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21/12/2007Two UM Students Got the Award of Merit in the 2nd Poetry Competition for University Students of Guangzhou, HK & Macao Press Release
21/12/2007澳大婦聯合辦優化中文寫作教學培訓講座 Press Release
14/12/2007UM Got the 1st Runner-up and the Best Debater in 2007 International Varsity Debates Press Release
13/12/20072007 International Business Day Press Release
12/12/2007Seminar on the theme “Cooperation Prospects in Innovative and High Technology between Shenzhen and Macao” Press Release
07/12/2007The Inauguration of the Centre of Excellence of the Institute for the Development and Quality, MacaoPress Invitation
07/12/2007International Conference on “Macao and Sino-U.S. Relations” – Opening CeremonyPress Invitation
07/12/2007International Conference on “Macao and Sino-U.S. Relations” Press Release
06/12/2007UM Library held “Contest of Chinese Translation of University of Macau Library Slogan” Press Release
06/12/2007UM released Macau Digital Inclusion Index of 0.44 Press Release
04/12/2007Findings of 2007 Digital Inclusion Household Survey Announced Tomorrow Press Release
04/12/2007數碼共融住戶問卷調查初步研究報告-新聞發佈會Press Invitation
04/12/2007“21世紀東方思想的展望”新書發佈會Press Invitation
03/12/2007UM and Chipidea (Macau) Jointly Organize the First Technological Course Press Release

30/11/2007Chief Executive 2008 Policy Address ForumPress Invitation
30/11/2007Chief Executive Policy Address Forum Held Next Tuesday Press Release
28/11/2007The Delegation of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Macau SAR Visits UM Press Release
27/11/2007UM Debate Team Strides into Final Match in the International Varsity Debates Press Release
26/11/2007Seminar on Macao History Press Release
23/11/2007PhD Student Vong Iat Hang win Grand Paper Award Press Release
22/11/2007The Harmonization of Commercial Laws in Africa and Its Advantage for Chinese Investments in Africa – Opening CeremonyPress Invitation
21/11/2007Student from FBA Awarded Excellence Scholarship to pursue Graduate Studies in France Press Release
21/11/2007University Library Launched International Connection and Cooperation Project Press Release
19/11/2007Conference on "Harmonization of commercial law in Africa and its advantages for Chinese investments in Africa" Held by UM Next Tuesday Press Release
16/11/2007美國升學講座下周二澳大舉行 Press Release
15/11/2007Seminar on Macau Art History Held on 21 November Press Release
14/11/2007澳門大學畢業典禮本周六舉行 Press Release
13/11/2007UM Fencing Team Bags One Gold and Three Bronzes in the 13th National University Fencing Championship Press Release
13/11/2007UM Congregation 2006/2007Press Invitation
09/11/2007FED and DSEJ jointly Hold a Symposium on "Morning Exercises and School Policy in Physical Education" Press Release
05/11/2007Trenchless Technology in Asia Pacific Macau 2007 – Opening CeremonyPress Invitation
05/11/2007“Trenchless Technologies in Asia Pacific (Macau) 2007” Held at UM this Thursday Press Release

