press Release
20/04/2011UM’s Mandarin Debate Team" Fu Yun" wins championship at the 6th UM Mandarin Debate Contest Press Release
20/04/2011UM’s Mandarin Debate Team advances to Semi-Final of the 2nd Guangdong Hong Kong and Macau Inter-School Debate Competition Press Release
20/04/2011Macao SAR CE recognizes UM’s achievements and pledges full support at UA/UC joint meeting Press Release
19/04/2011Briefing Session for “FST Summer Camp 2011"Press Invitation
19/04/2011Macao Orchestra performs “Enchantment Eastern Europe” at UM Press Release
18/04/2011Launching Ceremony for “Restoration of the Leading Philosophers from the Pre-Qin Period” Book Series and Seminar on the Studies of Classic WorksPress Invitation
18/04/2011Two UM students win best paper awards at the First Intercollegiate Conference on History and Society in East Asia Press Release
18/04/2011UM students Zhang Yan and Zhang Yiran to study at the University of Iowa on full PhD scholarships Press Release
15/04/2011Opening Ceremony of“Zhaoqing’s Treasure -- Exhibition on the Duan Inkstone of Contemporary China”Press Invitation
15/04/2011UM students organize forum to discuss current affairs Press Release
15/04/2011Chairman of HK Linux Chamber of Commerce Mr. Alan Kan to share business experience Press Release
13/04/2011Director of the Palace Museum Zheng Xinmiao visits UM to discuss the studies of the Forbidden City and Macaology Press Release
13/04/2011UM students win numerous prizes at the 8th Macau Karate-Do Gojo Ryu Ohshikai Championship Press Release
13/04/2011First Portuguese course for future Mandarin teachers to end tomorrow Press Release
12/04/2011UM holds book launch ceremony for Chair Prof. Yangyi’s four 920,000-word books on Pre-Qin philosophers Press Release
12/04/2011UM hosts international conference on computational mechanics and computational methods in engineering and science Press Release
11/04/2011UM to hold talks and workshops to draw people’s attention to the important of voice Press Release
11/04/201116th Lecture of UM Distinguished Lecture Series: “Overview of Global Political Structures”Press Invitation
11/04/2011Mr. Ronnie C. Chan to give a lecture at the 16th Distinguished Lecture Series at UM next Wednesday Press Release
08/04/2011The Forum on the Development of Hengqin New AreaPress Invitation
08/04/2011LaunchingCeremony for “Restoration of the Leading Philosophers from the Pre-Qin Period” Book SeriesPress Invitation
08/04/2011UM donates MOP 70,000 for earthquake victims in Japan Press Release
07/04/2011Vice Chairman of NPC Standing Committee visits UM Press Release
06/04/2011UM members win Emerald/IACMR Chinese Management Research Fund Award 2010 Press Release
01/04/2011UM students win championship and creative award at the 1st CPA Australia Case Competition Press Release

