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30/12/2010UM to establish two state key labs Press Release
30/12/2010UM’s Wireless Technology Study Summer Camp reaches world-class standards, says IEEE MTT-S president Press Release
23/12/2010Prof. Rik Carl D’Amato elected as the only non-US member of a top society for the study of school psychology Press Release
23/12/2010UM Prof. ShuLianjie receives the Honoronable Mention Award at the IEEE IEEM2010 Press Release
17/12/2010UM Prof. Christopher (Kit) Kelen receives Newcastle Poetry Prize Press Release
16/12/201013 books by ASM to be launched this Saturday Press Release
16/12/2010A conference on public policies in rural China to open at UM this Friday Press Release
16/12/2010Conference on Public Policy in Rural ChinaPress Invitation
14/12/2010UM students win the silver prize at the 3rd China University Student Public Relationship Planning Contest Press Release
14/12/2010The 3rd Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao legal forumPress Invitation
14/12/2010IEEE IEEM 2010 ends Press Release
13/12/2010A UM PhD candidate receives a student paper award at the 8th National Civil Engineering Forum Press Release
13/12/2010The 3rd Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao legal forum to open at UM tomorrow Press Release
13/12/2010UM PhD candidate receives an excellent paper award at the 8th Chinagraph 2010 Press Release
10/12/2010Asia Academy of Management 2010 ConferencePress Invitation
10/12/2010UM gets approval for two state key labs Press Release
10/12/2010The 3rd Forum on Chinese Interregional Criminal Law to open in Macao next Mon Press Release
10/12/2010UM to hold the Asia Academy of Management 2010 Conference next Monday Press Release
07/12/2010Two UM students win for Macao the first-ever bronze medals in artistic cycling at the UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships 2010 and in three-metre springboard diving (women’s singles) at the Asian Games 2010 respectively Press Release
07/12/2010The 15th ESEA Conference to kick off at UM Press Release
07/12/2010The 15th English in Southeast Asia (ESEA) Conference Press Invitation
03/12/2010Two UM students win for Macao the first-ever bronze medals in artistic cycling at the UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships 2010 and in three-metre springboard diving (women’s singles) at the Asian Games 2010 respectively Press Release
03/12/2010CEO of MediaTek visits UM Press Release
03/12/2010UM’s master’s degree programmes, postgraduate certificate/diploma programmes and PhD degree programmes now open for application Press Release
01/12/2010UM PhD student Wong Hang Cheong wins a bronze medal at the UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships 2010 Press Release
01/12/2010UM Student wins bronze medal at the Asian Games Press Release
01/12/2010The central government has high hopes for UM, says Deputy Minister of Education Press Release