31/10/2007FED and Fu Luen School Jointly Hold a Training Lecture for Teachers' Excellence on School Education Press Release
31/10/2007Dean of FED Gets Taiwan Educational Award Press Release
29/10/2007UM Students Won Several Prizes at Pan PRD Speech Contest & Cross-Straits Match of Knowledge Press Release
26/10/20072007當代傑出華人科學家公開講座受歡迎 Press Release
25/10/20071st Seminar on Law and Social SciencePress Invitation
25/10/2007UM’s Work on Microelectronics Studies Published by Authoritative Publisher and Available for Sale Worldwide Press Release
24/10/2007“Distinguished Chinese Scientists” Lecture Series to be held in UM Cultural Center this Saturday Press Release
23/10/20072007 Distinguished Chinese Scientists Lecture SeriesPress Invitation
22/10/2007“Healthy University Week” Launch Ceremony Press Release
22/10/2007Pulitzer Prizes Winner, Mr. Peter Arnett, will share his 45-year experience as a war reporter in his open lecture in the University of Macau Press Release
18/10/2007The delegation of Fujian Provincial People’s Government visited UM Press Release
18/10/2007“Healthy University” Photo Competition Press Release
15/10/2007UM will hold the 1st Seminar on Law and Social Sciences Press Release
10/10/2007澳門大學畢業典禮將於十一月十七日舉行 Press Release
08/10/2007Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Centre for Macau Studies, UM - Seminar of "Macau Studies: Retrospections & Prospects" and the Academic Conference on "Public Administration Development and Legal System Improvement" – Opening CeremonyPress Invitation
08/10/2007澳大澳門研究中心舉行專題演講及學術研討會 Press Release
05/10/2007澳大學生軟件程式獲“創新3G內容及軟件研發計劃”獎 Press Release

27/09/2007教育名家講座系列:「教育改革與科舉文化」Press Invitation
27/09/2007澳門大學舉辦獎學金頒獎典禮 Press Release
27/09/2007Master of Law Seminar Series -- Jean Monnet ChairPress Invitation
24/09/2007澳大辦多項迎新活動 Press Release
21/09/2007Press Conference for the Series Activities of “Jean Monnet Chair”Press Invitation
21/09/2007「賭場管理文憑」課程 - 簡介會Press Invitation
19/09/2007澳門大學吸納優秀學生報讀學士學位人數增17% Press Release
18/09/2007教育名家講座系列第四次活動:「教育改革與科舉文化」新聞發佈會Press Invitation
18/09/2007UM’s Distinguished Lecture Series to be held This Thursday Press Release
13/09/2007六名澳大教院優秀生獲亞太區大學交流會臺灣獎學金 Press Release
11/09/2007UM Appoints Two New Deans Press Release
10/09/2007澳大中華醫藥研究院推廣普及生物科學教育 Press Release
07/09/2007澳大主辦本澳首個「泥人張」藝術嫡傳彩塑繪畫展展期至本月底 Press Release
06/09/2007獲歐盟委員會高分通過及資助澳門大學成功申辦莫內講座和歐盟成立五十周年國際會議 Press Release
05/09/2007Art Exhibition by Dr Zhang Zexun --- Opening CeremonyPress Invitation
03/09/2007“Cátedra Jean Monnet e Conferência União Europeia – 50 Anos”aprovadas pela Comissão Europeia e atribuídas à UM Press Release
03/09/2007廣東省政府副秘書長率團訪澳大冀雙方進一步加強合作與交流 Press Release

31/08/2007中國「泥人張彩塑」藝術第五代嫡傳《張澤珣彩塑、繒畫作品展》簡介會及張澤珣博士專訪Press Invitation
27/08/2007博彩公司合共贊助150萬支持澳大博彩研究及培訓 Press Release
24/08/2007澳大圖書館新藏《正統道藏》 Press Release
17/08/2007澳大下周辦青年座談會2007-泛珠三角環境與保育 Press Release
13/08/2007澳大教育學院學生赴臺參加「暑期大學生普通話及文化交流活動計劃」 Press Release
08/08/2007北京師範大學代表團訪問澳門大學 Press Release