31/03/2011UM delegation visits Portugal and signs pacts on academic exchange Press Release
31/03/2011A forum on the development of Hengqin to open in mid-April Press Release
31/03/2011Oasis Action 2011 - Charity Round Campus Run and Happy WalkPress Invitation
30/03/2011UM to hold “Round-campus Run Competition & Happy Walk” to help raise money for impoverished mainland children Press Release
28/03/2011Employment and further study rate of UM graduates reaches 94% Press Release
25/03/2011FDCT recognizes UM’s contributions to science and technology Press Release
25/03/2011The First Business Week Press Invitation
25/03/2011UM to hold the 1st FBA Business Week Press Release
25/03/2011Launch ceremony for Blue Book of Macao to open at UM Press Release
25/03/2011Book Launching Ceremony of “Annual Report on Economy and Society of Macao (2010-2011)” (Blue Book of Macao)Press Invitation
24/03/2011Macao Tertiary Education Database Graduating Student Survey to be launched at the end of March Press Release
23/03/2011UM PhD candidate Liu Chao receives internship offer from WHO headquarters Press Release
22/03/2011UM Rector Wei Zhao honoured with doctorate by 12 Portuguese universities Press Release
22/03/2011UM students win championship at 2011 Table Tennis Friendly Invitational Competition Press Release
21/03/2011UM’s basketball and soccer teams get a haul of medals at the 16th Macao University Championship Press Release
21/03/201115th Lecture of UM Distinguished Lecture Series: “Equal Education”Press Invitation
21/03/2011Dr. Tong Chi Kin to give a lecture at the 15th Distinguished Lecture Series at UM next Wednesday Press Release
21/03/2011UM holds seminar on Parallel Cultures and Transcultural Process: Harbour Cities/Intercultural Cities Press Release
18/03/2011UM provides support for UM’s exchange students in Japan Press Release
18/03/2011UM and IEEE Macau AP/MTT Joint Chapter holds Macao Radio Frequency Identification Forum 2011 Press Release
18/03/2011All UM's Students Safe in Japan and Emergency Liaison Group Formed for Support Press Release
14/03/2011UM reps visit Huaqiao University and Xiamen University Press Release
08/03/2011UM and WGAM co-organizes a talk on cervical cancer prevention Press Release
08/03/2011UM holds talks on Os Portugueses e a ‘Festa das Cabeças’. Timor, 1860-1912 Press Release
07/03/2011Fujian Department of Education deputy director praises UM’s research strengths Press Release
04/03/2011UM’s first PhD candidate in law passes thesis defense with excellence Press Release
03/03/2011Macao Tertiary Education Database Online Year-3 Undergraduates Survey to be launched in early March Press Release
02/03/2011UM student wins first prize at an essay contest in commemoration of the Revolution of 1911 in China Press Release
02/03/2011Press Conference----“2011 Economic Forecast for Macao”Press Invitation
01/03/2011I hope MOTAI Model United Nations can promote cross-strait exchange, says Zhang Yunfei Press Release

28/02/2011UM at 30 Reaches Scientific Maturity State Key Lab in the World Top Stand of Microelectronics Press Release
25/02/201114th Lecture of UM Distinguished Lecture Series: “General Education in University Curriculum” and “Air Pollution - Implications on Provision of Outdoor Activities and Sports Facilities”Press Invitation
24/02/2011UM holds conferences on cutting-edge computer-aided qualitative research Press Release
24/02/2011Prof. Frank Fu to give a lecture at the 14th Distinguished Lecture Series at UM next Wednesday Press Release
19/02/2011UM kicks off celebration for 30th anniversary Press Release
18/02/2011Delegation from Department of Science and Technology of Fujian Province praises UM for its high research level in microelectronics and Chinese medicine Press Release
17/02/2011UM researchers find “Danshen” dripping pill more effective than ISDN in treating coronary heart disease Press Release
16/02/2011International student exchange programme helps broaden students’ horizons Press Release
16/02/2011UM establishes Honours College to nurture future leaders Press Release
16/02/2011UM launches general education courses to develop common learning experiences Press Release
16/02/2011UM launches two residential colleges on the current campus to help students achieve well-rounded development Press Release
16/02/2011UM Open Day 2011Press Invitation
15/02/2011UM Open Day to kick off Press Release
09/02/2011UM PhD student’s enhancement on the statistical air quality model highly praised by scholars Press Release
01/02/2011UM and CUHK students go on a field trip to learn about the operation of Macao’s gaming industry Press Release

28/01/2011The third expert forum on current political affairs ends at UM Press Release
25/01/2011Macao’s two first-ever state key labs unveiled Press Release
20/01/2011Further Study Fair and Career Fair are now open for registration Press Release
20/01/2011A Conference on Resource Diplomacy under Hegemony to be held at UM Press Release
20/01/2011Former President of the European Commission Romano Prodi to give talks at UM Press Release
Press Kit
19/01/2011Conference on Resource Diplomacy under HegemonyPress Invitation
17/01/2011The 13th Lecture of UM Distinguished Lecture Series - "Sharing My Experience as the Chairman of Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce"Press Invitation
13/01/2011Dr. Choi Koon Shum to give a talk at the 13th Distinguished Lecture Series at UM Press Release
11/01/2011"2010 Responsible Gambling Awareness Week" Closing CeremonyPress Invitation
05/01/2011UM to launch a new undergraduate curriculum model and two new programmes Press Release
04/01/2011UM students receive awards at the “Green Home” Technology Forum in Beijing Press Release
03/01/2011Press Conference for UM’s Student Recruitment Plan in 2011/2012Press Invitation
03/01/2011UM members receive Eurasia Pacific Uninet scholarships for studies of advertising appeals and strategy and TB control in Austria Press Release

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