30/11/2010Seminar on hospitality industry by UM attracts many people Press Release
30/11/2010The 12th UM Distinguished Lecture on sustaining career success to open next Wednesday Press Release
30/11/2010The Third International Conference on “The Legal Reforms of Macau in Global Context” - Social RightsPress Invitation
29/11/2010Seminar on legal reform in Macao to kick off at UM on Thursday Press Release
29/11/2010UM to hold the 3rd Chinese Language Syntax Southern Guangdong Forum Press Release
29/11/2010UM law graduates excel in the local legal sector Press Release
27/11/2010Deputy Director of the Office of Commissioner: Knowledge Contest in the International Affairs by UM should be supported Press Release
27/11/2010The Celebration for 20th Anniversary of FLL Student AssociationPress Invitation
25/11/2010UM confers honorary doctorates upon four distinguished individuals Press Release
24/11/20102010 Distinguished Chinese Scientists Lecture SeriesPress Invitation
24/11/2010Contemporary distinguished Chinese scientists to give a talk at UM this Saturday Press Release
24/11/20102010 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP 2010) to open Press Release
22/11/2010Doctor honoris causa Lecture Series: "Macao in the Context of Economic Globalization and Cultural Diversification" Press Invitation
22/11/2010Ceremony for the Conferment of Degrees of Doctor honoris causaPress Invitation
19/11/2010UM to confer honorary doctorates upon four distinguished individuals Press Release
19/11/2010CMS to hold a symposium on “Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2011 of the Macau Special Administrative Region” next Monday Press Release
19/11/2010UM English Debating Team wins the 3rd Best Debater Award in the 2nd East Asia Intervarsity Invitational English Debate Competition Press Release
19/11/2010Seminar on the Chief Executive’ s Policy Address for 2011Press Invitation
19/11/2010UM’s Mandarin Debate Team wins Excellent Debater Award at the 9th International Varsity Debate Press Release
18/11/2010UM’s Fencing Team wins numerous awards at the 16th National University Fencing Championship Press Release
18/11/2010The closing ceremony of the 1st UM SPA Games Press Invitation
18/11/2010Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visits UM and encourages UM to develop its own tradition, style and spirit Press Release
17/11/2010UM’s annual EME Day ends Press Release
16/11/2010Three Holocaust-related films to be screened at UM Press Release
16/11/2010UM Library to hold a seminar on study in the US on Thursday Press Release
16/11/2010Application Period for Admission to Ph.D. Degree, Master’s Degree and Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma Programmes 2011/2012 extended to 31 March, 2011Press Invitation
16/11/2010FIT Sixth Asian Translators’ Forum Press Release
15/11/2010UM holds Healthy University Week 2010 Press Release
15/11/2010The 11th Lecture of UM Distinguished Lecture Series to open next Wednesday Press Release
12/11/2010The 3rd Symposium of Environmental Remote Sensing of Pearl River Delta Region ends Press Release
12/11/2010Healthy University Week 2010 Launch CeremonyPress Invitation
12/11/2010A UM-headed research project approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a “973 project” Press Release
12/11/2010UM at the forefront of research in Chinese medicine and microelectronics Press Release
12/11/2010UM progresses steadily in teaching and research Press Release
12/11/2010UM gets excellent professors for various faculties Press Release
10/11/2010CTLE to hold a workshop presented by an award-winning teacher and researcher from Michigan State University Press Release
10/11/2010UM postgraduate students win 2nd prize at the 4th PGENERAL Cup National Excellent Paper Competition on Pharmaceutical Analysis Press Release
09/11/2010University of Macau to host the 8th Portuguese Speech Contest Press Release
09/11/2010UM Publications Center Book Launch Press Invitation
09/11/2010UM holds “Luo Fu Poetry Conference” Press Release
08/11/2010Congratulatory ReceptionPress Invitation
08/11/2010Opening Ceremony for 2nd Macao Forum on Chinese Medical Sciences Press Invitation
08/11/2010Construction of new campus main structures kicks off Press Release
08/11/2010A research project on Internet of Things headed by UM Rector Wei Zhao approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a “973 project” Press Release
05/11/2010“Lecture Hall of Times”--Change of Chinese PsychologyPress Invitation
05/11/2010UM Prof. Philip Chen Chun-Lung elected president-elect of IEEE SMC Society Press Release
05/11/2010UM to hold the 1st Sports Game Press Release
05/11/2010Global Chinese Dictionary co-compiled by UM Prof. Tang Keng Pan receives widespread acclaim Press Release
05/11/2010The 2nd Macau Forum on Chinese Medical Sciences to open at UM Press Release
01/11/2010Dr. Oscar Sánchez-Sibony from the Department of History receives “Robert C. Tucker/Stephen F. Cohen Prize” from ASEEES Press Release