30/07/2007澳大教院生滿載而歸 Press Release
26/07/2007The 22nd Summer Course of Portuguese Language and Culture --- Closing CeremonyPress Invitation
25/07/2007The 22nd Summer Course of Portuguese Language and Culture will be concluded this Friday Press Release
19/07/2007New Recruitment Procedures of the Rector and Vice Rectors of the University of Macau Will Soon Begin Press Release
17/07/2007中小數學教師與學者探索數學教學創新理念與實踐 Press Release
10/07/2007Venetian Macau Limited Donated a MOP300,000 scholarship and fellowship to UM Press Release
09/07/2007數碼共融住戶統計調查冀建立澳門社會「數碼鴻溝」指標 Press Release
06/07/2007The 12th Asian Real Estate Society Annual Conference, jointly the 2007 American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA) International Conference Press Release
06/07/2007Cheque Presentation Ceremony for Venetian Macau Limited scholarship and fellowshipPress Invitation
06/07/2007The 12th Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES) Annual Conference and the 2007 American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA) International ConferencePress Invitation
04/07/2007國家中醫藥管理局代表團訪問澳門大學 Press Release
03/07/2007澳大周五發行兩新書薛大為論文選集及李汝匡鷹畫集 Press Release
03/07/2007Book Launching Ceremony of Two New Books - Selected Works of Xue Dawei and A Collection of Chinese Paintings on EaglesPress Invitation

29/06/200722nd Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Course --- Opening CeremonyPress Invitation
29/06/2007「數學教育國際最新發展動態」講座下周澳大舉行 Press Release
27/06/2007澳大中德合辦校本培訓總結分享會 Press Release
27/06/2007澳大應屆心理學系畢業生到各大機構實習吸收經驗 Press Release
26/06/2007澳門商業銀行慶集團六十週年特設獎學金支持本澳高等教育 Press Release
26/06/2007三十名澳大教院生前往奧克蘭取經 Press Release
25/06/2007澳大婦聯校本培訓及優化學校教育資助計劃圓滿結束總結會上分享小班教學成果 Press Release
21/06/2007Two New Legal Books to be launched by UM this Afternoon Press Release
21/06/2007澳大永援總結校本培訓計劃成果 Press Release
18/06/2007Book Launching CeremonyPress Invitation
12/06/2007澳大開辦翻譯專業文學碩士學位課程 Press Release
08/06/2007澳大粵華辦校本教研活動總結分享會九成教師認計劃有助提升教師專業發展 Press Release
06/06/2007澳大學生奪港澳青少年網絡技能競賽大學組二等獎 Press Release

31/05/2007澳大“初夏之sing”音樂會完滿結束 Press Release
30/05/2007澳大齊心響應“2007國際挑戰日” Press Release
30/05/2007UM’s accounting program obtains CPA Australia accreditation Press Release
30/05/2007First Meeting of University Assembly, University of Macau in Academic Year 2006/2007Chief Executive and Assembly Members Support UM’s 10-Year Strategic Plan and Campus Development Plan Press Release
29/05/2007澳大公佈入學考試成績 Press Release
29/05/2007"Sino-American Trade and Economic Relations” Seminar to be held in UM this Friday Press Release
23/05/2007陳伯煇教授澳大縱論人文教育 Press Release
22/05/2007澳大社會科學及人文學院傳播系周五辦《不日放映》新書發佈會 Press Release
22/05/2007澳大中德合辦敎學演練助教師提昇教學技巧及經驗交流 Press Release
18/05/2007澳大、澳門自來水公司、教青局聯合推廣環保首映《澳門環保行動》電影紀錄片 Press Release
15/05/2007UM’s Work on Microelectronics Studies being selected and published in “Excellent Overseas Electronics & Information Book Series” by a Mainland’s Authoritative Publisher Press Release
15/05/2007澳大粵華合辦教研活動促在職教師的專業發展 Press Release
14/05/2007澳大本周五辦古典詩詞文學講座 Press Release
10/05/2007澳大將辦專題學術講座 Press Release
09/05/2007國際辯論賽拉開帷幕九所名校展開競逐 論辯天下 Press Release
08/05/2007EEE Students in UM got the National Best Paper Award in Biomedical Engineering Press Release
04/05/2007縱論天下 激辯時局 拓展學生素質國際辯論賽下周澳大舉行 Press Release
04/05/2007澳大土力工程博士論文答辯 Press Release
02/05/2007共建健康校園四百多名澳大校友職工學生響應環校跑暨歡樂行 Press Release

