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27/04/2017Supercomputer experts give talks on Tianhe-2’s results at UM Press Release
27/04/2017UM student wins second prize at national inter-varsity Portuguese poetry recitation contest Campus News
26/04/2017Ever-changing International Relations and Proactive Diplomacy of China by H E Yu Hongjun Press Invitation
26/04/2017UM Reporters visit media agencies Press Release
26/04/2017 2 UM Faculty of Science & Technology Students Do Internships at Multinational Company Campus News
25/04/2017UM Honorary Doctor Carl Edwin Wieman gives talk on science education Press Release
25/04/2017UM confers honorary doctorate on Nobel laureate Carl Edwin Wieman Press Release
25/04/2017Should You Line Up at the Bus Stop? Campus News
24/04/2017Fujian Standing Committee member and Communication Department Head Gao Xiang visits UM to promote collaboration Press Release
24/04/2017The Sixth Training Course in Chinese Medicine Quality Assurance opens at UM Press Release
24/04/2017UM Members’ Entrepreneurial Dreams Campus News
21/04/2017Ceremony for the Conferment of Honorary Degree and Doctor honoris causa Lecture ‘Taking a Scientific Approach to Science Education’ by Prof Carl Edwin Wieman Press Invitation
21/04/2017Bank of China Trophy One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition - Trade Show and Elevator PitchPress Invitation
21/04/2017Opening Ceremony for Sixth Training Course in Chinese Medicine Quality AssurancePress Invitation
21/04/2017Nobel laureate Carl Edwin Wieman to give talk at UM Press Release
21/04/2017UM to hold Bank of China Trophy One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition Trade Show Press Release
21/04/2017UM students win second prize in marketing competition in China Press Release
20/04/2017UM students win Outstanding Paper Award at Hong Kong Institution of Engineers’s annual symposium Press Release
20/04/2017Supercomputer experts to give talks at UM Press Release
20/04/2017‘I want to have some impact in the ice skating circle.’ ‘Ice Skating Prince’ Harry Lee’s Story Campus News
19/04/2017UM holds global forum on SCI-indexed biomedical journals to promote Chinese medical sciences Press Release
19/04/2017The latest issue of My UM is now available! Campus News
18/04/2017Tenth Cross-Strait Symposium on Modern Chinese Language held at UM Press Release
18/04/2017UM wins championship at inter-varsity badminton tournament Press Release
18/04/2017UM Alumnus Buddy Lam Shares Secrets to Professional Success Campus News
13/04/2017Kick-off Ceremony for the Responsible Gambling Information Kiosk 3.0Press Invitation
13/04/2017UM’s professional diploma course in quantity surveying helps industry practitioners meet international standards Press Release
13/04/2017UM professor Li Zongjin becomes first Chinese to receive Arthur R Anderson Meda Press Release
12/04/2017UM’s honorary doctor Tse Chi Wai shares experience in Chinese medicine Press Release
11/04/2017UM’s Doctor honoris causa Lecture: “A Stroke of Serendipity: How I Came to Join the Cause for the Advancement of Chinese Medicine” by Dr. Daniel Chi Wai TSEPress Invitation
11/04/2017UM Martial Arts Team wins 13 golds at Hong Kong Wushu International Championship Press Release
11/04/2017Representatives of pharmaceutical companies attend forum at UM Press Release
10/04/2017UM presents Long Service Award and Outstanding Administrative Staff Award Press Release
10/04/2017"From Spiritism toward Humanism: The Development of Tibetan Painting Art" SeminarPress Invitation
10/04/2017UM Open Day 2017 From Above Campus News
09/04/2017UM Open Day attracts over 10,000 people Press Release
07/04/2017UM to hold Portuguese Language Day next Monday Press Release
07/04/2017Han Shuli to give talk on Tibetan painting at UM Press Release
06/04/2017Ceremony for UM Open Day Press Invitation
06/04/2017UM faculty member, students adapt classic British play at Macao Literary Festival Campus News
06/04/2017Macao students led by UM professor win prizes at Pan-Pearl River Delta Physics Olympiad Press Release
05/04/2017Chui Sai Peng gives talk on urban planning at UM Press Release
05/04/2017Tse Chi Wai to give Doctor honoris causa Lecture on Chinese medical sciences Press Release
03/04/2017UM wins championship at local inter-varsity badminton competition Press Release
03/04/2017UM professor appointed Six Dynasties Institute academic consultant Press Release

31/03/2017Entrepreneur of unmanned surface vehicles gives talk at UM Press Release
30/03/2017UM Holds Second Swimming Gala Campus News
30/03/2017Renowned writers Yu Hua, Zhang Yueran share experience in writing at UM Press Release
29/03/2017UM Men’s, Women’s Volleyball Teams win championships at Macau University Volleyball Championship 4 years in a row Press Release
29/03/2017Chui Sai Peng to give talk on urban planning at UM Campus News
28/03/2017UM to hold Open Day on 9 April Press Release
28/03/2017UM professor Zhang Meifang appointed co-editor-in-chief of Babel: International Journal of Translation Press Release