29/10/2010UM in the world-top stage of Electronics Press Release
27/10/2010UM and fellow institutions’ joint application for an EC-funded Erasmus Mundus fellowship approved Press Release
26/10/2010A public debate on “The extinction of the Ibero-Asian Creoles” to hold this Thursday Press Release
22/10/2010UM Vice Rector (Research) Prof. Rui Martins elected Corresponding Member of the Portuguese Academy of Sciences Press Release
22/10/2010The third World Business Ethics Forum Press Invitation
21/10/2010An international conference on Ibero-Asian Creoles to open at UM Press Release
20/10/2010World Business Ethics Forum organized by UM to be held next Wednesday Press Release
18/10/2010UM English Debating Team wins championship and 4 best debater awards at the 8th Macao Inter-Tertiary Debate Competition Press Release
18/10/2010Two UM students to study at Hokkaido University on MEXT Scholarship Press Release
18/10/2010An international workshop on "Sustainable Urban Future in Pearl River Delta Region, China” holds at UM Press Release
15/10/2010Vice president of Bally Technologies to give a talk at UM next week Press Release
14/10/2010New book by UM professor and student wins first prize Press Release
14/10/2010UM establishes Youth Association of International Affairs Press Release
12/10/2010Exhibition of Prof. Wang Yongli’s works opens at UM Press Release
11/10/2010A new “4-components-based” pedagogical model disclosed at UM’s congregation 2010 Press Release
11/10/2010Dr. Choi Koon Shum motivates family foundation to donate MOP 30 million to UM Press Release
08/10/2010Mr. Mao Yushi's talk on China’s economy Press Invitation
08/10/2010UM to hold seminar :“The death of a language: Cochim's Indo-Portuguese Creole” Press Release
07/10/2010The 6th Symposium on Regional Legal Issues in China Press Invitation
07/10/2010UM Prof. U Seng Pan wins a prestige prize from Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Press Release
06/10/20102010 CongregationPress Invitation
06/10/2010The 6th Symposium on Regional Legal Issues in China to open at UM next Monday Press Release
06/10/2010Giving Back for a Better Future Press Release
05/10/2010NNSFC and Tongji University representatives visit UM Press Release

30/09/2010“Lecture Hall of Times”Press Invitation
30/09/2010UM students to attend a seminar on Holocaust pedagogy in Israel Press Release
29/09/2010Wu Shuqing and Mao Yushi to give talks at the “Lecture Hall of Times” at UM Press Release
29/09/2010Mr. Sou Chio Fai to give the 9th Talk of UM Distinguished Lecture Series at UM next Wednesday Press Release
28/09/2010International symposium on classical poems and spirit of humanities ends at UM Press Release
22/09/2010International symposium on classical poems and spirit of humanities to open at UM Press Release
18/09/2010UM kicks off “Alumni Day” Press Release
17/09/2010UM alumnus Dr. Anthony Lau donates MOP 10 million to UMDF Press Release
14/09/2010Alumni Day Launching Ceremony cum Student Awards Presentation CeremonyPress Invitation
14/09/2010Cheque Presentation Ceremony and Distinguished Alumni Talk by Dr. Anthony LauPress Invitation
13/09/2010UM to hold congregation on 9 October Press Release
10/09/2010The 8th Talk of UM Distinguished Lecture Series - "How to understand disputes" by Mr. Cheng Kar Shing to open at UM next Wednesday Press Release
10/09/2010Prof. João Malaca Casteleiro to give a talk on the new spelling rules of the Portuguese language at UM next Monday Press Release
10/09/2010 UM alumnus Anthony Lau to receive his PhD Degree from Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom Press Release
09/09/2010Issue 13 and Issue 14 of Cadernos de Ciencia Juridca now available for sale Press Release
07/09/2010The 20th annual conference of AULP opens at UM Press Release
07/09/2010“Giving Back to the Alma Mater” Alumni Activity Series to open next weekend Press Release
02/09/2010Opening Ceremony for Association of Universities of Portuguese Language 20th Annual Conference (AULP)Press Invitation
01/09/2010The 20th AULP annual conference to open in Macao Press Release