30/04/2007澳大中德合辦常識科教學演練 Press Release
30/04/2007UM Signed a Cooperation Agreement with TIGSIn Joint Efforts to carry out the Studies of Urban Pollution Control Press Release
27/04/2007澳大城大合辦2007學生公共關係研習營促進兩地公關專業文化交流 Press Release
26/04/2007澳大圖書館舉辦多項大型活動 Press Release
25/04/2007澳大勝港科大勇奪「澳科盃」 Press Release
23/04/2007UM Students Won the Bronze Award in the 1st China University Students PR Plan Contest Press Release
23/04/2007著名詩人余光中澳大演講「詩與音樂」 Press Release
17/04/2007澳大永援合辦中一英文教學演練工作坊 Press Release
16/04/2007全國首本圖書館英語學習專書澳大與交大兩圖書館攜手出版 Press Release
13/04/2007澳大普通話辯論隊赴浙交流成果豐 Press Release
09/04/2007越南副總理兼外長范家謙訪問澳門大學 Press Release
09/04/2007澳大永援合辦小數教學演練工作坊 Press Release
04/04/2007澳大日前召開兩岸四地公關研討會 Press Release
04/04/2007UM Held a BIS Day Press Release
04/04/2007澳大擬推論文集分享成果 Press Release
04/04/2007澳門工程師學會澳大辦就業講座 Press Release
03/04/2007澳大學生熱辯社會焦點問題 Press Release
03/04/2007澳大全校推行健康校園理念 Press Release
02/04/2007澳大與華龍簽署合作諒解備忘錄 Press Release

30/03/2007林健忠創價大學交流計劃獎學金捐贈協議簽署儀式 Press Release
29/03/2007澳門研究中心下周二辦《“一國兩制”與國際競爭力》研究成果發行座談會 Press Release
28/03/2007泛珠教師教育聯盟第三次研討會今澳大舉行 Press Release
27/03/2007澳大將辦第二屆環校跑比賽暨歡樂行 Press Release
27/03/2007澳大中德合辦「小學科學」教師工作坊 Press Release
26/03/2007中國電影代表團到訪澳門大學 Press Release
26/03/2007劉曉航勉勵澳大內地生努力學習,報效祖國 Press Release
23/03/2007澳大周一起舉辦五天國際周積極推介國際交換生計劃 Press Release
21/03/2007UM’s PhD Student Recognized by Harvard for Chinese Medical Sciences Studies Press Release
20/03/2007澳大碩士及學位後證書課程四月起接受申請 Press Release
19/03/2007澳大辦就業資訊展及系列講座 Press Release
16/03/2007UM Top Management Visits Portugal Press Release
15/03/2007報考澳大3月16日截止 Press Release
14/03/2007澳大舉辦日語演講比賽歡迎學習日語人士參加 Press Release
12/03/2007澳大周五辦美國升學講座 Press Release
09/03/2007法學院舉行法律書籍發行儀式 Press Release
02/03/2007澳大主辦中國經濟發展國際研討會 Press Release

26/02/2007澳大將辦大型國際學術會議諾貝爾經濟學獎得主應邀主講門票備索中 Press Release
13/02/2007澳大永援聯袂舉辦數學工作坊 Press Release
09/02/2007澳大頒校長榮譽榜及最佳運動員獎 Press Release
08/02/2007澳大辦防火安全講座 Press Release
05/02/2007工商管理學院學生奪世界管理挑戰賽澳門區選拔賽亞季軍 Press Release

24/01/2007澳大將辦就業資訊展 Press Release
19/01/2007澳大婦聯合辦語文寫作教學法工作坊 Press Release
17/01/2007第十二屆中國名校辯論賽澳大力克港中大進四強 Press Release
17/01/2007教育學院與陳瑞祺永援中學合辦教學演練工作坊 Press Release
09/01/2007澳大“銀禧杯”攝影比賽週末頒獎 Press Release

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