27/03/2017UM holds seminar on Jia Pingwa’s works Press Release
27/03/2017UM inaugurates Currency Museum Press Release
24/03/2017UM holds activities to show how to care for people with disabilities Press Release
24/03/2017Opening Ceremony for Faculty of Business Administration Currency Museum in UMPress Invitation
24/03/2017From an Undergraduate to a Practicing Lawyer Faculty of Law Alumnus Filipe Lei Shares Study Experience Campus News
23/03/2017UM graduates find jobs within three months of graduation Press Release
23/03/2017UM Prof Xu Jie elected the Chang Jiang Scholar Chair Professor Press Release
22/03/2017UM confers honorary doctorate on Jia Pingwa Press Release
21/03/2017Opening Ceremony for the Career and Internship Fair 2017Press Invitation
21/03/2017Finding a Job or Pursuing Further Studies? UM Students’ Plans for after Graduation Campus News
21/03/2017UM holds doctor honoris causa lecture on contemporary literature Press Release
20/03/2017Guangzhou mayor visits UM to promote Guangdong-Macao collaboration in science, technology, and innovation Press Release
20/03/2017Ceremony for the Conferment of Honorary Degree and UM’s Doctor honoris causa Lecture – Contemporary Literary Writing in ChinesePress Invitation
20/03/2017UM to confer honorary doctorate on Jia Pingwa Press Release
20/03/2017UM professor Antony Kunnan appointed editor-in-chief of Journal of Asia TEFL Press Release
17/03/2017UM Symphonic Band holds concert to celebrate 10th anniversary Campus News
17/03/2017UM’s Men’s Basketball Team won all 3 games at CUBA Campus News
17/03/2017The latest issue of My UM is now available! Campus News
16/03/2017UM Diversability Ambassador Shows You How to Care for People with Disabilities Campus News
16/03/2017UM holds 12th UM Mandarin Debate Contest Campus News
15/03/2017UM’s residential colleges offer more food choices at canteens Campus News
14/03/2017UM wins 9 golds, 6 silvers, 8 bronzes at local inter-varsity track and field championship Press Release
13/03/2017UM’s latest research aids development of real-time structural health monitoring system for large infrastructure Press Release
13/03/2017Rector Wei Zhao not Seeking Renewal of Rectorship in 2018 and University Council Launches Worldwide Search for New Rector Press Release
10/03/2017Residential College Students Compete in Football Contest Campus News
10/03/2017UM experts speak at Kyushu Spring Seminar 2017 in Japan Campus News
10/03/2017UM Men’s Basketball Team to participate in CUBA Campus News
10/03/2017UM launches ‘3+2’ and ‘4+X’ programmes to provide direct admission to world’s top graduate schools Press Release
09/03/2017New cohort of UM Reporters and PR Student Ambassadors inaugurated Press Release
08/03/2017UM holds events to raise awareness about women’s health Press Release
08/03/2017ICMS signs safety accountability statement Campus News
07/03/2017UM to hold Career and Internship Fair 2017 from 23 to 24 March Press Release
07/03/2017UM Students Go on Exchange – Sweden Campus News
06/03/2017UM’s ‘The Galleries’ exhibition on the history of China, East-West interactions, Southeast Asia, Maritime History opens Press Release
03/03/2017Opening Ceremony for The Galleries: Sources, Voices, HistoriesPress Invitation
03/03/2017Collaborative research at UM expected to improve LED technology and slash cost Press Release
02/03/2017Microsoft Expert Zhang Hongjiang Gives Lectures on the Future Trend of AI Industry at UM Press Release
01/03/2017New breakthrough in UM’s microchip research enables quick DNA testing for prompt diagnosis Press Release
01/03/2017Which Teaching Method is Most Popular among Students? Campus News

28/02/2017An Interview with UM Alumnus on How to Expand Social Network Campus News
27/02/2017UM’s vice rector chairs AULP’s Board of Administrators meeting Press Release
24/02/2017UM inaugurates Centre for Chinese History and Culture to promote Chinese culture to the world Press Release
24/02/2017UM scholar receives Young Researcher Award Press Release
23/02/2017Scholars give talks on African countries, cultures at UM Campus News
23/02/2017Plaque Unveiling Ceremony for the Centre for Chinese History and CulturePress Invitation
22/02/2017Collaborative research by UM and NCI brings new hope to cancer patients Press Release
21/02/2017UM members celebrate International Mother Language Day Press Release
21/02/2017UM to hold University Lecture on artificial intelligence industry Press Release
21/02/2017How College Associate Master William Lee Becomes a Chef Campus News
20/02/2017UM Members’ Views on E-waste Campus News
20/02/2017UM again shines at ‘Chip Olympics’ Press Release
17/02/2017UM Novice Debating Championship to be held on 18, 19 Feb Press Release
17/02/2017UM RC organises service learning project in Thailand Press Release
17/02/2017Prof Rui Martins and Prof Mak Pui-In give Invited Distinguished Seminar at Qualcomm Press Release
16/02/2017New Leadership of UM Students’ Union visits Office of Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture Campus News