31/08/2010UM teachers and students participate in the 6th China National Radio Gathering Press Release
27/08/2010UM launches Master of Science in Accounting Programme Press Release
27/08/2010Prof. Iu Vai Pan and Prof. George Watt appointed heads of residential colleges at UM Press Release
23/08/2010Cross-Strait Responsible Gambling Summit opens at UM Press Release
19/08/2010Kick-Off Ceremony for the“Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2010”Press Invitation
16/08/2010Cross-strait Responsible Gambling SummitPress Invitation
13/08/2010Civil Engineering Summer Camp organized by FST ends Press Release
10/08/2010UM students win the 19th Intervarsity Cantonese Debate Contest Press Release
10/08/2010Press Conference for the“Responsible Gambling Awareness Week”Press Invitation
10/08/2010UM Choir and UM Symphonic Band invited to give performances at World Expo Garden Press Release
03/08/2010The Chow Tai Fook Cheng Yu Tung Fund donates MOP 30 million to UMDF Press Release

29/07/2010University heads gather at UM to share experience in higher education Press Release
27/07/2010Closing Ceremony for the 24th Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Programme to be held this Friday Press Release
23/07/2010Three UM students go to study in France Press Release
12/07/2010Why Is Fundraising of Crucial Importance to Universities? Press Release
12/07/2010Dr. Siu-wai Leung elected Fellow of the Society of Biology in UK Press Release
09/07/2010UM Rector Wei Zhao meets with Vice Minister of Science and Technology of PRC Press Release
07/07/2010UM students go to northeast China for a cultural exchange summer camp Press Release
06/07/2010UM and National Chung Hsing University sign a cooperation agreement on scientific research Press Release
05/07/2010UM teachers initiate the first Macau Panel in ICA 2010 in Singapore Press Release
05/07/2010UM holds summer camp to unleash students’ scientific potential Press Release
02/07/2010UM students go to Auckland to polish English Press Release
01/07/2010UM Dragon Boat Team wins championship and second runner-up at the Guangzhou and Hong Kong Dragon Boat Races Press Release

30/06/2010UM students win first prize and scholarship at the 2010 Schneider Electric Energy Efficiency Cup Press Release
30/06/2010Opening ceremony for the 24th Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Program to be held next Monday Press Release
28/06/2010UM to receive donations of MOP 7.8 million for nurturing gaming management professionals Press Release
28/06/2010UM kicks off “fund-raising for the 30th anniversary” campaign Press Release
25/06/2010“Fund-raising for UM’s 30th Anniversary” Press ConferencePress Invitation
24/06/2010UM teachers and students visit Taiwan universities for academic exchange Press Release
23/06/2010UM Dragon Boat Team wins championship and second runner-up at the Macau International Dragon Boat Races Press Release
22/06/2010UM students go on a field trip to Las Vegas for the 6th year Press Release
18/06/2010Dr. Mak receives the 2010 Outstanding Young Author Best Journal Paper Award from the IEEE CAS Society Press Release
17/06/2010UM students collect donations of MOP 22,000 for Cradle of Hope Association Press Release
15/06/2010“Little Sunshine” Team wins championship at the 5th UM Mandarin Debate Contest Press Release
14/06/2010Experts from leading universities gather at UM to discuss the significance of fundraising Press Release
14/06/2010English Debating Team wins the First Prize of Excellence and Best Debater Award at the National English Debating Competition Press Release
11/06/2010UM establishes Future Studies and Placement Centre to increase students’ competitiveness Press Release
11/06/2010Forum on Institutional Advancement and Fundraising: Community Partnership for ExcellencePress Invitation
09/06/2010Launching Ceremony of Future Studies and Placement CenterPress Invitation
08/06/2010Paper by UM members ranks as the most downloaded article by Journal of Applied Mechanics Press Release
04/06/2010Three members of Accounting Team receive best paper awards at the 2nd Annual Conference of Accounting, Business, Leadership and Information Management Press Release
01/06/2010The Workshop on “Cultivation of Macao Citizens in the 21st Century-Key Competences” to open this Thursday Press Release

