Three more world-renowned scholars join UM

1:binary?id=8MOw75wIeddsg9wxljlDXk1ecQdezL87gqw96yk7tXtl5UjcF7l8dg_3D_3D:UM has globally recruited three new scholars as its chair professors or distinguished professors
UM has globally recruited three new scholars as its chair professors or distinguished professors
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Earlier, UM hired four world-renowned scholars through global recruitment, namely the computer scientist, Chair Professor Lionel M.Ni, vice rector for academic affairs; the physicist, Prof Da-Hsuan Feng, director of the Global Affairs Office and special assistant to the rector; Chair Professor Chuxia Deng, a leading scientist in the field of life sciences who serves as the dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences; and the linguist, Chair Professor Hong Gang Jin, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Now, three more eminent scholars have also joined UM. They are the established pharmacologist, Chair Professor Richard Dequan Ye; the historian, Distinguished Professor Haijian Mao; and the linguist, Distinguished Professor De Bao Xu.

Chair Professor Richard Dequan Ye, deputy director of UM’s Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences, is an established pharmacologist specialised in receptors and innate immunity. He has 27 years of research experience in the United States and was recruited from overseas in 2010 through China’s 1000 Experts Programme. Prior to joining UM, Prof Ye served as chair professor and dean of the School of Pharmacy at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Before returning to China, Prof Ye successively served as an assistant professor and associate professor at the Scripps Research Institute in the United States, and later received a tenured appointment at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and worked as a professor of pharmacology. Prof Ye has authored or co-authored more than 160 research articles, which have been cited for more than 9000 times. He has collaborated with pharmaceutical industry leaders such as Johnson & Johnson and Novartis in new drug discovery. Prof Ye has served as an associated editor of the American Journal of Physiology – Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology, member of the editorial board of Molecular Pharmacology, and section editor of The Journal of Immunology. He has been an associate editor of Pharmacological Reviews since 2014.

Distinguished Professor Haijian Mao is a historian who enjoys renown in the international academic circle. His research on the modern and contemporary histories of China, especially on the two Opium Wars and the Reform Movement of 1898 in Qing dynasty, has earned him recognition from the academic circle. He is a Distinguished “Changjiang” Professor of the Ministry of Education. He was formerly a professor of history at East China Normal University and dean of its Si-Mian Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities; research fellow of the Institute of Modern History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; and professor of the Department of History at Peking University. He has given lectures at universities in Japan, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and South Korea. He is a prolific writer, and his main works include The Collapse of the Heavenly Dynasty: A Restudy of the Opium War, and From 1895 to 1898: The Textual Research and Annotations on Kang Youwei’s Autobiography, Woshi [My history]

Distinguished Professor De Bao Xu is a renowned linguist, with fruitful results and major academic impact in the theories of phonology, particularly Chinese phonology, and in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Prof Xu has more than 30 years of experience in teaching, research and administration in the US. He was formerly Leonard C Ferguson Chair Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures and chairperson of East Asian Languages and Literatures Department, at Hamilton College, United States; and chair professor of the College of Humanities at Beijing Normal University’s Zhuhai campus. Prof Xu is a prolific writer. He has authored or co-authored ten books and over 80 articles and papers on theoretical linguistics, Chinese linguistics, and CALL study in teaching Chinese as a second language. He is a co-editor-in-chief of Contemporary Linguistic Theory Series, published by the China Social Sciences Press.

“Teaching and research are two inseparable core missions for any university,” says UM Rector Wei Zhao. “In the past several years, UM has been relentless in recruiting outstanding scholars globally. We are indeed very proud and pleased that our newcomers are all world-renowned scholars with outstanding teaching and research achievements and widespread academic impact. I believe that these scholars will enable UM to achieve greater success in teaching and research, as well as provide fresh momentum to UM’s pursuit of the goal to become a high-quality world-class university with regional characteristics.”

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