16/02/2017Delegation from China Food and Drug Administration visits UM Press Release
15/02/2017UM, Bank of China co-organise fourth talk of Internet+Finance Series Press Release
15/02/2017UM, Stephen F Austin State University hold joint concert Campus News
14/02/2017UM AMS-VLSI Lab contributes two chapters to Enabling the Internet of Things Press Release
13/02/2017UM student wins championship of half marathon challenge at Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2017 Campus News
13/02/2017Prof Tang Zikang: ‘I hope to let the world know there is cutting-edge nanotechnology research in Macao’ Campus News
10/02/2017UM students organise Little Photographer Project for children from rural areas Campus News
09/02/2017New leadership of Students’ Union and its 77 sub-organisations inaugurated Campus News
08/02/2017Redefining the Origin of China’s Modern Newspaper Industry An Interview with Dr Agnes Lam Iok Fong Campus News
08/02/2017UM students win prizes at national mathematical modelling contest for three consecutive years Press Release
08/02/2017Parking space abuse in UM’s car parks decreases significantly Press Release
07/02/2017UM nurtures 24 PhDs in microelectronics Press Release
06/02/2017UM to hold fourth talk of Internet+Finance Series Press Release
06/02/2017Connecting Teachers Campus News
03/02/2017Prof Jin Xiaoqing elected president of the East Asia Section of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Press Release
02/02/2017UM student leaders visit universities in Malaysia Press Release
02/02/2017FBA Dean Jacky So appointed BNU Chair Professor of Finance Press Release

27/01/2017New Year Traditions Around the World Press Release
26/01/2017‘Macao’s Yao Ming’ Lai Ka Tong: I will be a semi-professional basketball player after graduation Press Release
26/01/2017UM students win second prize at national postgraduate mathematical modelling contest Press Release
25/01/2017Long-distance Volunteer Teaching—Teaching Without Boundaries Press Release
25/01/2017UM students join Best Buddies Programme Campus News
25/01/2017The January issue of My UM is now available! Campus News
25/01/2017UM professor Mak Pui-In selected as IEEE SSCS Distinguished Lecturer Press Release
24/01/2017UM wins prizes at Second Macau Sport Climbing Open Campus News
24/01/2017Kick-off ceremony for the Responsible Gambling Information Kiosk 3.0Press Invitation
24/01/2017UM professor Richard Ye appointed as new associate editor of FASEB Journal Press Release
23/01/2017UM student wins third prize at FBMA Trophy 2017 Press Release
20/01/2017UM announces 2017 macroeconomic forecast for Macao Press Release
20/01/2017Two Nobel laureates discuss life and science with students recommended for admission to UM Press Release
20/01/2017First International Conference on Language Informatisation and Intelligentisation held at UM Press Release
20/01/2017UM sweeps 14 golds at 23rd Macau University Swimming Championship Campus News
19/01/2017‘Open to Others’–Pathways for Social Harmony Press Release
18/01/2017Prof Rui Martins receives Outstanding Service Award from IEEE Press Release
18/01/2017UM’s postgraduate programmes attract talented students Campus News
18/01/2017Responsible Gambling 2016 ends Press Release
17/01/2017UM professor’s new book selected as influential book in China Press Release
16/01/2017UM admits 59 top-scoring local students Press Release
12/01/2017UM invites two Nobel laureates to give lectures Campus News
12/01/2017The Dawn of Innovation for Learning Campus News
12/01/2017UM, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine sign collaboration agreement Press Release
11/01/2017How UM trains professional translators Campus News
10/01/2017 UM receives State Scientific and Technological Progress Award Press Release
10/01/2017UM professor re-elected president of Asian Association for Substance Abuse Research Press Release
09/01/2017UM’s honorary degree recipient and former Portuguese president Mario Soares passes away Press Release
09/01/2017UM to launch MA programme in second language acquisition Press Release
09/01/2017UM Chinese Orchestra participates in exchange trip to Xi’an Press Release
06/01/2017 UM awarded Medal of Merit-Education by Macao SAR government Press Release
06/01/2017UM places second at Macao Road Race (Round 4) Campus News
05/01/2017Ten reasons why you should consider UM for studies Press Release
05/01/2017Why Just Give Fish When You Can Teach the Art of Fishing? Interview with Emeritus Professor Tang Keng Pan Campus News
04/01/2017 UM starts undergraduate admission process Press Release
04/01/2017New Age Education with Blended Learning Campus News
04/01/2017Prof Tang Keng Pan on How to Promote Cantonese Campus News
03/01/2017Prof Da-Hsuan Feng appointed Senior Fellow of Nanyang Technological University‘s Institute of Advanced Studies Press Release
03/01/2017UM professor elected president of World Interpreter and Translator Training Association Press Release

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