31/05/2010UM student Huang Jiming accepted as UC Berkeley Visiting Student Researcher Press Release
28/05/2010UM students attend 2010 BMUN Press Release
27/05/2010Prof. Hao Jiming to give a talk on China’s development towards a low carbon economy at UM on Friday Press Release
24/05/2010Two UM students win full scholarships to study at SIUC Press Release
24/05/2010Smoke-Free Campus FairPress Invitation
20/05/2010UM signs protocol with CEM on electric vehicle study Press Release
20/05/2010UM promotes smoke-free environment Press Release
17/05/2010UM Mandarin Debate Team wins runner-up and best debater award at Natia de Debate em Mandarim da UM obtém o segundo lugar e ganha o prémioonal College Debate Contest Press Release
14/05/2010Department of Economics of UM announces latest macroeconomic forecast for Macao 2010 Press Release
12/05/2010UM Publications Center Book LaunchPress Invitation
11/05/2010Press Conference----“2010 Economic Analysis and Forecast for Macao”Press Invitation
11/05/2010Dr. Chui Sai Peng talks about the current situation and future of post-80s generation Press Release
11/05/2010UM holds international conference on Chinese foreign policy on Thursday Press Release
10/05/2010Prof. Rico Lam appointed Senior Editor of APJM Press Release

29/04/2010Application for UM Preferential Admission Scheme ends next Friday Press Release
27/04/2010An international conference on modern public media and literary experience in Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan opens at UM Press Release
26/04/2010UM receives donations for scholarship aimed at nurturing talent in Chinese literature Press Release
22/04/2010A talk on Jin Yong novels to open at UM next Wednesday Press Release
20/04/2010UM Library now a member of the RapidILL system Press Release
19/04/2010UM students attend NMUM Press Release
16/04/2010Performance by Nanjing University Orchestra and ELC English Festival to begin soon Press Release
16/04/2010International Conference on the History of the New Chinese Literature to open at UM Press Release
15/04/2010Chief Executive attends UM’s UAUC Joint Meeting and pledges full support Press Release
15/04/2010Scholars discuss Macaology at UM Press Release
13/04/2010The first International Conference on Macaology to open on 15 Apr Press Release
12/04/2010UM receives donations of MOP 120 million Press Release
12/04/2010“The First International Conference on Macaology” Opening CeremonyPress Invitation
09/04/2010“Master of Law Seminar Series 2009/2010 - Jean Monnet Seminar”Press Invitation
09/04/2010University of Macau Development Foundation Donation CeremonyPress Invitation
09/04/2010The 4th Talk of UM Distinguished Lecture Series to open at UM on Wednesday Press Release
09/04/2010New solution for monitoring cardiovascular diseases Press Release
09/04/2010“Meeting with Rector” Media GatheringPress Invitation
08/04/2010English Debating Team wins the Co-First Runner-up and the Best Speaker Award in "Peking IV 2010" Debate Contest Press Release
07/04/2010UM students go to HK for “UM-HKUST Cup” Press Release
06/04/2010Launch Ceremony of “e-Home Healthcare Intelligent System for Cardiovascular Health Monitoring”Press Invitation

31/03/2010UM Mandarin Debate Team to attend numerous international competitions on behalf of Macao Press Release
30/03/2010University of Macau implements green concept in the new campus Press Release
29/03/2010Law text book published by UM used as teaching manual in Mozambique Press Release
23/03/2010Macao Orchestra gives performance at UM Press Release
23/03/2010UM holds talk to update library staff on the changes in library technologies Press Release
19/03/2010UM Holds the 24th Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Course Press Release
18/03/2010UM PhD student wins award at the National PhD Students’ Forum on Overseas Chinese Literature and Poetry Press Release
11/03/2010The Blue Book of Macao: Annual Report on Economy and Society of Macao (2009-2010) has been published Press Release
08/03/2010UM to hold a conference on China’s policies on its borderlands and their international implications on Thursday Press Release
08/03/2010UM Students Do Volunteer Teaching in Taiwan Press Release
05/03/2010UM holds seminar on engineer license to help students see market prospect Press Release
05/03/2010UM Holds Lecture on Classical Chinese Calligraphy and Exhibition of Zhang Fating’s Works Press Release
04/03/2010Book Launching Ceremony of "Annual Report on Economy and Society of Macao (2009-2010)” (Blue Book of Macao)Press Invitation
04/03/2010Launch Ceremony for Blue Book of Macao To Open Next Week Press Release
02/03/2010UM Sets Plan for Macaology Press Release

24/02/2010Automotive Engineering Laboratory Technician of FST Awarded by the Sport Development Bureau of the Macau S.A.R. Press Release
23/02/2010Conferência: “Limitações do Deputado no contexto da Lei Básica” Press Release
22/02/2010Faculty of Law Ph.D Student Participates in Key Research Project Press Release
13/02/2010UM organized training camp to develop student leadership Press Release
12/02/2010UM visited Tong Chai Charity Association to express gratitude for student sponsorship Press Release
12/02/2010UM successfully held "Macau Tower - Honours College Students Team Building Experience Camp" Press Release
11/02/2010UM to hold Overseas Education Expo Next Month
To Encourage Students to Continue Postgraduate Studies
Press Release
11/02/2010Responsible Gambling Awareness Week Prize Quiz Held Prize Presentation Ceremony Press Release
10/02/2010Online Application of UM Admission Exam Now Started
New “Preferential Admission Scheme” To Attract Different Talents
Press Release
09/02/2010Wu Yee Sun Charitable Foundation Donates HKD150 Million to UM Press Release
04/02/2010Four UM Members Awarded by the Macao SAR Government Press Release
02/02/2010ACS Founded in Macao
UM Prof. Liu Jianhong Elected Its President
Press Release
01/02/2010UM PhD Student Back from Anti-tumor Research Programme in Germany Press Release
01/02/2010“Public Architecture: A Stroll along Hong Kong’s Waterfront”Press Invitation

29/01/2010Lucky-draw Ceremony for Responsible Gambling Awareness Week Ends Press Release
29/01/2010Distinguished Lecture Series in Economics ---“Are Recessions Inevitable?”Press Invitation
29/01/2010Nobel Laureate in Economics To Give a Lecture at UM Next Monday Press Release
27/01/2010UM Prof. Iu Vai Pan Elected ASCE Fellow Press Release
26/01/2010Lecture “Public Architecture: A Stroll along Hong Kong’s Waterfront” To Open at UM Press Release
25/01/2010Conference on “The Development of Cultural and Creative Industries in Macau”Press Invitation
25/01/2010Table Tennis World Champion Encourages UM Students to Set High Goals Press Release
22/01/2010A Seminar on the Development of Macao’s Cultural and Creative Industries To Open Next Thursday Press Release
22/01/2010UM To Launch Three New Degree Programmes This Year Press Release
21/01/2010Master of Law Seminar Series 2009/2010 - Jean Monnet Seminar - Distinguished Diplomatic & Consular Speakers Series 2010Press Invitation
19/01/2010Opening Ceremony----Exhibition on Macau Archives and Documentation of Ming and Qing DynastiesPress Invitation
19/01/2010Two UM Students Win Merit Prizes at the 4th Poetry Competition for University Students of Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao Press Release
18/01/2010Press Conference----UM’s New Programmes and Student Recruitment Plan in 2010/2011Press Invitation
15/01/2010The Internet penetration rate reached 70%
The Internet in Macao has entered a mature stage
Press Release
15/01/2010UM Prof. Rik Carl D’Amato Elected Clinical Neuropsychology Fellow of APA Press Release
14/01/2010UM Prof. Philip Chen Elected AAAS Fellow Press Release
13/01/2010Press Conference----“Internet Use in Macau-- The 8th Annual Survey Statistical Report by Macao Internet Project”Press Invitation
13/01/2010UM To Release the 8th Annual Survey Statistical Report on Internet Use in Macao Press Release
08/01/2010UM Holds Cross-strait University Summit Press Release
08/01/2010UM Holds International Workshop on Scientific Computing and Matrix Analysis Press Release
07/01/2010"Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health Management" CongregationPress Invitation
05/01/2010UM Teachers and Students Visit Hong Kong Geopark Press Release

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